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  1. Hello All my fellow runescapeians, Im an Oldschool Rs player from back in the day and I would like to start my clan back up! Im looking for players who would like to clan in the free to play scene. Combat levels would be from 50-75 (1-10 defence) If You are interested in joining an exquisite clan with an oldscool clanner with experience I would like to have you on my team! Feel free to pm me if interested or join our new discord! https://discord.gg/vhNkhUG
  2. wow dude i like whips in game
  3. i remember chaos demons clan that was a good clan
  4. old school runescape player here used to be in MM Love f2p clanning and pking Looking to make or join an free to play clan preffered 60-70 clan thanks!
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