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  1. surreal

    [Free] 100 Slots TS3 Server

    Thanks man, still looking.
  2. surreal

    [Free] 100 Slots TS3 Server

    Right so, like the other 2 posters who had my service already stated they were hosted by me and only had troubles with the bot I was providing. I understand that I have a low post count, I do not have those ill intentions.
  3. surreal

    [Free] 100 Slots TS3 Server

    Alright so, before I even begin, I just want to help out a thriving community to not sell or give out IPs. I'm also not affiliated with any clan. I just want to help and fill out my TeamSpeak which is for free that I received from a host that I have been loyal to for the past couple of years.
  4. Hey guys, I'm hosting a TeamSpeak server for free to a clan/community with 100 slots and expandable. You must have an active community to acquire this server. This does not have advertisements, global server messages/pokes about purchasing the server. The server belongs to me and I'm willing to host it for free to an active clan/community. PM me for more details and if interested.
  5. surreal

    pure/midweek LPC [43 CB Training]

    Sounds awesome, PM me your RSN and I'll add you to check y'all out @Aaronn
  6. surreal

    pure/midweek LPC [43 CB Training]

    PVP/BH era it was the best!
  7. surreal

    pure/midweek LPC [43 CB Training]

    Where are the requirements
  8. I'm looking for some peeps to PK with around 35-50 combat with comms on my level 43 account. Still deciding on what LPC to join since they don't look too promising. I've been in many clans. I've got some experience. I also have a level 59 with overheads + 70+ stats. Past clans: Divinity, Epidemic, Fatality, Final Ownage, Mayhem Makers, Doom
  9. surreal

    !ge & @ge price bot in #sharkbrew

    Nice addition, are you using RSBuddy's grand exchange to power the script?