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  1. lmao also clear you had no real response. I shortened your user instead of typing it out the same way most would just say PG instead of typing out my name. Whether you're Blood or Devil doesnt matter to me i got what i wanted out of your members unless youve changed leadership. who would legit use their full name as a display name? Nobody.. lmao
  2. Do you though, or do you just send out emails asking for help or ask allied clans to tag along? lmao you've always been a retard Dill ever since the beginning you used to cry when you got targeted lmao probs still do.
  3. Lool bro i still get the emails from CD begging all its old members to come back, why you emailing people from a list 10 years old?? "CD needs you this saturday. We arent re-opening but a shit clan called us out so please we need all the help we can gettttttttttt cause we suck" but cheers for making me my first 400/500m ❤️
  4. 200k loot all they after lmao
  5. Should be chilli, mint and mayo not mayo and bbq
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