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  1. https://zenith-rs.com/community | Zenith.ts3chat.com Today we massed up for a planned PKRI vs Apex in P2P, Like most PKRI's it quickly became a cluster between many clans. We left Edge with 32 members later peaking 37. Thank you Apex for the action and giving us this event ❤️ Foe for using team Capes Rage for action Ly for giving up so easily
  2. https://zenith-rs.com/community/ We peaked 23 Zenith members for a nice 8 hour long Rev Pk trip we ran into plenty of clans and made bank loot. Thank you to all the Zenith Members that Attended. "Rs Zenith" Clan Chat - Zenith.Ts3Chat.Com Thanks for all the action!
  3. We peaked 32 people for our scheduled PKRI vs Blunt Pures. Bodied Legacy and fought FOE, Rage, Apex, and BP. Thanks BP For the Event!
  4. Is this the trip were you got fucked when we were down 5? I think its hilarious your trying to start shit with a clan that isn't even open yet. Legacy will forever be known as a clan that lost every single rank due to scamming pieces of shit ranks. You can keep DDoSing our ranks, ragging our fights, but you can close a community that has been around for over a decade. Keep begging for attention.
  5. https://zenith-rs.com/community | Zenith.ts3chat.com Massed up for some action in the caveZ today for what was a 4 hour long loot filled and clan slaughtering event. We peaked 26 Shooters for this long ass trip. We found clans like IO/DC/LY who got completely wiped every time they teleported to the caveZ. Shout out to FI and BP for putting up fights and giving us action as we feasted tonight. Co0kiezs W0lF
  6. was fun, thank you supremacy and rage for the clusters!
  7. Today 12/27/19 we massed up for our PKRI vs Supremacy we left Edge Peaking 34. Overall it was a fun 3 fights we had with Supremacy and Rage Thank you for coming out and for the few hours of action we got on this Friday night was definitely worth it.
  8. Pure clan bro hit me up on disc if you wana join Co0kiezs#1337
  9. he already accepted a rank in another clan, don’t worry
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