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  1. my clan (foe) = very ded

  2. Unholydreams

    weekend Supremacy undefeated Saturday ft. the alliance

    brown sticky stuff clan lol
  3. Dont give them anymore, they only farm wins off f2p based hpcs/mpcs. they wont dare prep 2 server hpcs lol (foe/eop) 50 mains for lifelover
  4. Stop hiding from 2 server HPC clans lol (foe/eop) Edit: u can only get 1 more prep win off ruin, tomatos u cant hide for long
  5. 1st prep of july foe vs fi 3-0 2nd prep of july foe vs fi 3-0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfPckxuehX4 3rd prep of july foe vs fi 2-0 then u started doing 20v20s vs supremacy (which u lose) l0l now ur farming wins off mpcs
  6. p2p prep foe or eop? or keep farming wins off 1 server clans and mpcs?
  7. btw u can only farm 1 more prep off ruin dont hide from hpcs plz /query holydreams/[Foe]Jack for p2p prep
  8. Looked truly difficult FOE next?
  9. Unholydreams

    clan wars/verfied FOE vs EOP | 70v70 F2P Prep 3-0

  10. Unholydreams

    clan wars/verfied Olympus vs Rage | P2P Prep 2-1

    big mini