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  1. Gratz Foe. Was easy as always
  2. BLo

    clan wars Bad Timing Vs Ascent PREP 2-1

    Lose 5 in a 39v39 first round? BT quality looking nice. What are the odds that @bt black sonwas one of those 5
  3. BLo

    clan wars FOE vs Fearless | F2P Prep 2-1

    Expected.. easy dub for foe. Pull more for a 50v50 prep both servers tho. Gg fs
  4. BLo


    It me D3mais
  5. BLo

    pure/midweek Bad Timing BULLYING Envy

    I think he talking about a bundle of twigs named billy
  6. BLo

    pure/midweek Bad Timing BULLYING Envy

    Damn envy getting smacked by a black guy calling with no mic @bt black son
  7. BLo

    pure/weekend Bad Timing against the Slave Alliance

    Gratz bt. Well done boys
  8. BLo

    pure/midweek Bad Timing Smashing Ascent

    @bt black son is a dirty whore indeed
  9. BLo


    @DHP come to foe. Billy will be hype @bt black son
  10. BLo

    Bad Timing vs Doom / MINI 3-0 ft 1st to 25

    smh... maybe one day
  11. BLo

    Bad Timing vs Doom / MINI 3-0 ft 1st to 25

    Still can tell byron and billy are auto one bangs. Rip @byronbanks @bt black son
  12. BLo

    xlpc Bad Timing [50-65 Combat] XLPC

    Gl boys. Cd is a joke and cancer clan who no ones likes
  13. BLo

    !seen BT

    I can confirm that. Thoughts Daquan @bt black son ps. Ily tho
  14. BLo

    pure/midweek Bad Timing Steam Rolling CD

    I’ll be back soon baby girl don’t worry. Then we’ll see whats up with this beef.