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Found 5 results

  1. Bloody Vikingz went out in the wilderness today with 23, had a quick set of 15 v 15 inners before PCL, and then hopped our happy asses to W326 Clan Wars to enter in the bloodbath. Shoutouts; PoP for not not showing up. Stay brown sticky stuff, and join BV for some action. Devotion for not showing up,being a weekend masser clan, and bringing zerk clans to LPC trips. Stay brown sticky stuff. BV courageously took on Rage, AAO, and OP. We managed to leave clan wars today with 2 wins and 3 losses. We were hoping to do better, but for being the only LPC to participate, we are proud of our accomplishments. Where was the so called #1 LPC PoP?!?! Our members are quality, and BV as a whole has a lot to offer to the pure community. Can't wait for an LPC clan to open that can truly challenge us and push us to become even better!!!! Just wait MPC scene, BV will be there in a jiff (but not too soon.) (P.S. We also had a round with FOE {WHAT?!?! HPC VS LPC?!?!?!}. That was fun. I'm not putting the opt count in but we did manage to kill errmmm... a few of them. Thanks for the fight guys ) Thank you for the fights AAO, OP, RAGE, and FOE. BV vs OP Round 1 BV Starting:37 OP Starting:36 BV Ending:0 OP Ending:31 Round 2 BV Starting:39 OP Starting: 35 BV Ending:0 OP Ending:26 BV vs Rage BV Starting:39 Rage Starting:31 BV Ending:23 Rage Ending:0 BV vs AAO Round 1 BV Starting: 39 AAO Starting: 31 BV Ending: 0 AAO Ending: 22-25? Round 2 BV Starting: 39 AAO Starting: 31 BV Ending: 27 AAO Ending: 0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYxHoB-nG7o&ab_channel=MAKAVELIRS Makaveli POV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T35CAZ8ZIF8&ab_channel=IceeyBrahh Iceey POV
  2. #Olympus | Olympus-rs.com Olympus set out today with 138 CD Killers ready to destroy anything in a purple cape. I'm proud to say that the Gods cleared our opponents 1v4 over 10 times in a 2 hour period. Week 2. Killing CD+RU+R+WS pt 1 We started off by bullying CD around making them lobby for 30 minutes. We finally got them in singles and bullied them for a bit before going to multi. We beat them down at 13s, bullying them to singles 5-6 times before moving it north. Killing CD+RU+R+WS pt 2 We found the alliance back in multi near corp. We rushed them, bullying them to single 5-6 times again before moving east. CD didn't follow so we called a logout and our first bank of the trip. Killing CD+RU+R+WS pt 3 We got a round 3 against CD this time around hillz hut. We absolutely demolished them, getting a full clear before they could make it to singles. Killing CD+RU+R+WS pt 4 We finished the day by destroying CD AGAIN near 13ports. We bullied them to singles 4-5 times near 13s, then walked to CA where they followed. We pushed them to east graves around 10 times, then moved to sperm hill where CD didn't follow. We logged out and took our 4-0 win for the day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InWOdccwmNw
  3. Posting this because it shows TLP getting rekt Nice slump tlp, rd did this to you. Name: Corrupt Pures #1 F2P PK Trip Ft. All Category: Runescape 2007/Legacy Pking Videos Date Added: 13 September 2015 - 06:48 PM Short Description: Corrupt Pures destroy every clan in the wildy and take #1 yet again, for the 100th weekend in a row. POV by Drunkin R2h, take notes. View Video
  4. http://cp-rs.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33134-cp-undefeated-1-f2p-pk-trip-ft-eopx6/ Today we peaked at 73 Corrupt Pures. We were ready to slam EoPs first pk trip and thats what we did, unfortunately they had to bring 20-25 mains today at their trip, quite sad for their first pk trip lmfao. Thanks for the battles today, you guys put up good fights but for the love of god drop all these mains.. Oh and we fought couple more clans today like punishing RD once again and pushing TLP back to single. We in multi lmfao. Shoutouts: CP members for showing up. Proud of yall lads <3 Welcome back EoP and thanks for the fights today.. But seriously though, drop your mains lmao. And try not drop to many people in your first pk trip lol. Started with 80 and ended with what?? 50 people? Pray for EoP LOL Corrupt Pures vs. EoP+Mains ft. TLP/Sup We heard EoP was aroung Hillz-Sperm at the start of their trip (the only time they passed 20+ wildy today was at our last fight lmfao.) We quickly rushed them at Sperm and started bowing them out and banging like 10 of them in 15 secs lmfao was awesome. After 5 minutes of fighting we had the upperhand untill TLP (or SUP idk same team capes) crashed. We moved east to get a fall in. Thanks for the fight. Corrupt Pures Starting: 73 |â–º| Ending: 61 people falled in before the crash. Eruption of Pures+Mains Starting: 80 |â–º| Ending: 42 people before the crash. After we got a fall in we rerushed the fight at 18 Ports this time, heard they were fighting Supremacy? Lol. We pushed on top of EoP banging their level 70s in addy out. After about 5 mins we heard Foe was about to crash the fight. We moved west with 60 Ending while EoP were spamming "You have no1 here" or some brown sticky stuff idk lmao. Thanks for the fight. Corrupt Pures Starting: 61 |â–º| Ending: 57 people falled in. Eruption of Pures+Mains Starting: 50? |â–º| Ending: 40 people at single. Corrupt Pures vs. EoP+Mains ft. FOE/TLP Still without banking, we heard EoP was sniping Foe and TLP around 18 Ports. We rushed EoP and started fighthing, we got the upperhand pretty quickly and pushed them to 7 different places lmfao. They were done before Foe crashed the fight. We walked south and logged out to bank for the first time. Thanks for the fight. Corrupt Pures Starting: 70 |â–º| Ending: 57 people before Foe crash. Eruption of Pures+Mains Starting: 70 |â–º| Ending: 10 people left. Heres a picture for you: Corrupt Pures vs. EoP+Mains ft. Sup After a quick bank, we scout told us that EoP were chasing around lilguys clans like SUP and RD at around level 8 wilderness (lol), so we rushed them at the trees and they turned around. We can all say this was the easiest fight of the day lol. We pushed them from level 8 to Corp untill they were cleared, their last 5-10 members pulled west to single. We heard Supremacy was in multi around 18 Ports so we got a fall in quickly to pushed them back to single. Thanks for the fights. Corrupt Pures Starting: 68 |â–º| Ending: 60 people. Eruption of Pures+Mains Starting: 60? |â–º| Ending: 5-10 in single. Corrupt Pures vs. TLP ft. Foe Our scouts told us that TLP and Foe were fighting at Corp, we quickly rushed and starting fighting TLP (Foe dipped). We pushed them to single quickly, they put up a good fight with low opts! Gf lol. Corrupt Pures Starting: 65 |â–º| Ending: 59 People. The Last Pures Starting: 50? |â–º| Ending: 10 in Single. Corrupt Pures vs. EoP+Mains ft. TLP x2 Our scouts told us that EoP were around 18 Ports. We got our prays up and rushed them on top of the hill just right west of 18 Ports, we quickly got on top of them banging out every kid standing around, after about 5 minutes of fighting we pushed them north west to Corp untill TLP crashed to save them. We ran west to single to get a fall in. After we got our fall in EoP rushed us in single spamming "nice opts??" while we had 3x opts than them.. i rlly dont understand some clans lmfao. After few minutes of banging EoP kids out in single, they ran to multi so we followed them with almost our full opts, bowing then pushing on top of them untill TLP decided to save them again. After this both of them walked down to Edge lol. Thanks for the fights. Corrupt Pures Starting: 71 |â–º| Ending: 58 people. Eruption of Pures+Mains Starting: 70 |â–º| Ending: 35 people walked down to Edge (lol) Corrupt Pures vs. Eruptin of Pures+Mains The only fight that wasnt crashed at Corp. We heard EoP was jerking off around Corp so we rushed them and quickly banging 5 of them in 5 secs, after few minutes of fighting they were running like headless chickens doing laps at Corp. After our last push we pushed EoP back to single making them log out. Congratulations on losing 5 times (6 soon) in 1 day EoP. Corrupt Pures Starting: 60 |â–º| Ending: 47 Eruption of Pures+Mains Starting: 55? Dropped to many people. |â–º| Ending: 15 people logged out north of Graves. Corrupt Pures vs. RD Without banking, we heard RD was north of Corp doing nothing with like 40 people (unexpected pull) we rushed them and banged their level 70s in addy pushing them to single, after few more mins they decided to ran back to multi to get killed again and getting pushed to Boneyard, they run back west to single. LolBatman GjToxic. Corrupt Pures Starting: 60 |â–º| Ending: 56 Redemption Starting: 40 |â–º| Ending: 10 people in Single. After this we heard Fi and Sup were fighting at Bandits, we rushed and pushed them back to Single near Castle. Gf. Corrupt Pures vs. Eruptin of Pures+20 Mains Our final fight of the day was probably one of the best fights due to EoP having 20 mains with them trying to get a win from us for the first time of the day but failed. For the first time in the trip, we heard EoP was walking up north past level 20 Wilderness. They rushed us near our Homeland so we turned back and started fighting, after few minutes they got the upperhand due to their 20 Mains sniping us and stared spamming dumb brown sticky stuff like "We broke you" (Yeah bro? Losing 6 times a day you broke us?!?) but OUR RETURNERS quickly brought the fight back and pushed EoP from Vents to Gdz. After this we pretty much dominated the whole GDZ fight making EoP do 50 laps, after about 30 minutes of dominating the fight, they even called more mains to snipe our callers so they got the upperhand for about 2 minutes only (lmfao) but after our returners came back they dipped east and logged out leaving CP alone at GDZ. Congratulations on losing 6 times in 1 day LOL. Corrupt Pures Starting: 58 |â–º| Ending: 47 Eruption of Pures+Mains Starting: 60+20 Mains = 80 |â–º| Ending: 25 people logged out Thanks for reading our topic. There are no flames intended. Image[http://cp-rs.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.png] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts Jordai: CS. Integra: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NHyUZ3Dc_sA BvG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SRE7lEK_MLA .: Corrupt Pictures :. Want to join the longest running Pure Clan? Forums: www.cp-rs.com YouTube: CorruptPuresClan IRC: #Clan-CP TeamSpeak: Ts.Cp-Rs.Com
  5. http://tlp-rs.net/ #TLP ts.tlp-rs.net 'TLP Public' cc With the weeks of Summer winding down, TLP showed no letting up on this fine Saturday. TLP pulls ~75 people ready to rumble for the top spot yet again. Had tons of action with pretty much every clan in the community. Nice to see everyone out there in the wild today. Here's how it went down. The day started off with us rushing CP north of mossies. After completely slaughtering them for about 3 minutes, Foe crashed soon after and we moved west with CP into single. Cleared some Foe stragglers while they tried to group up north. Gf CP maybe next time. Grats on #3 for the day. The next fight of the day started off with Foe rushing us south of boneyard. They would end up getting pushed and forced to get multiple regroups throughout this hour long fight. The fight started 70 TLP vs. 80 Foe and we quickly cut that deficit, forcing their youtubers to leave after 1 death. Smacked them around for a bit all the way to corp, 13 ports, Chaos altar, you name it. Wherever Foe went, we were right on their ass. We aren't scared of you. Several other clans attempted to crash (lol irrelevant CP/Fi) but the fight was TLP vs Foe for the majority. The amount of loot TLP gained during this fight was glorious. Thanks for the battles. Like I said, thanks to everyone who participated in these fights. It was an action packed trip for everyone, except for the youtubers that left.. lol.. Hope to see you all again soon! Join TLP today or PM us to spy if you are unhappy with your current leaders Image[http://tlp-rs.net/public/style_emoticons/default/cool.png] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts It's a good day to be TLP. Eric POV: Rijn POV:
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