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  1. y'all ever just sit on the brew and laugh at all the cauliflower ass mods on here? I do often.

  2. not gonna fucking read, but @ is barking right now lmfao.
  3. @Lenin lmfao

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    2. fireSTAFF


      lmfao @Lenin I bought a fucking pet dog with the gp i got from you and named it lenin. fucking bark for me bitch.

    3. Lenin


      Well, it was 70m, and an account.. if thats what your clan is worth ok sure I guess?

    4. fireSTAFF


      at what point did i mention anything about a clan? i said a fucking dog, can you not read? roof roof mother fucker.

  4. holy brown sticky stuff your mother should have swallowed. honestly.
  5. it says you're in fearless.... I've never heard of that clan honest to god lmfao.
  6. bro you say that you're in fearless.... I've never even heard of them lmfao. probably some rando ass snipe team thinking they know how to call scim pushes. pour yourself a nice glass of peroxide and sit there looking at it.
  7. no point joining any clan, the game's gone to brown sticky stuff, the community is worse than ever before, broccolied mod's don't know how to tie their own shoelaces let alone moderate forums. Might as well get a job and hobby and forget about rs.
  8. fucking broccoli trynna come at us. smh.
  9. don't make topics again, it's broccolied as fuck.
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