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  1. That’s a cringe muhhfka right there cuh, on gang cuh frfr cuh didn’t I forget to say cuh
  2. One kiss is all it takes fallin in love with me possibilities i look like all you need
  3. Weak topics r the ones of purge doing minis with LY no one rly gives a fk bout a dead rev team and a clan filled with rejects
  4. Get a foreigner to piss hebi off more I like when he gets angry
  5. Damn why they talkin shit to mustafa like that
  6. This why sup should stick to GDZ with their meds n mains
  7. 38 Rage Bears Bust a fat Nut on some Retarded Dazed Tigers thinking they can handle the pentration coming from an underage child named K1D.
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