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  1. rage is mains mains is rage
  2. allo those pics had 40def nothing to do with purge gz on ur 6man trip tho
  3. Elve/scott/massing/jack They are planning to index.log peoples password this basically reveals star codes(****) They also plan to mass email users and follow up with phishing* They also have IP's of users who have signed up, replied or commented as guest. yw
  4. Hello roleplaying medieval competitive players This will be 1 of many episodes Why is it a clan that manages to pull 45 are forced to take mains? 🤷‍♂️ Pics below are from the rage topic today Until next time folks! 👋
  5. This is very true, rage outpulls but is bullied to camp/hug singles and their excuse is "mains" Did I mention then even have lvl 3s/50s they dd' under in singles so they cant be seen l0l
  6. fighting nobodies in max vs welfare GZ
  7. aahahahahahhahhhahahahahahahaah
  8. Noticed Supremacy was out pking, we challenged the tigers for a 20vs20 GDZ Pkri. We rushed West GDZ, we had a aggressive start taking the upperhand vs Supremacy almost fully clearing them, they then pulled towards GDZ return spot. We then noticed Rage crashing with mains, however we had a strong east side and knowing Rage was focuisng SUP we then focused Rage until nobody was left on the battlefield.
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