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  1. David

    Empire ~ The True Empire Never Falls

    😋 best of luck friends @[email protected]
  2. David

    What's up

    Yeah I stopped playing private servers before I actually retired fully
  3. David

    What's up

    @@debb sup
  4. David

    What's up

    People still play this I see. Any recognizeable faces around? ID #2
  5. David

    Trauma's anniversary promo vid

    Worst video I've seen in awhile.
  6. David

    Why does The Last Mains and Eruption of Mains

    Lol, FOE did invite anyone to their anni trip, even me with 45 def.
  7. I suppose BV would be A++++++ in everything?=?
  8. David

    Corrupt Pures wiki, discuss

    this is why i quit pure clanning
  9. David

    [ARCHIVED] MILK DESIGNS Declares On David

    oh @@Halloween go suck on brads dick instead of trying
  10. David

    [ARCHIVED] MILK DESIGNS Declares On David

    @@Luke was the lousy mod who said your name when he meant Maxx's, my bad
  11. David

    [ARCHIVED] Cheap GFX sale till sunday.

    @@Maxx why are you crying to mods and lying to them saying im ddosing you constantly and probably will dox you soon? LOL
  12. David

    GFX for Alotic GPs

    rsps hero
  13. David

    [ARCHIVED] MILK DESIGNS Declares On David

    @@Making Rice pretty sure I'm not "cancerboy" @@Maxx @@Luke don't tell mods bullbrown sticky stuff to attempt to get me banned lmfao!
  14. David

    [ARCHIVED] MILK DESIGNS Declares On David

    Oh you, don't start sucking up toe "Ace Designs" lmao.. Go cuddle with Brad instead, Jason.