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  1. After listening to the audio leaks they released I think they might do that so yall can understand the text.
  2. Imagine the actual pure fights you could've had. Sad to see what clanning has become.
  3. Watch the video. The community should be happy that clean pure fights like this are still a thing. Seeing your latest topics (had to dig deep) it is no surprise you probably have no idea how these actual pure fights work anymore.
  4. Lol impressive to have a leak in a 22 men pull. I doubt many of those 22 have 99 prayer tho so you might have fucked up.
  5. Congratz Supremacy. Who is 420 btw? Name rings a bell but arent they old af? The way they died on your vid they must be hella rusty
  6. I dont think Fi will do anything. But I have to give it to you, you're also one of the few clans that's not blatantly using mains. I respect that!
  7. One of the few pure clans remaining. Goodjob on your trip Supremacy.
  8. Having to agree with a guy who's name means 'shit' is kinda awkward but at the same time terror seems to be poo aswell
  9. Well done Supremacy. I didnt expect to see this many mains and bots from @Terror Military Complexafter their recent tweet but it is what it is. Keep it up tigers. @JimmyWoo @CringeyW @Pillow @Wessel
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