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  1. The warriors at Fate massed up a quick 15 Reapers to fight Vengeance in there GMT timezone, later peaking at 22 after our 30min cap that turned into a 45min fight. Starting Fate: 15 Vengeance: 17 The Grim Reapers setup west of horseshoe near the north slayer cave entrance waiting for Vengeance to rush. Soon we were rushed from the NE, both clans had decent map control till about 10mins in the mini-map was clearly in our favor for majority of the fight. We had massive 4-5 man clumps on vengeance throughout the war, our elite mage's were putting work in big time. Every melee pile they had we made sure to barrage it out and kept the melee unit frozen on the outskirts. As the fight would move from horseshoe to east dwarfs, we kept the pressure and came in guns blazing. Finishing off all our piles strong while getting nice clumps for our elite barrage unit. Vengeance had a few strong points in the match to make it more on the competitive side making it extremely fun. Once at dwarfs it slowly moved north and would remain here till the last few minutes as the looters swarmed in. Both clans took ending and called it a day. thanks for the action Vengeance, hope to have more fights like this soon with more of the med scene. Ending Fate: 22 Vengeance: around 20
  2. Hungry men at Fate went out with 28, after our scheduled inners. 90mins of pking/asking clans in our own scene/main scene Playdead was kindly enough to accept our fight, probably was a 45min fight. Starting Fate: 23 Playdead: 21 Fight started off at east tree going down for about 5-10mins then it slowly moved to gdz and would stay north of gdz for most of the fight. Not much to say it was a scrap, both clans had good numbers the entire fight and gained a little. Due to the combat level difference we focused heavily on mage/barrage unit and got some nice clumps to help even out the odds a little. Was super clean no crashers at all, look forward to more in the future. Cheers to the boys at Playdead for accepting short notice fight Ending Fate: 25 Playdead: 25+?
  3. Yeah he is. He probably got caught in the clumps and got sent to Jesus lol
  4. Today the Grim Reapers woke from there slumber to claim the souls of RDK massing up 25 blades, peaking 30 mid fight Fight started off with RDK defending west gdz and the soul eaters of Fate rushing from the west. We came ready like we always do and had our blades sharp for the opposing enemy. We surrounded them north west of gdz with massive clumps throughout the fight as our mage unit was sending souls back to jesus. Just after mid way they had about 10 to our 20+ so we went west gdz and waited for them to gain some more numbers to continue the fight. Soon after RDK rush us from the west of gdz and we continue fighting at east tree for about 5mins. Our maging was on point, nothing was moving around freely. As the fight slowly moved to gdz again it was few minutes past our 30min pkri and we decided to clear the crashers and leave it at that. Was another fun fight to the warriors at RDK < Video Soon >
  5. Omg how will foe ever recover from this one. This some low life scummy shit like sv
  6. Goddam what a shit POV. Let’s just suicide and drop free supplies for the enemy..
  7. Rage wins again no surprise here
  8. Rage is clearly the better quality clan
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