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  1. Hahahhahhahahhhhhhhahahahahhaghghhhah Im cying you're so dumb whahshahahahhahahahaahhaah
  2. Lmfao which eop broccoli put @Godfather in charge of the doxing, pixel pigeon you're a beyond broccolied LMAO! Stick to a $5 booter and some random IP LOOL

  3. lmao imagine lying about opts in 2k17 to win WCOTM on a runescape related community website. Gratz on pulling 40 lmao heard sv had 60
  4. thats how relevant sharkbrew is to you? This is the stage where you should re-evaluate your life choices.
  5. this is like 3 weeks late intel lmfao, keep being obsessed you brown freak, eop's irl's are beyond fucking hideous I wouldn't leave the door either if I looked like that so I'm not suprised u still try.
  6. not in a clan but thats expected from eop's intel, I find it quite hilarious how you are calling anyone braindead you legit have the IQ of a washed up raccoon.
  7. Lmao "insults" this is when you know you're a sharkbrew creature.
  8. is this supposed to be directed at yourself weirdo?
  9. imagine talking about 624 days when you've been eop for 2 months lmao
  10. eop lost several rivarlies to foe,cp,fi,sv and this is just 07 :/ didn't even include the amount of times they closed.
  11. not even in a clan good intel paki
  12. Don't you have some illness to fake?
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