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  1. Grats, you guys performed well.
  2. itsAnt

    Florida Mass Shooting & Gun Control

    Also @Rams you're absolutely wrong. Finding guns through illegal means is NOT and will NEVER BE as easy as purchasing them legally. That's a quip that i have no idea why exists. Look at it this way, weed has been made legal in states here in the US. This has now made it very easy to purchase marijuana. The old method was hitting up the various dealers you have in your phone, driving out to meet them often times waiting long periods of time, sometimes everyone is out of supply, sometimes you have to travel a far distance to make the purchase as growers are usually out of the metro, sometimes the quality is sub-standard. You see how all of these can be deterrents to you purchasing your marijuana? Even though there is a huge black market industry, it does NOT mean easy access. Now try and imagine some difficulties you would face trying to find access to a good black market gun supplier.
  3. itsAnt

    Florida Mass Shooting & Gun Control

    When a white person commits a crime look at how in-depth we try to break it down to understand the offender. If this was a black kid everyone would just call him a degenerate thug and move on with their lives. If it was a mexican kid people would be screaming about immigration problems. So tired of the argument that if the person wants to kill someone they will find other means to do it. THATS BULLSHIT. These things happen impulsively, without EASY access to weapons some of these shootings may not have happened at all. Not to mention how easy guns make killing... If you had to strangle, or stab, or learn how to make a fucking bomb, you might be less inclined to kill people. Shooting someone has got to be one of the most disconnected ways to murder, so im sure that plays a big part in the decision as well.
  4. itsAnt


    2Pac in mind, keep your head up. Brenda this heaven ghetto. It’s a set up, keep the pen on the paper, never (letter) let up. This the (write) right way. Quill gotta talk to em. I just brought the ark to em, either tune-in or they gon’ cartoon them. That’s all folks. A-dee Ba-dee that’s what pig sayingYou gotta have faith baby girl, I got a big plan for our (Future). When I (Ciara’s) see errors in it I scream. Every activist (Activist) in the world say f*ck lean
  5. itsAnt

    main ROT Vs TR F2P Fight (ROT POV)

    Honestly TR talk themselves up too much.
  6. itsAnt

    Does Homosexuality Count As A Mental Illness?

    Some fucked up people on here.
  7. itsAnt

    Florida Mass Shooting & Gun Control

    Reading replies to this topic is just the perfect example of how well the right has brainwashed people on this topic.
  8. itsAnt


    Read along if you a real one. https://lyrics.lol/artist/52688-daylyt/lyrics/3528115-daylyt-funkflex-freestyle
  9. itsAnt


    Honestly one of the best freestyles of all time. Makes Big L look like Dyylan @Kakarot
  10. itsAnt

    zerk/tank Empire vs Vengeance [3-0]

    Good brown sticky stuff emp.
  11. itsAnt

    Hey OB / Pkeru300

  12. itsAnt


    YOU What is your IRL name or nickname? Ant What are your web/gaming interests? Overwatch/OS Do you have any IRL hobbies? Music Production RUNESCAPE/CLANNING Are you a clanner? If so, which clan? If not, are you interested in clanning? Cutthroat Do you have a RuneScape account? If so, show us. Hiding from lynchers. What are your goals with your account or clanning career? Hoping clanning will see a resurgence, some actual respectful competition, and fun of course.