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  1. Serious question to toxic, where did you go after you got kicked? I am not flaming I just want to know

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    2. Dude


      LOL OBV attention whore

    3. AAA


      are you just a spastic or a reject? flame intended

    4. Quaky


      he joined my clan after i slumped yours


  2. Sith

    This is what I see.....

    not very cool to pick on me!
  3. Thanks SV for finally admitting to a loss on today's full out. Respect has been earned.

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    2. Sith


      lol what? even one of your ranks admitted to losing.

    3. Leetz
    4. Dude


      Gj RD, if legit

  4. Sith

    Lol This Kids Mad

    I think you need to go outside to have been keeping up with this lol.
  5. Sith

    Who would you rather have in your clan?

    I eat rocks hittin or dude
  6. Sith


    nice, now for 99 pray
  7. I just keep realizing the only clans that ddos are the little guys. I guess people will do anything to compete these days.

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    2. Bvb Returnz
    3. Dude


      stfu ur fault that u can't protect against it aha

    4. I eat rocks

      I eat rocks

      Yep, it's defiantly Sith's fault people are ddosing over a video game, Dude, do you realize how broccolied you sound?

  8. Lol at the little guys ddosing

  9. Sith

    *cough* RD *cough*

    Don't get mad no 1 wants 2 join u m8
  10. Sith

    Who would you rather have in your clan?

    zee kevin elve or im so beast
  11. Sith

    *cough* RD *cough*

    this actually kinda made me lol. And your excuse for not even being able to go on trips is? Ofc you would like his mind, you guys both slump, and close, great minds think alike, so cauliflower ones probably do as well. Who are you its all the lpcs crying about how they either closed or can't compete lol Thanks for another topic! Looks like rd is on everyones mind
  12. Sith

    *cough* RD *cough*

    Lol things janov says..
  13. Sith

    Ex's Intro

    oh hai