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  1. Psilo

    QoL Month Poll: Combat

    1 def blessed chaps would be cool but will never pass
  2. what's good with this still deciding whether or not I'm trying to build a 1 def or zerk
  3. Psilo

    Count Topic

  4. It's kind of like what teambeyond is for halo but seemingly not as active
  5. OMG! You were from way back in the day weren't you?
  6. Psilo

    pure Nox #1 recruiter

    all i know is 1 defence for the win.
  7. Psilo

    post your speedtest

    waaayyy back in the day!
  8. Psilo

    Forsaken vs Vintage - PvM Comp

    The Reevis - The Racist
  9. Psilo

    Castle wars xlpc red vs blue

    I think they should add a halo-overshield in the center of castle wars.
  10. Psilo


    Discord is good
  11. Psilo

    Pvp Safespotting

    Eh, let em tank it!
  12. Psilo

    I owe a formal apology.

    5 dried grams in silent darkness.