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  1. Gj ly. Props to onslaught. Mature clan, thanks for the action.
  2. Seriously tho, good trip. GJ bears. It is kinda hard to fight rage. Can't attack any lvl 65s. We might have to recruit like 60 baby pures cant attacked by maxxed pures.
  3. Kids went afk during mini. Most unorganised mini but ty for action tho, good stuff.
  4. I can imagine 30 rage kids sitting in a channel 24/7 LY IS OUT LY IS OUT EVERYONE TELLY UP THEY WONNA FIGHT FOOOOO
  5. Funny how they had mains camping the previous and nexts worlds at entrance too. Imagine doing all of that because you want to win so badly.
  6. Lol let them be happy man. Imagine outpulling Legacy and still calling Rev Warriors and Ressistance for help (in 1 item).
  7. I keep being cleared by Rage. Do you know another clan for me bubba?
  8. Is this for real? HAHHAHAHAH. nice 1.42 min lasting video man. we have sped up videos that are 7 minutes long. We had 9 fights which half of them were at revs. Where is the rest? Remained uncleared at CA? loooooool. I thought CD was the worst propoganda clan but Rage, damnn. Just take the GF for once in your lives. It is a freaking game. It is ok if you lose. LY on my chest. My bear meat collection grows thicker every day.
  9. Bear Meat for sale, btw. GF Rage. Had rev warriors not been sniping us out it would even be more fun. Jakee bro stop ddsing me man ty.
  10. It's sad to see how those ex cd guys are dragging rage down. They have like 5 different team capes in their inventories and just cape brid accordingly. :((
  11. lol. cape counter dropped faster than dc's stocks. Someone heard of DC by the way? They had 'locs' on us.
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