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  1. These are 3 separate individual topics. Here is the Video. Click Spoilers to see each topic Most Fucking Active Clan Zenith.Ts3Chat.Com
  2. You fought for less then 25 seconds before we rushed. You didnt tele out, you got slapped 1 by 1
  3. If you're the homie, trust me join Zenith for the best fucking community.

  4. gf sucks that half the clan couldnt log in, otherwise it would have been a fun 60 vs 60 first time we fought rage and you guys didnt use meds so mad respect to that
  5. Zenith went out with 35 people, later peaking 41 people ingame for a PKRI vs Rage. We had a nice clean 30 minute return fight vs Rage. Thanks to all the Zenith members who attended and Rage for the great action.
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