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  1. Weak topics r the ones of purge doing minis with LY no one rly gives a fk bout a dead rev team and a clan filled with rejects
  2. Get a foreigner to piss hebi off more I like when he gets angry
  3. Damn why they talkin shit to mustafa like that
  4. This why sup should stick to GDZ with their meds n mains
  5. 38 Rage Bears Bust a fat Nut on some Retarded Dazed Tigers thinking they can handle the pentration coming from an underage child named K1D.
  6. It’s over 9000!!!!! Haha
  7. Oh shit Waddup cuz is rage LPC or xLPC
  8. Used to be a clanner, quit rs for a while now tryna come back and get back into clanning. Have a couple years of clanning experience just need to find a clan, IGN: Bay Area K1D, still working on the acc. 68 combat ATM but trying to level it higher with good stats. Can make trips for weekend. Need some clan to join to have some fun pking and maybe running into some people that I knew in the past. I was mainly an LPC clamber and sometimes xLPC, was part of EnVy/BV for a couple years and a few other clans.
  9. Bruhh outburst ran around in CA so many times it hypnotized me to kick their ass even harder
  10. u guys remember when OB/EoP/IR cleared us? oh wait tht never happened we were clearing them LuL
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