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  1. Went really well, one of the highest pull probably in rs history, bullied you up to HPC and you still got fucked by an mpc Watch from 0:25 to see your Dogshit clan get hunted down like rats.
  2. Lmfao olympiss, losing to every clan in wildy
  3. 03/06/2016. The day a 1 year old MPC clan forced 3 legacy HPC clans (EOP/TLP/Zenith) to go out for the first time in History under the same cape. Don't understimate CD babe
  4. lmfao dogshit clan IV mass closed into rage, with most of their low-tier quality members. Refer to (3-0 prep loss ot fs).
  5. you had IV merge into you, ST came out in your capes today, and you begged OP to come out from P2p to help you fight fs. You should be the last person crying about alliances here. Also, who the fuck names their son "pamela" lmfao
  6. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL should be easy for supremacy, they're already half dead. LPC scene gonna be lit as fuck cant waitt
  7. Curious, if EOP moves down, will FS merge into them or will they open up seperately and fight each other competitively
  8. open for 1 week and already teaming with another clan in their capes and bringing cancer mithril accounts. Not surprised tbh 50% of these names are ST members
  9. rage already bullied to bringing mithril and merging with st, was ez

    1. Kevv


      seems like history is gona repeat itself in regards to def/mains/teaming. expected seeing as its the same retards running the same brown sticky stuff clans just in a different scene

  10. lmfaoo rage already bullied to merging wtih ST and bringing mithril, was ez

  11. Shag UB, marry fs kill rage* Would of put doom but you can't kill what's already dead
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