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Found 372 results

  1. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Another Thursday smoke for Vengeance members. Uncontested pking all over the wilderness with taking plus ones right and left. Boys went through every possible location and murder every single bastard out there. One generous person decided to donated big time as well.
  2. Discord: https://discord.gg/shvTtebPnt | Forums: https://rs-deathrow.com/community | Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeathrowRS Being that we've been out-pulling just about everyone in EST lately we decided to check with Ancient Fury if they'd want a fight tonight. Setting up just west of Vetion AF rushed in and we began catching the inevitable clumps of a 30 vs. 30. With AF picking up some momentum with their spams we began to gain a bit ourselves with some strong piles in game. Fighting clean for about twenty minutes with some of AF's extras killing the DK members sniping to the south we were rushed from the west by Reign of Terror. With an underwhelming push into multi we switched our focus to those crashing the fight and pushed them back to single as they suicided waiting for more clans to come to their aid. Moving back east deeper into multi we continued barraging every attempt they made at re-rushing as SV and EZ among others began to trickle in to suicide barrage. The minimap clearly purple at this point we continued farming them before moving it southeast to push out Anonymous Community who that they could be relevant just by being present to the south and kill returners. Immediately they ran south to tele out as we pushed back into the fight and catch more clumps on SV/RoT to the northwest. With the fight slowly moving it's way east to Chaos Dwarves to avoid Vetion attacking anyone frozen we continued our focus on the last few remaining white dots in game before moving it south at the agreed upon cap. Knowing there would still be a chance to catch one of these clans alone we quickly went back up and began hopping. Sweeping a few different locations we cleared the wild while Anonymous Community and Playdead decided to sit in Edgeville. Maybe next time they'll grow a set and step into our wild. Thanks for the action AF. Discord: https://discord.gg/shvTtebPnt | Forums: https://rs-deathrow.com/community | Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeathrowRS
  3. Earlier in the week I got word that RoT, SV, EZ (and a few zenith who bothered to show) had plans to crash a pure cluster tonight so after our CWA fight with Tempest yesterday I told everyone what the deal was and to be online and ready to fight and end everyone. The cluster had been going for 15 minutes or so before all 3 Anti Rev clans logged in together and to our surprise (not really) they were all in 1 item. That's how far down RoT has fallen in just a few weeks. They started off the first weekend trying to contest us just to get ended by us in 13 hours. The following weekend they tried again and only lasted 2 hours before they once again ended to us. Since that last 2 hour fight RoT has not fought us in P2P and I honestly don't think they ever will. They have finally learned that they simply just aren't built like us. Anyways, we cleared them multiple times tonight and basically kept them away from the fight that they prepped and massed up to crash. Once we showed up they were locked in with us and not a single time were they able to get even a single person on the same minimap as the fight. Once all the pure clans took their endings we stayed around hoping RoT would drop the "5 clans" excuse and they would 1v1 us, but they just simply watched us walk around in a fall-in and spam at them inside GDZ, the place that they claimed to enjoy fighting in (not really).
  4. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ PART 1 Tonight at VengHQ we were chillin when an amber alert sounded from the VIA. It was from squad of Elite Zerks that must have gotten a little too far off daddy's leash. Once located at spider 20 Vikings logged in and absolutely slaughtered them with brilliant transitions. They were down to 3 on screen when we were dragged over to pond to meet their backup of few SV members and Bloody Revs. However it wasn't enough to save them as the Vikings poked to mass up another 10 Vikings which was more then enough to turn it into a farm session. After just 10minutes they gave up and teled out. Bad night for EZ as they didn't even try to come back in crystal bow rag. Part II After the demo of our "Rivals" we found AC up at Vetion. It took us about 5minutes to wipe them off/the map to camp singles west of boneyard. We took out fall in and dipped. Part III Lastly we ran out of competition so we hit up our friends over at racoon clan for some free, clean, and easy action! Thanks for the fight as always boys.
  5. Yesterday we called out the very dead clan called RoT, teled up infront of them and instead they decided to "troll" back fake teleing to a random ancient teleport. The terrified clan will never face Revenant again and today showed that. Today we forced 5 different clans into the same teamcape (if+ez+vennies+zenith+sv) but it wasn't enough, just after 5 minutes they were all cleared off the map. After sending all these noob clans back down to lvl 15 we then went back to bullying foe+apex+sup. Fel#4603 for a good time
  6. Same shit, just a different Saturday. Started off the night by quickly intercepting Apex as they tried crashing some fight, they lasted a total of 15 seconds. Right after sending Apex packing we found Supremacy fighting on the East Side of bandits which we made quick work of fully chasing them into single and escorting them into the safe zone. Many fights were ended by us even in the most hider locs they could not hide from us. We even had RoT East of Graveyard suiciding and getting baited into multi by us and at the same exact time we ended FOE and Apex trying to fight on New Gate. They soon realized that we were just keeping them busy by not only killing them in single but also ending all their allies in multi (at the same time) they ran away and logged leaving Many of their members behind to die to us. After Ending FOE/Apex's New Gate fight they both finished their trips off in CWA which only left Sup and Zenith as the last clans to end. Supremacy ended up ending after not being able to get clean fights off since we basically crashed every fight they had and Zenith sat around all trip doing nothing while we sniped their members/vennies 1 by 1 around the altar before they also ended their trip. That left RoT and this is was by far the most awkward one. Not sure what was more funny the fact they got ran out of the wilderness into Ferox (on video) or the fact that we teled up in front of them (they saw us tele up) and they pretended to tele up and spam "tele up and fight us" as we were sitting inside GDZ (also on video). That by far had to have been the most awkward thing I've seen to this day in 2021.
  7. SW KINGS Today we heard that sv was pking in the wilderness with approx 30 people. SW Kings quickly massed up 80 rune crossbow, addy helmet and windows xp users to quickly escort sovergin from the wilderness. We first found them at purple boss and skeletons were we fully cleared them 3x, we got word that ez were at spider boss so we rushed there rapido and wiped them out in 2 secs. Soon sovregen thought they could hit us when we were looting our next meal, after they saw how many we had they quickly pressed their seed buttons. sv very scared of the venny kings and queens! We got a grand total of 10 full clears and killed them for many loots. We pked 1 ags from one noob jajajajajajjaja See videos for us. PS sv/sc/rot/mac10 cry = free
  8. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs With Fridays usually being our night off, we hopped on Teamspeak for a little fun community night, having some laughs at League of Legends and Raids. After a few hours of this, we heard that AC+BR were out around Callisto so we geared the men up for a fun little driveby. Our first hit would be clearing AC+BR in their DD, middle of callisto pocket. We re-positioned and put scouts on AC+BR again as we sent some men in to fuck around with them south side of GDS. Again, we rushed from the south and wiped them off the map. We threw scouts around the wilderness once again and found that AC+BR moved to alter. We moved there and once again, we rushed them and barraged them out inside the alter. At this point we scouted "BP" at RDG and moved there to go balls deep. We logged into BP on 302 with our 20 men to their 35+. We sent out our pokes on Teamspeak and Discord, gaining to 35 people while a second team rushed. We fought 1 v 2 for the next 30 minutes as we took control of the west spider hill. After clearing everything from spiders, we slowly pushed into the east, clearing anything pushing into us at all. We eventually ended up at gap vents where we did a final push, barraging out everything to the east. At this point, some PD/ROT were starting to trickle into the fight, and we decided we had enough for the night, moved to the west and calling it a night. Pics:
  9. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Tonight the Vikiings geared up to search the wilderness for easy money to make. We only found a team of 25-30 mains called "SW." We smoked them pretty quick x3 and moved along our way. Next up we ran into DR at gap and tried to engage in a fight but PD was able to find us pretty quickly. We sat along the outskirts smoking whoever came our way until fight eventually made it to 30line and everyone dipped. We after few mins of dead wild to get ready for a fight against PD. It was excellent performance from the vikings with EZ no where in sight(probably sitting at rune rocks). TYFF PD, always fun.
  10. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs PART 3 DeathRow was out with nothing to do so they asked us for a quick scrap. Quickly massed 30 shooters. Fight started off at North mosssies fought about 45 min clean before PD was able to mass five rats to come crash. After hour of failed attempts PD decided to mass all 10 racoons to do a final rush only to end up losing whatever pride and toxic staffs they had left. The mad PD officials told their members to teleport out as they have been doing nothing but turning into a broken vending machine all night.
  11. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs THURSDAY PART 2 BC asked us for a little scrap so, massed quick and headed over for some action. Fight was pretty close to start with BC having numbers on us. Eventually we gained to even numbers and started to take over the fight. We caught some juicy barrage clumps on BC melee unit, with a bunch of BC teleporting out pretty much soon as they were getting hit. This put BC on the back foot, being down 5 men almost the whole remainder of the fight. After 30 minutes of clean fighting, we both took fall ins and said our good fights. Pics:
  12. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs Earlier today got our intelligence coming in that AC tried to PK with the newest victims, aka BR. We could simply not allow that, so we got the lads on tour and smashed the fuck out of them until we took all their sets and they logged the fuck out. Terrible clans, will just go down the sink as every victim clans. You can outnumber us, but you will not succeed. Your clan is trash. Like I said. I will always be there. Your clan is dead. See you soon, keep refreshing youtube, something will be posted soon =). Retards of the day:
  13. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs Got the men on tonight looking for some action. After not being able to find too much, we asked DR for a little capped fight and they accepted. VR vs DR went on for ~20 minutes clean before we were informed PD was trying to fight Rag Barrage boys. As our 30 minute cap was coming to an end, we headed over to 50s where we rushed PD and cleared them easily. We decided to restart our fight at 50s for a little before ROT started to roll in around 10 minutes in. For the next 20 minutes, ROT was farmed at 50s until they had no one ingame. We moved back to spider hill where we restarted vs DR looking for a second 30 minute cap/bait fight to see who would come. Sure enough, ROT came and fell into our trap as their 15 man pull was completely farmed for the next 30 minutes. PD attempted to come help ROT but unfortuntalte,y they didnt pull enough either to help as VR/DR/Rag Barrage farmed them over and over. Finally, after clearing the remaining ROT ingame and PD in single, we took fall ins and called it a night. Pics:
  14. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today Vengeance continues to show the clanning world why we have the biggest dick energy the clan world has to offer. We geared up the usual time and headed out to the wild to see what we could find. With very little roaming around we turned to the VIA to send us where the action was. It didn't take long for the Vikings to recieve word of our favorite shit talkers roaming around as we cleared out a few Anti-Veng pure clans from bandits/boneyard/CA but the real action started at GDZ. Where we found SV/EZ mains clearly violating the 6ft Covid rule. We flew in to show them why its important to practice social distancing. Shortly after we were able to bait EZ southwest off the hill into a 1v1 where they were being good boys and only pking in snakeskin. We did see a few that brought mystic though so OFC we let them know that is NFS. We farmed them about 5minutes until we got a nice little fall in spam. SV proceeded to rush us with a timed attack with EZ (but I'm sure that was coincidental!) Even I got worried for a second as we were quickly outnumbered. However to no surprise the Vikings superior quality showed as we quickly turned a 2v1 into dominating fight and sent both clans back to where they came from (EZ to singles, and SV over to dad). As always the Vikings fought in meta. Fought in our own CC. Fought down ops. Still Win. https://image.prntscr.com/image/e5Bkx-DhQOaZjshSpYbiVQ.png
  15. Zenith have unfortunately started spending their clan bank on useless vzlas to lose to Rev instead of paying for off (remember yesterday's fight). Months and months of beatings turned them into an official main clan teaming with the likes of If+Ez+Vzla in the same open cc (Z events). So just like every other weekend, we hit and ended every single anti-rev pure fights and then managed to find zenith alone where they immediately teled from us. ty 4 war + sotd(s) zenith cleared.mp4
  16. After ending all the Anti Rev pure clans we heard that AF and RoT were having a 30 minute cap at New Gate so we told everyone to be logged and ready to go the moment their cap was over. At around 5:00 PM EST we quickly re-massed knowing the end of their cap was coming. AF would run away (at 5:15 PM EST) and log leaving RoT alone to us. We logged in and quickly intercepted RoT on New Gate as they tried to run through the gate to get a fake ending. We pushed west and rushed SV's open CC and cleared them as RoT refused to come and rush us. They didn't even get an ending tonight, they tried running through the gate to 50s to teleport down but we caught manyof their members lagging behind as we chased them all the way down to Ferox. We spammed at their 30 man pull at Ferox to which they had no response for. We even teled back up in front of them (after running them down all the way to Ferox) hoping they would grow a pair but they didn't so we did some victory laps around GDZ, New Gate and even a victory lap (in a fall in) down through gap all the way down to Chow's Grave where we once again paid our respects. Prep as much and as long as you want for next Sunday or the following Sunday or even the Sunday a month from now we don't give a shit. Just remember your locked in with us every Sunday and every Sunday you avoid fighting us Fel#4603 gets another PM.
  17. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs Headed out to fuck some shit up, decided to give Vit a visit, didn't take too long for them to tele. Went to 50s/GDS, SV finally showed up pulling a 20man week prep. Cleared them for their shitty gear. Heard AC was out, Speedy is kicking innocent people from AC will not stop. We won't stop. Showed up with the lads, obliterated the fuck out of AC, called Bloody Revs, they decided to dip out after dying 5 times each. Hopefully they realize they should not slave for a clan like AC, not worth it. Speedy: PD won't come and help you, neither SV. Stop talking about alliances, when you merge with an open CC, call PD and SV for backups because you cant stand on your own. Your clan is done. We will be there. Always.
  18. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs Headed out for a PK sess with the lads, started off with vetion, went to 50s, RDG and eventually back to Vetion where we found Vitality hiding. Top lad @Allu decided to bait WG at RDG for a clumpcity, and it worked out. Cleared them in less then minutes, got a few +1s. After that we found Vitality, we reduced them to 7 ingame, they teled out just as ROT decided to log in finally, late to the party once again, 0 impact on any fights. Pics of the PK: Good shit boys.
  19. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs Earlier this week CL approached us with a Single Spells fight, fight was pretty even, both clans did good. After 34 mins of fighting completely free, some idiots decided to crash the fight, SV logged in a 9 man DD and they got exploded the second they logged in. LMFAO next time try harder dumbasses. Thankd for the fight CL, sorry about the start LMAO
  20. Long story short we went out and ended everyone. Started off by ending FO+Apex's fight at high altar. We logged in killed 10+ of em and they ran away and logged. The remainder of the trip would consist of ending All of Supremacy, FO, & Apex's little inners tonight. We basically Mind Controlled all of Anti Rev to play our game today which resulted in a lot of slug brain Anti Rev members feeding us throughout the day. Knowing rot wasn't willing to play our games tonight (they ended after 30 minutes) we decided to hit Zenith (and their vennies) while they were alone. They lasted 10 minutes (maybe less) before they ran away from us in a 1v2. Zenith ended after that embarrassment of an attempt at trying to fight us we went up to bandits to end the last fight of the night which was Apex+Sup. We rushed them inside bandits and quickly cleared the ones that were caught lagging behind as they both ran away from us.
  21. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs Heard some teams were out scoping the Wilderness, massed a few shooters to give them a fight. First fight of the evening kicked off with finding RAGE, they fought back for 10mins then went to single and eventually called it off. After a quick bank Liths rushed us with 20, cleared them quick. Came back and literally a minute later Veng decided to rush us with around 15-16 to our 10, rest men came back from bank, fought for 20mins CLEAN, no EZ SV OR ROT LOL. After those fights, Lithuanians asked us for a scrap, we gladly accepted that. After 25mins ish, AC decided to rush in and try crash with 3 people LMAO, they got wiped off the map, eventually liths said GF and they left the world. GF clanworld. 1v3 no problem Fight pics: 1
  22. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Vikings prepped a sweet 21 for this event against Resurgence. Unfortunately we had to drop a few opts to match Res, which isn't a problem for us, we're complicit. We set up east of 13's for a change of environment. We tried something new this time round, creating a seperate hit squad of Armadillian Godsworders to run havoc and snipe mages that are hands free and eyes shut. This was super effective, clearning almost all their magic wielding warriors at once leaving our core to run free through Resurgence. It wasn't long before the med bracket victims arrived to show their faces. We absolutely immolated the few that decided to show up and took our leave. Res were keen to set up again instead of scrap so we moved location, this time to bandits. Another set up saw another dominating performance by Vengeance. Res were smacked around silly, though we had to sit again as Res lost some members. For the second time, Elite Bumboys decided to show up, yet again in nothing but crystal bows and rags. How do these people enjoy playing this way? We had already had 30 mins of clean action against the most competitive med team in the bracket, though the lads who were sat were keen for 1 last round and so were Res. We moved this time up to 44's where we tussled for 20 mins straight. This time round was a lil back and forth though some top clumpa and spearing kept the opts in Viking favour. We took our fall in spams, wished our fellows a fantastic CLEAN fight when the last of the donkey parade flew in with their 1 items. These kids just do not get it. You spend your entire life trying to be inspector gadget, tracking us down, but for what? To watch us bid our farewells? TY for trying to ruin our event, you made a valiant attempt though failed miserably! Meanwhile, GG Resurgence, always quality preps!
  23. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ 12 minute warning was given for the vikings to sharpen their blades, polish their rune crossbows, and just incase any rivals dared enter the Wilderness, we smeared poo all over our bolts. We started off at 50 ports, with Bawvy quickly finding a small 6-7 man team of GMTers, which we wiped off the map, with only 2 of their members returning before accepting defeat. Next we headed to Lava Gate as word on the street was there was free stuff there. Sure enough Bawv once again hopped into a 14 man main team, which we fought down opts and eventually came out on top of. From there our fearless Hersir scouted some free Tomes of Fire at Vetion. We flew down there and soon enough we ran into Rage. What followed was nearly an hour of clean action. Heavily outnumbered (18 vikings, 26 Rage accounts) we fought hard and got multiple clears. Rage however didn't give up and was starting to push back. VR also showed up but RESPECTIVELY sat by the sidelines and watched. At round the 60minute mark, our apple pies informed us EZ was about to attempt to clear the battlefield. I guess what happened next is a Perk of being in an Elite clan like VENGEANCE. EZ had ~3 mages and 10 bolt raggers. The poo smeared bolts were unleashed & "Names Kev" lasted about 0.8 seconds before we used his empty body as a broom and swept the rest of them off the map. Obviously EZ had no other choice other than to call RoT & SV, and while that took them 5 minutes, we shook hands with Rage & got our ending pictures. EZ/RoT/SV all returned to Corp, were killed 2-3 times for the 200k sets, before they returned in 1 item & diary gear. As soon as you're returning in that shit it's plain obvious you've lost the fight.
  24. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs Set our sights on a little trip tonight to see what we could find. Mondays are usually pretty busy both in GMT and EST so decided to make a little EST trip. We started to callisto where we found SOG just north of single. We rushed them and caught a good chunk north of single trip. After a little single battle and a few spears into multi, we cleared them and moved for our second target. We moved to Vetion where our inside man told us they had moved. We waited for one of them to log in and sure enough, one of their officials logged in and called for help. The rest of AC's 15 men logged in to VR's 18 and a battle started. Surprisingly, AC 1 v 1'd for quite some time as AC gained to 22 and VR gained to 27. After a coupled good barrage clumps, AC was down to about 8 ingame and on the ropes as Sp33dy stopped returning to beg PlayDead to come and help them. After a 10 minute mass, PD started to roll in from the north as VR pulled south into the trees. Goa Karo brought her Latins to return from corp and EZ/ROT meds started to log in to the south as well. With us not looking to fight 1 v 4, we teleported out and waited to catch one of the clans alone. We waited around for AC to do something and got told about SV's mass on W360. WE hopped over to troll and say our flames before moving back to the wild. At this point we heard that DR was fighting AC along at 50s. We moved towards New Gate waiting to see waht was going to happen. Sure enough, PD logged in to help AC and DR decdied to dip. As PD went to bank, AC moved south of new gate alone and we knew it was our time to strike. We logged in rushing AC to the south and catching them in clumps, picking off their members before they got to single. Aftr a short 2 minute fight, all AC was in single and we moved north and logged out as PD attempted to get to the fight in time but didnt quite make it. We then scouted "SC" at new gate and logged in to the east, rushing them and pushing them to the south of spiders. SC fought back as they had decent numbers. PD started to come in from the east so we moved west to position to sandwich SC and eventually took single to single-multi everything in sight. After fucking around single to multi, we moved to the south to wait for another hit. We did the same thing as above, hitting SC again until PD came in looking to crash, single to multiing everything as SC and PD started to rag down. Rag Barrage members started to log in to help PD so decided it just wasnt worth fighting raggers all night and called it a night with nothing else really out in the wilderness at other locations. Thanks for the fight and action all clans. Fun monday as usual. Pics
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