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  1. Hey guys, IanSpam here. Hope you lads are having a wonderful day. I want to bring up some things regarding PvP updated that you guys have been waiting for. First things first if we really want PvP updates we have to cut out the toxicity. Also supporting illegal things (such as rwt ads on every clans forums) I understand clans need money, but there’s gotta be better ways than that. If you were jagex would you want to tend to people that break your rules and encourage others to break them aswell? I sure as hell wouldn’t! Second of all you guys need to make your voices heard. Tweet Mod Ash/Acorn and tell them you want these updates, suggest updates you’d like to see and most important support your fellow pvpers updates if you like them. Get on reddit, some of you guys in here are creative post a idea and have this community upvote your thread so jagex can see it. We have to open jagex’s eyes as a community, and not just bash them and be toxic. Trust me I’m all for PvP updates but let’s get them the right way. If you have any questions inbox me on here or tweet me @ianspam .
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