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  1. I just had my daughter my brotherins. Do to a few complications I have JUST left the hospital. I want to thank my brotherins who did not forget about me. Also a man just uploaded a video of my compilation. Check it out and support him as you'd support me. Likes and comments show great respect to your legend my friends.
  2. I've been having a tough life on DMM world 345. My pvp isn't the best. I need someone to take me under there wing. I suicided and lost alot of stats but completed, DT.
  3. Fuck That Bullbrown sticky stuff I was in There No More Then 10 minutes. #NEVERFORGET #DELETE This Or We Never Cool Fam, Real brown sticky stuff Yall did me dirty fam. This is bad for my Career but yall don't care cus yall just want to laugh and brown sticky stuff but it's a bad look for a nigga like me fam cut this brown sticky stuff down.
  4. Dude chill the hell out for real? What kind of beef you want with me fam. Cut that out ask about me you can see me fam fk boy. Better not be from USA talking that crap. Fuck outta here bro why u wilding on me im cool as heck I aint beefing right now I got more important shii to worry bout like the 18th we closing NBK. I got no time for small frys fam.
  5. Nah she a noob though, I always wanted a chick with like 100 combat and a Sparc Mac type bank. I really still kinda want a side chick with a D skirt.. I settled though I guess now she's having my offspring so what can I say
  6. Skype up pussy you can't live were I live without guns noob. skype: Cobosejo And I'll show you my wife I'll bet she's 10x hotter then any chick you ever met. FAT ass BIG tits and BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  7. Damn so fuck the Gate Keeper? The gatekeeper is a HUGE role... They need something they inspect EVERYONE who joins. That's messed up. The only rank I care for is the GateKeeper. I talk to all who joins the team and make sure of there intentions and experience and requirements once achieving that rank.
  8. Bruh stfu. CD is trash your just mad. Dropping another diss now wtf. IT's not even my channels LOL
  9. Facts and that's the difference between my higher ups and other people. Yall troll and talk brown sticky stuff. My guys say nothing but facts wtf. We are waaaaay different. SHOUT OUT TO THE REAL 1s Stop being soo fking annoying. PicWarrior you my nigga for life fam forget the haters bro im off this..
  10. Stop Hating Bro. Are you fucking Dumb? Do you know how hot I'am? Do you know I'am the best rapper in the world. Back when I was broke and poor in Lumbridge streets begging for gold and dancing for that brown sticky stuff no1 cared about fucking me.. I never could afford a fucking premium and I used to fucking DANCE for money and niggas would laugh at me are you cauliflower bro? What you know about your only girlfriend for 3 fucking years on runescape and being faithful to her just to skype up and find out it's a fucking man? fuck outta here bro u dont know pain or nada... there is 1 thing I do know... On Runescape I'm a Legend on and Off. My brotherins have faith in me.. And I know I may be Black but wtf bro look past that I'm a great dude. I'm just like fucing eveyrone else. So everything you say doesn't hurt me. It's hard to do what I do. I have natural star power. I just be me and things work out... I can't be anyone but me bro.. So hate all you want.. I'm going to be on Ellen in 2k18 and I'll still talk of my brotherins and my fucking team. Thats my REAL FUCKING FRIENDS. I don't give a fuck no1 can relate like my brotherin so fuck off. You do you.. And I'll do me... I'll be Antonio The Fucking Legend.
  11. Black Runescaper... White Runescaper... Yellow Runescaper... Rich Runescapper... Still Runescaper... RS Name: Jay Zezima.
  12. I woke up black my brotherin. If I woke up white, I'd be rich. Sadly... I'm black. But I my nigas still fuck with me anyways. So I'm all good.
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