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  1. chunkydoinks

    pkri (CLEAN!) Prep Vs Kings + Rev Cave Sweep

    Nice clean action
  2. chunkydoinks

    midweek Vengeance A-squad running caves

    great shit boys - no res to be seen
  3. chunkydoinks

    weekend Vengeance EZ Sunday ft. Clan World

    Quality action boys
  4. Huge loots boys - Veng running GMT at the moment can’t go wrong with trips everyday
  5. chunkydoinks

    midweek [Vengeance] Vikings raiding the Wilderness [GMT]

    Great trip boys
  6. chunkydoinks

    cwa Vengeance Multi Spells CWA vs Team Potent 2-1

    good fight boys
  7. chunkydoinks

    pkri Sundays Prep vs VR ft. Soverence + Carnage

    What a Sunday for Vengeance Pathetic attempt of a crash - think the ‘what the fuck is this?’ Spam says it all GF VR!