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Found 9 results

  1. First of all I don't know why you keep trying to pipe up on some random Sharkbrew account @Idk Lmfao Especially when you used to leak me locs for 2m and ask me questions like this... Yeah delete all your status' and don't open your mouth again reject Pipe up again and the TS recording goes up btw, you know the one I'm talking about.
  2. Post if your eligible. Please tell me to kill myself on the internet so I cry irl ok lol? Gl. Looking for a multi clan to go on multi rag trips with. Will not go ftp events. Will make most midweeks and p2p weekend events. I can offer vidding and help scout on trips etc as well. May not be able to make all preps. List of clans im willing to join. Tell me why i should join your clan. Keep in mind i dont give a fuck if your not recruiting or not so dont bother flaming. Also dont waste my time and kick me 18 hrs after intro like misfits because your rank team Is full of delusional psych patients,etc. I am a maxed ags pure and pk all the time, and asset to basically any clan. All i do is skull trick every day so i would like to join a multi clan to mix pking up a bit. Also dont waste your time trying to tell me to neck myself lol, good luck. Eligible Clans: CD= Tried to join their ts and clan along with 3 members after olympus ddos got banned from teamspeak. Idk if it was spy paranoia related or what but ill give you a chance to redeem yourself. Rank could have had a mental illness or a meth-head perhaps that banned me idk. Rank in that ts that banned me was convinced i was in some random main clan idk brown sticky stuff about. Your likely excluded tbh. Foe= Lets talk. Sometimes watch streamers in foe that are on twitch as well. Interesting what your clan has to offer. CP= lets talk. Ub= Lets talk. Sv= idk lets talk. Do you guys have mains or pures? Fearless= Idk who the fuck you are but heard of you? Whats your clan about? If your clan was not listed and you are eligible or not on the excluded list tell me what your clan has to offer and why people should join your clan. Non-eligible clans/Clanning history. Singles/Multi clan history. Fatality= awkward ts/animal porn/beastiality. I leaked their ts which was cauliflower, for non profit purposes since the pure community was 39 defence and aids as fuck lol. Pretty much gave up on clanning :/ Misfits= Kicked yesterday within 18 hours due to spy paranoia/even fi flamed them lmao. Ebola= Singles ddos (hah k ddoser.) Wolves= Bad. Eop= Olympus members joined turned into brown sticky stuff. Olympus = Ddosers/memers. (DDOS 5x member on midweek) Doom= Scammers/autistic mumblers and retards. Joined after leaving Squad. (not even really an official pure clan tbh) (Mass clan) Rage= Spy paranoia/kicked for offering/suggesting questing services. Sf= Closed. Was pretty active and fun control pker kept it pretty lit even though he freaked out sometimes aha <3 Clan x= closed. In this clan for quite a long time. (Leader=X dan)(Founder=some drunk Canadian bastard name jesse) Purity= Nh spastics/general spastic clan/retards irl. Leader went to jail for cocaine. Apex= Nh spastic bullied into a singles team called #brown sticky stuffline. (#backline/#brown sticky stuffline) (trys to copy frontline) (Notorious for dumping dds on melee prayer with 30 people in ss). Squad= Kicked because doom had a leak in their clan and got ddosed like 3 time and finally for my b ring and just decided to join doom to get revenge. They perm banned a lot of members that werent even leaking. Supremacy= Poor communication skills/Bad leadership imo. Invictus/IV= Joined with a friend got kicked within like 90 minutes for spy paranoia.. they recruited us and 90 minutes later we are spys lmaooo. #fuckingretards. DMK= broccoli D BOW CLAN. BAD. ty 4 20x d bow at lava drags. AAO= I got kicked because i asked a rank in their clan and said "the fuck nobody pk for? ill just go reddit cc and find pkers ffs" Got banned and killed one of their pures runecrafting, they then brang their whole team of multibots in max, carroted them by zamorak mage in singles, nearly killed them for max lmao. Spastics. Notorious pkers singles team= Closed but a great singles team. Dont believe they are pking anymore.
  3. Today THE MIGHTY SPARTANS massed up to 40 savage members and later peeked at 43 ! Today we just bullied CD. thats all. TBH i dont know why Outburst members/ranks are happy about fighting level 30s/40s when their all 55-65cb lol .... Also "WAR" clan is garbage. they did not show up to wild today . R I P . Video
  5. 6 months of Eop teamspeak audio will be uploaded. Hope you all enjoy. All saved on my laptop. Will upload periodically today.
  6. Fatality depletion series. Lying/cheating/ddosing/ragging pvmers streaming/twitter jagex mod investigation fi accs/full ts audio. Necrophilia, beastiality leaked audio, admitting to watching animal porn and abusing animals. Will be likely streaming 5-6 hours of this on twitch, within the next 24 hours. Lowest tier clan in the pure community. Part 1 live on twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/fatalityleak
  7. Lol ty 4 mini IR atleast u guys fight and u keep getting better. Keep grinding homies, Versace
  8. cd suck dick hahahahah what makes you think you can get a shot at the kings of MPC kiss our ugly as fuck sig retards Rage wins again
  9. Just before I get the topic rolling, I just want to say that all you brown sticky stuff clans need to step up. You literally gave us 0 good fights today. After we cleared 4 clans losing only 5 people, you all start fighting at level 8 south of ports (good one Fallen). If you can't even come up to Corp, don't come out at all, I mean take SK for example, they learnt their lesson after 1 fight l0l (good job on the 18 man pull, you ended to FS). BTW we had more people at premass then you had your whole trip, your clans done.1 month and sk ded quickest "rivalry" any of our leaderships been in, we even warned you we'd close you. Anyway step it up tomorrow, i'm sure your members aren't finding it satisfying sitting at level 10 every day. http://invictus-rs.comfor a way out Good luck. Invictus set out today with 40 Savages ready to mainly break the "spirit" of SK and any brown sticky stuff clan we ran into (literally everyone today). With our polished scimitars, and sharpened arrows we were the first clan out and last to end as always and guaranteed all our members that there would be drop parties hosted by the other clans out in the wild. We had SK gagging, while chucking Fallen in the Cobra Clutch and had XL scatter as murder witnesses, just so everyone knew what has happened to their brown sticky stuff clan and everyone elses. We went full Rowdy Piper with Celine Dion playing in the background. CAN YOU EVEN PULL ENOUGH TO PREP THESE DAYS SK??? WE DON'T WANT A BIG MINI. Invictus vs Every Other Clan Today SHOUTOUTS OF THE DAY! To the Invictus Savage Intelligence Squad (ISIS) that came today, we really carried the whole wildy tbh. To SK, dead clan, you don't deserve a mention you can't even pull 20 to weekends. You are fkn done, dumb tofu squad. To Fallen for trying to hit us, you did well. jk lol we lost 0. You are now officially a 13 ports clan after realising that you can't even fight ghost hut. /end To XL, I mean you are also a 13 ports clan and ditch clan now, pretty fucking terrible that you can't fight above level 15, up 10, with tanks. To TLH, I really hope you open and give us some competition otherwise LPC scene is gone. See you next week. To every clan that can't walk past 15...... what else is there to say? Media Bowsz POV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7fTE54y284 Pun POV Screenshots
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