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    I'm resigning from the site and the Runescape community due to the unavoidable flame and negativity. It only brings me down, and my place is not here. @@slushpuppy I ask that you permanently ban me from the site so that I may not be tempted to return. Thank you, and good luck warriors.
  2. Yeah rd doesn't lose money cuz they sit in single and don't fight l0l
  3. hpc's will see no increase. You would think they would be more mature, but they are whining, crying, panzies. The LPCs realize its a game, the HPCS just ddos their tears away l0l @@slushpuppy
  4. fuck i need the ge or ill explode

  5. ZU closing topic was a good read, cya rof rof

  6. Yeah bc those kids who were 20 in rs Classic are going to comeback as bald 40 yr olds to play lololol rip mm
  7. Great topic Nicholas I miss the days where a nice Beethoven symphony would cover a pk video
  8. Ya kasper u sound like a broccoli L u were probably wearing diapers when my balls dropped. It's on yt now because it got leaked from an email message u dumb cunt kasper - still a gr8 view tho @@RD_Kasper @@nick_hamilton
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