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  1. Twitter | Forums | Discord Tempest vs New Power We had a Tournament practice battle setup today against our friends at New Power. We each massed up 20 men ready and eager to give a good fight, needless to say both of our clans did just that. Round 1 we gave a powerful performance only losing a single death on our first pile, Tempest ended strongly with 19-1. The 2nd match NP made it much closer as both clans reached sub 10 in their numbers. However, Tempest would come from behind and secure the win. Both clans finished it off with a CWRI, and it would be us who would take the final victory. Shout out to everyone who came today and thanks NP for the fun matches. ==VICTORY== ==VICTORY== ==VICTORY==
  2. Twitter | Forums | Discord Tempest vs Playdead Tonight we short prepped a single spells, box fight against Playdead. Being that this would be one of our first single spells battles, the Tempest men were feeling pretty hyped for it. We knew Playdead were strong lads and that they would give us a tough fight, we gave it our boomers best. The fight itself was very competitive and enjoyable, nearly even throughout the entire duration. Much respect to Playdead for the squeaky clean skirmish. We look forward to round 2! Starting Tempest ending - 80 Playdead ending - 76
  3. Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord Our scouts picked up that Avalon was hopping at Callisto, being up for a scrap, we decided to honor their "Fight Us" spams. It didn't take long for us to mass up and take control of the fight peaking at 26 Vanguardians on TS (with 0 Prep). We fought for a solid hour and finally AV hit us with the "gf VnG" spam and ran west through gap, we took our ending and called it a day. Thanks for the Clean fight Avalon, we appreciate the respect shown, Great job Vanguardians! - Pics -
  4. Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord So we headed out on a GMT PK with the European lads out in force and began a janitorial sweep of Rev caves and Bear coming away with some free and easy loot. We PKed for about 2 hours and scrapped with some new team North of SS for some bank loot. Great job VNG - Pics -
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