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  1. Today the warriors of Fate setup with Vengeance for a PKRI. We sound the war horn and gathered the troops. Round 1 Fate & Vengeance setup at pond, west of sperm hill. We logged in and started the fight, both clans fighting for a little till EZ showed up with a 8 man snakeskin unit. Made short work of them and we setup again with vengeance. Round 2 We setup at the same spot and the fight commence again both clans holding there own, EZ made another appearance. Same shit as before. After this our fight went uncrashed for the remainder 30 minutes or so, both clans going back and forth with map control during the entire fight. Was a great fight and hope to have more fights with the rest of the med scene. >Video< >Pictures<
  2. but after we left in 10mins you got cleared at gdz in 10mins lol glad you had fun
  3. After days of talking and anticipation Fate & EZ decided to setup our first fight with each other and the Grim Reapers put on a show. Months of trying to find a good time to fight due to timezones, we managed to setup something for everyone. The Grim Reapers over at Fate HQ were hungry for this fight, knowing it would be the last med clan to fight in our scene. Knowing we were down a few numbers we took this fight seriously and came out with a strong finish! Round 1 We setup west of dark crab spot and soon after EZ rushed. The fight went solid for about 15mins until Rev/Rot decided to make a show. We setup at a new location. Round 2 Both clans setup west of GDZ and the bolts started flying. We took control right off the bat and never looked back, solid piles and quick transitions made it easy to clear the white dots off the map. After about 10-15mins again both Rev/Rot crashed and we called it there. Thanks for the fun fight EZ >Video< >Pictures<
  4. pm mars#5804 to make 30-50m a trip


  5. rot alliance isnt fairing to well considered they are all reduced to rag. fun to watch the tables turn as time goes on like in many other clans. Can only be at the top for so long till you piss off 2 many peeps
  6. If you weren’t blind. You would see CS trying to get a fake spam saying fate hiding when clearly a member of fate is where they are spamming and can’t be attacked. Meds vs mains, look again
  7. Wednesday was chill for Fate, we looked for a short prep fight and CS accepted. 80min fight untouched at bandits, CS kept running south to avoid getting cleared for the last 30mins seen below and in video. Starting Fate: 15 Corrupted Souls: 15 Another day for the Grim Reapers, taking down main clans like a hot knife through butter. Both clans rushed each other at bandits and it lasted for 80mins. Fate never lost map control as we kept the train going, catching massive clumps on them. About 45 mins in CS enchanted robes started to disappear into the scythes of Fate. They begun to break into D'hide and claw rush spec & tele lol.. that didnt stop us from destroying the clan infront of us. As we roam freely around with ease the Reapers at Fate made sure to collect our daily souls, consuming the life out of Corrupted Souls. The last 30mins CS kept rushing into us and getting smacked then run south to safety, it was a never ending cycle. Come north for 5mins to get owned then run south to regain numbers safely a few levels down away from med combats. We pmed CS leader the option to get a ending picture out of respect for the long clean fight. They took the offer as they tried to get a "wheres fate?" spam south of the fight where meds can't hit mains lol... > Video < > Pictures <
  8. On this fine sunday Fate was approached by Vengeance to take the spots of the clan who cancelled on them. We accepted and massed up a quick 28 warriors, Starting Fate: 28 cut to 24 Vengeance: 22+? Round 1 Anyways both clans started to fight by north slayer cave entrance for about 15mins, the Grim Reapers of course putting a show on for the opponent. Never get in front of a hungry Reaper! after 15mins the fight got crashed, both clans relocated. Round 2 We decided to fight at sperm hill and so we setup defending the hills. Soon the vikings rushed us from the south. They got in a bunch of clumps that made it easy for us to clear the white dots off the minimap. As 25mins had past Vengeance were finished so both clans got a fall in and called it there. Thanks for the fight Vikings (3) Fate Dominates Vengeance - YouTube
  9. Today on thanksgiving Fate massed a army of Grim Reapers to collect the Souls over at CS. The Reapers were extremely happy with Corrupted Souls payment as we dominated from start to finish. Starting Fate: 27 Corrupted Souls: 25+ We had a planned fight today on thanksgiving with CS, they setup by east tree and we logged in from the west. We were fighting hungry for the action, starving ourselves for the feast about to unfold. The Reapers would dominate the whole fight from start to finish, huge 4-7 man massive clumps thrown out on CS destroying them. We would run around them like a wild pack of lions, pulling east or south to round them all up. 7 man Clump below 6 man clump below The fight stayed around west gdz / old gate we kept the pressure on non stop causing havoc in the backlines of CS snipe freezing multiple members. As the fight reached around 40 minutes The Reapers kicked it into overdrive! CS members broken from the constant returning while we ran a train on them, CS were on the verge on being cleared with around 10-12 people before the fight being crashed. CS book it to lvl 30, leaving Fate to handle the situation. Round 2 We continued fighting at rune rocks, at this point Fate had 35 in channel. we fought for about 7 minutes owning CS until we were interrupted once again. CS again runs away from the fight leaving daddy Fate to handle the situation yet again. Goodjob to the Reapers at Fate for pulling up deep, Thanks to Corrupted Souls for claiming your souls we be looking forward to more action in the future Ending Fate: 35 Corrupted Souls: 27+? - Video - - Pictures -
  10. The warriors at Fate massed up a quick 15 Reapers to fight Vengeance in there GMT timezone, later peaking at 22 after our 30min cap that turned into a 45min fight. Starting Fate: 15 Vengeance: 17 The Grim Reapers setup west of horseshoe near the north slayer cave entrance waiting for Vengeance to rush. Soon we were rushed from the NE, both clans had decent map control till about 10mins in the mini-map was clearly in our favor for majority of the fight. We had massive 4-5 man clumps on vengeance throughout the war, our elite mage's were putting work in big time. Every melee pile they had we made sure to barrage it out and kept the melee unit frozen on the outskirts. As the fight would move from horseshoe to east dwarfs, we kept the pressure and came in guns blazing. Finishing off all our piles strong while getting nice clumps for our elite barrage unit. Vengeance had a few strong points in the match to make it more on the competitive side making it extremely fun. Once at dwarfs it slowly moved north and would remain here till the last few minutes as the looters swarmed in. Both clans took ending and called it a day. thanks for the action Vengeance, hope to have more fights like this soon with more of the med scene. Ending Fate: 22 Vengeance: around 20
  11. Hungry men at Fate went out with 28, after our scheduled inners. 90mins of pking/asking clans in our own scene/main scene Playdead was kindly enough to accept our fight, probably was a 45min fight. Starting Fate: 23 Playdead: 21 Fight started off at east tree going down for about 5-10mins then it slowly moved to gdz and would stay north of gdz for most of the fight. Not much to say it was a scrap, both clans had good numbers the entire fight and gained a little. Due to the combat level difference we focused heavily on mage/barrage unit and got some nice clumps to help even out the odds a little. Was super clean no crashers at all, look forward to more in the future. Cheers to the boys at Playdead for accepting short notice fight Ending Fate: 25 Playdead: 25+?
  12. Yeah he is. He probably got caught in the clumps and got sent to Jesus lol
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