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  1. The Dark

    pure account Looking for a Pure Clan

    Thanks but I am not a fan of TS and would like to join a clan that uses only discord.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking to join a pure clan that is active est. I am looking for a clan that uses discord and does p2p, mainly revs pking (I'm not interested in f2p). Here is my clanning history: December 2016 to February 2018 Veteran member of Elite Zerks, was a member since the beginning of the clan and it was the first clan I joined in oldschool. Was a very active member until its closure. February 2018 to April 2018 Console in Empire, after EZ closed several of the members in an attempt to keep the community together, formed this short lived but highly skilled clan. I remained here until its closure. April 2018 to August 2018 Advanced member of Turmoil, met a lot of new people in this clan and we pulled some impressive numbers, was an active member until it closed when the leadership decided to go main. May 2018 to June 2018 Member of Intense Redemption, while I was an active member in Turmoil I joined IR on my pure in an attempt to go back to my pre-eoc roots. I was removed from the clan due to inactivity. August 2018 to Current Elite member of Vengeance, after Turmoil closed several of the remaining active core EZ members decided to join veng after their mass exodus to AV. I am currently an active member here and am looking forward to what the future of this great clan holds. Here are my current stats:
  3. The Dark

    zerk/tank Empire vs Vengeance [3-0]

    Gf veng, fun as always
  4. The Dark

    Introverts Community Intro

    Hi buddy
  5. The Dark

    Zewy coming in hot

    Hi Dad, come home soon?
  6. The Dark

    Welcome To Sharkbrew

    Thanks for post
  7. The Dark

    Dreamstrider SB Intro

    My Leader! we have made it to our new home
  8. The Dark

    IMiD dropping by!

    Hi Josh nice to see you bro! lets bring this scene back to life
  9. The Dark

    The Dark's Intro to Sharkbrew

    YOU What is your IRL name or nickname? Nick/The Dark What are your web/gaming interests? Multi pking on OSRS, Fallout 4, Skyrim, COD Do you have any IRL hobbies? I work full time and play OSRS in my free time and love watching baseball RUNESCAPE/CLANNING Are you a clanner? If so, which clan? If not, are you interested in clanning? Past: Elite member in Elite Zerks (Zerk/Tank Clan) Current: Officer in Empire (Zerk/Tank/Med Clan) Applicant in IR (Pure Clan) Do you have a RuneScape account? If so, show us. here is my zerk, I also have a pure im working on What are your goals with your account or clanning career? Currently working towards completing all Elite Diaries possible on a zerk and 99 Slayer