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  1. I think lessons can be learned after today. Don't flame a discord with 50 people in it after action you want to have again. also, alan is a troll. besides the obvious!! today well hella fun, thank you everyone for showing up and participating.
  2. what is the CB max, or HP max? since its only magic, CB is less relevant besides HP
  3. Noxi is hot right now, lets keep it up bois
  4. Plan 2 close xL, its closing time, you'd better find someone to take you home because you can't stay here. This is what happens when you mass recruit every walking 41cb, you become the broadside of an ugly pink and blue barn. Keep showing up with your 80 members, they will trickle to us anyways after we show them that quality truly does outnumber quantity.
  5. This Is foxy, from clan noxious XLPC. you should get comfortable with me being around, or don't, It doesn't mean anything to me.

    Feel free to step into my cc "clan noxious" you'll be warmly welcomed; however I tolerate no shitters.

    Feel free to ad my XLPC account "f00o00oxious" if you'd like to simply chat, if you have a question of any kind, or if you want to have a friendly 1v1.


  6. Welcome to 2019 everybody, Noxious comes back for a second day in a row with even more members. noxious has now created a pattern, a sequence, a frequency proving that we will come out strong, in quality and quantity. Defeating XL down 15+ ops while getting sniped afterwards. This is what osrs and sharkbrew communities have to look forward to. Clan Noxious #1. This is noxious 2019, and we welcome all capable challengers brave enough to the Wilderness and Clan Wars. GL HF
  7. Yesterday was a prime example of how dedicated noxious core truly is. phenomenal recruitment skills, organization, communication and overall just fine leadership. This is a clan I can see myself being apart of for years; I love putting forth effort for a clan full of great players and people and noxious is it. Yesterday, not only did noxious come back from the brink of death, but we came out with our heads held high, confidents on fleek, skills and leadership sharper than our rune scimitars. I spent 3 weeks listening to ill informed clans talking about noxious be closed, noxious being dead, yet we step out into wilderness stronger than ever. I would be pissing my gaming chair if I were any other clan; don't pipe when you don't understand the reality of the situation. also I don't own a gaming chair. prepare yourself osrs and sharkbrew, noxious has just woken back up. ps. sorry, not the prettiest comment, I'm sober and just woke up.
  8. Hello, im fairly new to sharkbrew in terms of how much I've actually interacted on it. I have a few questions about how the site works. First off, what are sharkbrew points, how do I earn them, what do I do with them. secondly, how do I react to posts, such as likeing a comment, poggering a comment, ect. 3rdly, how do I change my picture, to be a picture, and not an "I". 4thly, are there any secrets or cool things that anyone reading this has to offer about sharkbrew? 5thly, how old is this community thank you for looking over this, feel free to answer only 1 question or all 5. I may have follow up questions depending on your response. ❤️
  9. its you're, not your. its okay to fail tho, we still crack jokes at /your/ expense
  10. hey guys lets stop the waring, peace in wilderness!! we need to over come our differences and unite as one and defeat the terror that is known as the king black dragon. please understand this is for the greater good, we can put aside our differences and come together as one united xlpc. or just admit it retards, noxious #1