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  1. And they posted the topic a day late lmfaooooo it’s Monday
  2. Rage is awfully quiet lol

    1. Scims


      Yeah they got dicked by fo (matched) for 4 weekends in a row now, i would be too.

  3. Stop lyn bout ur numbers u never had more then 65ish ingame while avoiding us
  4. rage p2p weekend topic aka 1 pic lmfa000000000000000

  5. ur useless without mains and it shows from ur 1v1 vs sups and 1v1s vs foe today at corp l0l
  6. @pam @Niblet @Waifu Pillow @Spiraldont lose sleep lmfao no clean action for rage and no more fights from now on till u kick snake ex-cd from rage
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