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  1. Think it’s possible they may have any ties with Epstein and the Clinton’s? @Proccy
  2. Takes guts to apologize and own your mistakes. Takes even more guts to forgive.
  3. No I completely understand about that. In my eyes it would just be like “reliving the glory days” to be part of something I was familiar with as a teenager. That would’ve been my sole reason for joining the aforementioned clans. But hey, if I could start a clan with the same crew I was friends with back in the day that would be even better. Oh well. I’m curious where you’ll end up. Best of luck on your search.
  4. I was actually thinking about posting a topic like this. I haven’t been in pure clanning since 2007 (was in AAO), but it really is mind boggling how immature a lot of people in the scene are after 15 years. If I were to join back, personally, I would lean towards Fi or FOE simply for nostalgic reasons. I was friends with their founders and always admired them. But like you said, it would be hard to get an honest answer if we’re looking at who is actually in the top.
  5. I remember a time in 2006 when pure clanning wasn’t toxic and we all adhered to an “honor code” amongst ourselves... especially leadership. Nevertheless, these topics do make for interesting reading material 😂.
  6. @Oldhows it going bro? Been a while since I’ve seen your name.
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