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  1. I eat rocks

    Biggest pure clan fight?

    I'm pretty sure it's this one when rs2 turned in to EOC and there was no OSRS so everyone moved to battlescape, and there was a 3v3 fullout where each clan was able to pull 100+ and there were also main and zerker clans crashing with huge pulls too. The whole fight lasted for hours and had probably over a thousand people fighting. I know it's not actually runescape or osrs but at the time that was the only option for runescape and a few clans in the video are still around in osrs today. What other huge fights happened in pure history?
  2. swag

    1. Sliq
    2. I eat rocks

      I eat rocks

      I found sharkbrew again and logged in and I'm just looking through all my old posts. I'm getting crazy nostalgia. I don't play anymore I don't got a account


  3. I eat rocks


    I like to pretend that I speak spanish!
  4. I eat rocks

    SP vs Activation | 40s vs 70s

    You had the same hp as all of them, they prob just have prayer, and they had a guy with 47 hp in there too,
  5. I eat rocks

    Continent Expansion

    They're bringing in coliseums, this gon be sik
  6. Thanks for the fight CP, too bad it took you 20 minutes to enter multi

    1. CP_Pride
    2. Franco


      eat why are you so cauliflower man.. your leader or w/e asked us for a 10v10 and brought 20 and still lose


      outreturned you m8


      join cp ull fit good in there

  7. I eat rocks

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Online: Official Gameplay Video!!

    Only game I play runescape
  8. I eat rocks


    Hey man
  9. I eat rocks

    If Sv Hittin was a pokemon

    Hittin used DDOS! DDOS was not very effective.
  10. I eat rocks

    [ARCHIVED] Edited Plawpy's Sig.

    Did eop really accept you?
  11. I eat rocks

    World War III?

    Just some no name website trying to get hype, nothing is happening