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  1. Bring back olympiss v7 oh wait lmfaooooo
  2. Lmfaooooooo who the fk r u srsly I’ve been killing 3 different rage remakes still don’t know who u r
  3. please explain how we avoided you today.

    1. keefn


      LOL don is severely depressed 🤣

  4. as always 4th ending ml sig incoming
  5. ofcourse close ur eyes rage nothing stopping me from closing that shitty clan again lmfa0
  6. get ready for ur 4th ending ml sig rage lmfaooooo time to close

    1. keefn


      you are depressed 🤣 let that sink in

  7. get ready for ur 4th ending sig lmfa0
  8. close ur eyes im gonna close rage again for the 4x
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