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  1. Looking for a pure clan/singles team. Dont do much forums,ftp,clan wars or last man standing. Mainly p2p weekends,midweeks, and singles pking. IR tried to recruit me in my home world 10 and didnt accept the application since i dont do ftp. Keep that in mind if your a clan recruiting. Rsn= Team psychic. Cheers. I dont play as much or take the game as seriously anymore, you can check my clan history or i can link it if needed.
  2. Big spastic goes onto a drunk rage why pures are brown sticky stuff feat hamlinz. https://clips.twitch.tv/SincereYummyGorillaShadyLulu?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url
  3. Kanye west genius big leak is member of fi. Fatalitys Statue Sent Yesterday, 10:41 PM ur banned from every clan you try to join. Stop making fake videos or we will actually contact our known jmod to get you banned on rs. Clearly you have internet issue if you gonna blame everyone all the times you dced. Warning you again now; stop trying or we will get you banned instead. We actually had Jagex mods in our clans in the past so it won't be hard.

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    2. Infinity


      Loc jagex mod?

    3. Infinity


      Even misfits knows your autistic as fuck. Imagine starting beef with some random lmaoo

    4. Whisky


      you replied 3 times in 3 mins lmfao your crazy fucked up

  4. Big leak i found off a public reddit account i am so justin beiber they call me a green lizard name fatality. i am a member of fi named kanye west i am a genius and leak public reddit postsWestjet opened up my baggage to confiscate approximately $300 worth e ciggaretes. Sabotaged thousaunds of dollars of insulin,needle tips, and test strips insulin hasnt been refridgerated and likely unusable. Also dont have my laptop my anticonvulsant medication lamotrigine and 1 other. They still havent delivered my baggage and i have no insulin medication and short $300. Dont ever go with westjet..

  5. fatality used and abused :D

  6. truth is hard. can follow the fi exposure on reddit Darren691. r/2007scape. Not wasting my timr with crybabys and corrupt ranks deleting posts and hiding the evidence.

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    2. Acid


      I'm your problem now Duval :P

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      Psh, im prob just as bad as you @Acid LMAO! <3


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      WAHAHA [email protected] Here comes the boom

  7. You were with friends at chins yesterday and killed you in gear lol. Lying/cheating/doxing/ragging as usual. Why are you still lying?
  8. I already have convo with archie saying hes investigating and send more evidence if its continues to happen. Basically your degeared from start to finish spend your entire Saturday morning ragging a clanless random on twitch doing pvm and pipe up for a glory maybe 50k, and only reason killed is because you world ddos and was in glitch spot. I killed you at chins yesterday and your already excluded because low tier clan.
  9. Doesnt take much for a random to reduce fatality's whole clan to rag. Keep it up because will be getting banned that's the risk you want to take go ahead. Clearly you don't know what a glitch spot is because your a multi bot and don't brid.
  10. glitch spot and world ddos. I tried to barrage u 8 times. Your trying to claim wins on someone who is trying to do pvm anti pking and you guys died 10 v 1 atleast 25-30 times.
  11. Fatality reduced to 1 item ragging by a random clanless person. As you can see this is why their #1 and very top quality clan! Jagex mods investigate. This is how they prep before their weekend trips:P They claim world ddos kills in glitch spots against pvmers as well because they are clearly top tier clan bro. More leaked ts audio to come. They all massed in teamspeak just for this lmao.
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