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  1. Hey all, been a while... been watching the forums a bit lately and looking to maybe get back into the scene a little and possibly join a clan. Currently 69cb pure 80str 82 range etc. What clans are open in my range currently? Thanks in advance everyone! P.S. I work about 50-60 hours a week usually give or take
  2. made a pure, any lower lpc's?

    1. Moni
    2. Niblet


      xl has the lowest combats in the lpc scene, yet we still compete with clans that are around the same pull. xl-rs.com

  3. just more mains ruining the community, hit pure clans cause they can't compete with their own kind.
  4. Apply as your clan and maybe a pure clan will come out on top and represent the pure community.
  5. CD is a pure clan now you narbs
  6. go out on a trip for once before you flame other clans lol
  7. why is tier 1 always posting flame topics..
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