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  1. I enjoyed watching the video. Cheers to 15 more!
  2. Chesty Puller

    FO Crumbling under the pressure of RoT!

    rot has a twitter? hahahahaha
  3. Chesty Puller

    Netflix Original Trailer: Ace Krave the Documentary

    Hit a book geeze. Half of cd's got a tumor growing out their left lobes. DW krave
  4. Chesty Puller

    lpc Vendetta ~ The Masked Men

  5. Chesty Puller

    How long until Ambush closes into Vendetta?

    who tf is vendetta
  6. Chesty Puller

    pure/midweek Misfits Banish Fatality from the wild

    People that aren't in denial about how shit their clan is.
  7. Honestly y'all outnumbered them by at least a good 8 or 9. Good job nonetheless.
  8. Chesty Puller

    Legitimate question

    They're only good if there's general respect between the two. The goal shouldn't be to close each other lol, that's cancer. Take the fight out of them on the weekends and if the opposing clan is starting to outnumber you, take it to clan wars. If you lose oh well, nod your head and strengthen your core. The Lpc Mpc and Hpc bracket worked great for rivalries cuz If a clan beat you down so bad in a rivalry you could simply move a bracket down and build your way back up to challenge again. Do clans do that between the xlpc and lpc brackets? It would make sense considering xlpc's let lvl 80's attend their trips.
  9. Chesty Puller

    pure/midweek Misfits Banish Fatality from the wild

    Quit talking like a bunch of rejects and hash this rivalry out in clan wars. This shit's getting dumb. Jesus
  10. Chesty Puller


    Ey what's good Tom, Glad to see you're still around. Hope y'all were saying good things about me. If not ima have to neck your bitch fam.
  11. Chesty Puller

    EOP trying to get hype from other clans

    Stfu EOP is obviously the overlord meme/trolls of the community and just because of that they're the better clan. Your opinion is irrelevant cuz 420 smoke weed blaze it I'm really just trying to hide the fact that I get no pussy. You get no pussy reject virgin
  12. Chesty Puller

    Pures vs mains v928

    Yeah but I feel as if you kinda let it happen. You guys didn't moderate any of the negative trolling and shit talking. Now Sharkbrew has just become an easy outlet for caged rejects to let out all their anger and now they've unleashed it on your staff and everything you guys have been trying to do when they get tired of hashing it out on their rivals. Shit like that needs to be left for the clan wars queues. There's a genuine reason why people wanted to leave for pure-warfare and for it to become active again. Cuz the unbiased moderation was so on top people could actually gather there to talk about real issues facing the pure community and band together to squash shit like that. There's nothing funny about ridiculing a clan for the sole reason of baiting them into a easy rivalry. I mean granted a lot of the shit that comes out is hilarious and I find myself in tears sometimes but at a sobering glance it's fucking cancer, literally, won't stop growing until you take a scalpel to it. This is a game we all come to enjoy and for a lot of us pure clanning has always been like a fantasy sport to us, except we get to play in the league. Who the fuck wants to take competition serious when everyone is straight bashing each other with borderline psychopathic satire. It's not "just trolling" the shit's too salty. Let us grow man, it'll happen naturally if you let it. You guys are great with organizing events and leagues, but it's all for nothing if nobody takes it serious. This isn't a healthy community and we've lost a lot of great players cause of it. We need to mature lol, this kid shit is old.
  13. Chesty Puller

    Pures vs mains v928

    So they're basing a claim that skilling is more competitive because it involves indefinite efficiency via pathways, efficient ticks, and numbers. They have a point, but that's literally the equivalent to watching paint dry. Skilling doesn't hold much allure for 95% of the OSRS playerbase, people make bots for shit like that. Clanning is exciting cuz on the field anything can happen really, it just depends on how well you know your opponent (and how many words your callers can yell into their mic per minute LOL). We could definitely do more for our scene no doubt, I just don't get why nobody even makes an effort to trailblaze our scene and compete with the "top dawgs". We got everything they got and more, yet we're content with spamming each other in edgeville for pics on our sharkbrew topics. Lame.
  14. FOE. They got a legacy to protect and past core members will come back to support. Fuck even MM filled their ranks against FI in the Jagex cup.
  15. Chesty Puller

    Pures vs mains v928

    Yeah but why not look at this as an opportunity to get our community out there in the open and show them that hey, we're pkers and players just like you, we just hold ourselves to a harder standard because let's face it. Relying on kills based on RNG through defense and outlasting your opponents doesn't cut it anymore. Pures are all the rage nowadays. I see it on yt, Pure pk compilations and commentaries get all sorts of views. KO's make for the best kills and it's more efficient supply wise. I'm sorry, but until then pure clans are not going to be looked at as quality based clans, we're always going to be looked at as masser cc's with no regard for function and efficiency on the competitive scene when in reality that couldn't be farther from the truth. Why not pride ourselves on setting our performances to a higher standard. I'm sorry but it's sad when ROT can single handedly destroy their own community and bring negative attention to the scene. We've rejuvenated our scene how many times when clans try to set themselves to the same standard as ROT? We're just a better community despite our trolls and hackers. We're thriving and they're dying. Without help from Jagex. We can bring a new light on clanning, and rejuvenate both scenes as a whole. More competition in the wilderness!