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Status Updates posted by Lankz

  1. Make an XLPC account
    50-70CB and join Rampage #1 XLPC. All others are shit especially BlitZen
  2. #1 wildy #1 Clws

    feelsgoodman being a winner lulz

  3. #RPonTop

    Xlpc shooked

  4. @slushpuppeh

    do the right thing, demote @Tyendinaga

    1. King Kinse

      King Kinse

      the whole site is waiting...

  5. 2 hours later..... lmfao nice topic @Broxxx

    crumble ob 

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    2. Fs Blood

      Fs Blood

      that moment when iced say i closed 3 of your clan.. but he was just a +1 when fs was in ob... had no rank and 0 say

    3. narc


      grats OB on making @Fs Blood cancel his visa so he can stalk ur clan and members and slave for FS scouting on 9 accounts everday.. LOL LOL LOL ... rip fs blood LOL LOL LOL

    4. WK MAGIC

      WK MAGIC

      This kid above me is a black hillbilly kid from Texas who cried for an Elder rank but got declined by FS Blood. What a loser. 

  6. 50 big dick panda pures pulled up and took #1


  7. Blitz closed was ezpz

    Zoom gang btw 

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    2. Pun


      you niggas are justin beiber asf

    3. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      @Lankz what happened today fam? LOOOOOL

    4. Lankz


      good trip pce

  8. good trip pce, 

    ty 4 action OB DOOM ENVY.

  9. I heard ascent got the long panda D today. Rp #1


  10. If you could pick any old school clanner to be your warlord, who and why are you picking? 

    My pick would be Rot Brian, I’ve heard audios of him and he seems like a cool collective caller 

  11. Intro into xlpc’s btw 

    Rp #1 btw 

  12. Join The #1 Xlpc for free KFC vouchers 

    Rampage btw

  13. Pay me 

    Bet Selections:

    • EOP
    • Apex


    Pot Size


    Bet Count

    • Your Bets:
    • Apex: 8725
  14. They say Zoom is trash but 3-0’d TeamZen lolwut? Gf 

    Also CD with = opts are a joke 😂

    Obrown sticky stuff CheeeeeeDeeeeee Shmoked

    1. WK MAGIC

      WK MAGIC

      The only one whos saying zoom is trash are those ob rejects (dickless)

  15. Tired of getting bullied on weekends?

    tired of your leader flaming you for not winning up opts? 

    tired of massing for 2 hours and sitting in singles for another 2? 

    Tired of feeling feminine wearing a pink cape?

    Join Op-rs for a way out, apps open! 


    1. Pauna


      So much lines of flash1:opppppppppppppp i caught a epileptic seizure

    2. Pker4life


      dam. op desperate 

    3. Pauna


      Nice weekend pull

  16. You already know what the fuck goin on 

    join Rp #1 matched

    ty 4 actions

  17. ZooooooooooMGannnnnnnnnnnnnnG. 


    pipe up now so we know whose year we gonna fuck up

    • Your Bets:
    • 110 and above: 500

    so did i winner ?

  18. RIP Nightmare ty for action in wild annd clan wars didnt expect you guys to close so soon </3 

  19. feels bad for Nightmare

    <03:19:49> "[six - prep life] six": what more can i do for supremacy btw

    <03:19:52> "[six - prep life] six": i wanna know
    <03:19:58> "[six - prep life] six": what can i do more
    <03:20:28> "[six - prep life] six": im just saying like what else needs to be done

  20. @narc you actually care about this game so much you can’t handle the heat that you have to stalk my Facebook and send broccolied messages to my friends you’re actually a low life scum mate.

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    2. narc
    3. Ashybuttcrack


      shutup bitch before i rob your ugly ass

    4. Pauna


      @narc its a game nigga take ur meds and stfu 

  21. #Dropthetanks

    1. Warbow


      Member ranks confused on the situation^^

    2. Lankz


      My new trending hashtag on Twitter :)

  22. @exzrts owes me 1b if OB goes out in their own cape today 

  23. Good luck nightmare :Amusing:

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