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Found 258 results

  1. Heard DK was out with 12~ so we quickly got 15 heading out to hit them. Found them first at 50 ports fighting green army , by the time we got there DK left and we cleared the remaining of mac10 people. shortly after we catched few DK at 13 ports , after the last hit basically ended and they went to do a 5 man trip at calisto (LMFAO) scouted everything we found WM with around same ops at vetion so we moved there. -- (video up tomorrow) (video up tomorrow) The first encounter we catched and quickly cleared 5 of them the rest didnt login. The second encounter we fought for around 15min~ WM took grip first half of the fight , we transitioned to more magers and took back control with movement and clumps . with around 8~ more ingame WM decided to tele . GF Third encounter they started to login one by one and we were literally one shottng them. after killing a handfull the remaining teleported , GF -- Fourth encounter we fought for around 30 min~ WM massed up to 25 and we started heavy downops , we held our ground and after poking few times we slowly gained up to 20. Even though still downops the majority of the fight went back and forth , With movement we managed to get some nasty clumps , after fighting for well over 30 min they decided to tele , gf WM pics~
  2. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc The Rage lads were pking with around 30 Bears when we ran into Vitality at boneyard, we fought them for around 45 minutes and in that time we were able to tax them for a Staff and an Ags. Sv made a pitiful attempt at crashing the fight, it went the same way as always - they got fully cleared in a matter of seconds. Whilst we were standing around boneyard spamming and laughing at what we just did to SV, they attempted to re rush from ruins - we moved east and caught them in clumps, clearing them for the second time. We then teled to edgeville to spam SV's unskulled 20 man pull, they couldn't even get their spams off the screen. The most hilarious part was when we began to echo their TS3 and they logged out immediately. WHO DONE IT? https://i.gyazo.com/30d998f218411e094ea1b90f361bbd36.mp4 Thanks for the free smoke losers - how are you gonna explain this one?
  3. Finnish Country Clan - #1 Man for Man - Wildmight.fi Planned a singlespells fight with our friends in PD. We hopped out of our comfort zone and fought in late gmt on singlespells which we usually don't do. Fight went pretty well, we were on top for the whole 45 mins except prolly like the last 5 mins when all our callers choked on bread and died or something. Anyways good fight. PM Jokuyurt#3988 for fights 8).
  4. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ This week the Vikings took to single to pillage and plunder even more loot. (oops @plotting)
  5. Although the whole of Anti-Rev (the 10 man pure/med/main alliance) are trying their best to team/co-ordinate with each other, nothing is going to stop us. It showed today that they have very poor communication and their alliance isn't working out. Today we managed to end every "Fight" Apex+Zenith tried engaging in. Sometimes they would get cleared off the map within 30 seconds, sometimes they would tele on sight. You need to call your alliance faster next time!
  6. Zenith has been suffering painfully ever since they decided to bite the hand that fed them for months. From pulling 150s to 35s in only a few months, Zenith is a prime example of how quickly we can destroy disobedient clans. Unlike Reign of Tears who struggle to have an impact even with a 10 clan alliance at their side. Following weeks of being tortured by Revenant, RoT has decided to put their true feelings aside to create a new pure alliance because of their failed compaign, courtesy of REV. Last week Zenith had 2x20 man channels trying to spy catch. Today they pulled 35 people, to continue their spy catching attempts, which of course, fell flat. They tried setting up a total of two fights today with hopes of an AC from the same clan they despise and flamed for weeks. This didn't really work out, every fight was crashed and ended within seconds. After putting a swift end to all fights we caught Zenith alone in their regroup worlds where they got cleared within 30 seconds everytime. (perhaps you should ping the groupchat faster next time ). Remember who did this to you btw.
  7. Today we had a genius plan to bait out DK so we could farm them (again). this time they suicided for 10 hours before tapping out . it all started with some friends ragging SV near GDZ we quickly sended 10~ ops as support As SV kept getting into clump after clump they finally decided to call their slaves DK just what we wanted. we poked quickly gained around 20 and SV decided it was not worth it and left leaving DK all alone. our ops stayed steady while DK's pull dropped from around 20 to 8 within the first hour. The next 9 hours resulted in us just farming them over and over untill they stopped return. (Video up tomorrow) ==Pics & gifs==
  8. Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Discord: https://discord.gg/YJKdZFw 2 Day Prep, We scheduled a fight with the Gob Mobsters for 1 hour cap, We knew these guys can put up a fight with their multi loggers. This was a late late late fight for our Spartans as most were asleep or at work, we massed up our Spartans 7:30PM EST and began our march towards the north hills of the giants. We started with amazing 15 man pull for a 2 day prep and being a new clan even with several Spartans MIA. We waited for the enemy to rush us, and they did. We cleared them fast and efficient first round then we waited more then 20mintues for them to return with more opts, we were out massed but we fought as true Spartans and killed many and claimed the victory, before we ended another clan called "KP" tried crashing so we turned to them as they ran to singles we cleared both clans tonight. video soon:
  9. After asking days for a fight DK finally found the balls to call us out for a fight . They had 35~ massed so we poked and got 20 shooters on ready to hunt. This was again a VERY one sided fight , as always we knew excatly where they are and what they were doing. From the very start we just abused them in every way possible , taking control of multi where we stayed the entire hour. SV came by with 20 camping singles trying to snipe us but to afraid to step into multi (lmfao) DK 35 man pull dropped within 30min to 16 with only 8 activly suiciding while we gained another hanfull. The fight itself was pretty much us farming them uncontested for over a hour . every clan out there knew where we were and what was happening yet no one tried to stop us. The clanworld watched today how badly we abused DK and this will not stop anytime soon. ------------------------ Pics and gifs
  10. CS Stomp RDK in under 10 minutes.. Today CS had a last minute set up 30min return fight vs RDK. RDK told us they had 11, but we were then informed they had 15 so CS quickly matched opts. The fight started at 19 ports and lasted less than 10 minutes before RDK had enough. If your going to set something up at least see it out. Join Today
  11. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Tonight the Vikings planned out a quick 20v20 with a fellow bracket clan Fate. We settled on ghost hut as our loc of choice and got to it. We fought for a solid 5-10minutes before EZ/Turmoil/AV rejects flew in with an absolutely pathetic attempt to crash. They were wiped off the map in a matter of seconds. Once the lil rattas were sent packin we got back to it. The action with fate continued on for another 15mins while we waited patiently for EZ to try again... The rerush came and disappeared about as fast, unable to keep a single op on map we fell in hoping they would login the rest of their ops to barrage us but sadly it never came. I guess thats all the boys they were able to wrangle up for the suicide mission. They didn't try a third attempt much to our dismay... So we fought Fate for another 20minutes before getting our traditional fall ins and calling it a day.
  12. Today the warriors of Fate setup with Vengeance for a PKRI. We sound the war horn and gathered the troops. Round 1 Fate & Vengeance setup at pond, west of sperm hill. We logged in and started the fight, both clans fighting for a little till EZ showed up with a 8 man snakeskin unit. Made short work of them and we setup again with vengeance. Round 2 We setup at the same spot and the fight commence again both clans holding there own, EZ made another appearance. Same shit as before. After this our fight went uncrashed for the remainder 30 minutes or so, both clans going back and forth with map control during the entire fight. Was a great fight and hope to have more fights with the rest of the med scene. >Video< >Pictures<
  13. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Tonight the Vikings planned a fight with DR. We are always excited for the action but we decided to guarantee a bit more. We dangled out the carrot twice so the cavemen at EZHQ would take the bait. The Vikings advertised our fight time tonight knowing a few degens were listening XD (as seen in the twitch link below, made by EZ themselves) obviously they took the bait and massed up with dad in tow. https://www.twitch.tv/prefade_rs/clip/DeafNurturingKleeCharlieBitMe?filter=clips&range=24hr&sort=time Per usual the VIA high IQ plan paid off and EZ flew in full of confidence! A rare sight to behold indeed as they came in with full mystic. However that did not last long after they were completely wiped off the map it took just one return for them to start showing up in suicide gear. No Stamina from EZ/SV. Good try and see you next time. Thanks for action Deathrow.
  14. Started our trip a bit more early then usual since DK was piping up and we had to teach them once again how far they are below us. Quickly gained to 15 ops peeking 25 during our trip. Started off by hitting DK and cleared them in legit seconds(they returned in one item lmfao) They were spamming discord and as usual pm everyone they knew including sv one itemers (lmfao) while we were waiting on their mass we scouted IF/SR whatever these clown name thereself at altar We quickly moved over and cleared them , collecting a 13M & 33M kill (thanks minions) For the rest of the remaining trip it was pretty much hunting DK (check video below) Part 1 waited almost 30 min we finally had enough of their stalling and rushed them at gap quickly clearing them , collecting a staff while the rest run & tele like chickens . Part 2 shortly after we found them north at GDZ fighting idk what team , cleared the randoms first while chasing DK all the way south of gap for some reason they tried returning resulting in us just farming them till non returned. Part 3 we got word they were trying to set up a fight with WM , so we hitted their regroup at GDZ . The fight again didnt even lasted 5 min untiull they broken even though we had areound equal ops ) Part 4 after that they thought hiding at altar was a good idea , they lasted 10 seconds before they were pushed to singles. Video: loot:
  15. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rsr With us having good chunk of men on PvMing for our PvM Battle Royale, we decided to take a break to see what was out in the wilderness. Scouting Deathrow, SV, ROT and a few other teams out, we figured would end up in some kind of cluster but never ended up happening. We moved from Vetion, 50s and to Spider where we cleared some The Boyz members and eventually found PD logging in on us at Spider Hill. We moved the fight west to the open and the fight started. Round 1 vs PD With PD logging in on us with numbers, we quickly logged in and started the fight. After fighitng at a small disadvantage with numbers for a few minutes, our HLs went out and we quickly gained. As numbers started to roll up, we started 1 hitting PD members and caught them in some clumps as the fight continued west of sperm hill. Eventually after about 15 minutes of fighting, ROT+SV logged in together and both clans dipped out. We messaged PD looking to set something up but figured they were trolling us not actually wanting to fight so we just continued on our PK trip. After hopping around spider again, we found PD once again and the fight started Round 2 vs PD Fight was pretty close numbers and did not seem like it as VR piles continued to be speared and 1 hit, transitioning through PD double dhide dhide shield members one after another. Around 15 minutes in, ROT meds started to show up to the fight, camping both clan mages. We slowly dragged the fight from Sperm Hill to around Alter where meds were useless, able to attack 1-2 people while VR/PD continued clean. Fight moved west of alter into the trees and a little north of it as VR/PD barraged each other back and forth. We stayed to the south, not allowing for meds to do any damage but PD decided that the fight was "too messy" and left instead of moving south to continue the fight clean without med interference. We took our ending and continued our PK. After going unmand we ended up fighting WG who gave us a little 5 minutes fight before dipping along with some other team before calling it a night. Pics:
  16. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rsr Violent Resolution vs Ancient Fury - 1 Hour Clean Today we got in contact with AF looking for a little p2p fight. As the fight came to a start both clans had around 35 and started quickly gaining up to 50 man. After a hour of clean fight we compared endings and moved on to hit some Ac slaves. VR clearing AC After our p2p fight we quickly teleported up to gds where AC had just teleported up after massing for 1 hour, only took 5 min to mop them up sending them packing to Lumby VR vs DF Df approached us for a fight, we gladly accepted it, as we had 50 people on ts we had decided to drop 15 people and match DFs numbers. We started the fight at chaos alter, right before our fight was about to end my little bird told me Rot/sv were coming to crash so we ended before giving this rats any kind of action. VR ending INF/SV/SR/ROT Dj scouted this sewer rats massing inside the corp cave for 30 mintues. soon as they came outside with 40 people they got barraged out by 40 VR waiting for them outside. After trying very hard to return and put up a fight they eventually got cleared off the map. VR Main pile vs VR swat After everyone ended and only VR being left in the wilderness we decided to do some inners and we moved our swat players out and fought main pile vs Swat. After fighting for 45 min clean we we compared ending after swat got mopped up using Cera S6 hairstyle from 2007
  17. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rsr Violent Resolution vs Ancient Fury - 1 Hour Clean Earlier yesterday we got in contact with AF looking for a little F2P fight. As the fight came to a start both clans had around 35 and started. Instantly VR mages and rangers as we continued to transition through AF's DDs at the alter. AF attempted to clear mages north but our style dd quickly moved and forced them to chase our blasters around to reduce our DPS. We continued 1 hitting most things called until the end of the hour cap, clean from crashers. VR/AF Starting: 35 VR/AF Ending: ~38 each Violent Resolution vs Dynasty - F2P CWA Continuing our day of F2P, we were asked for a CWA by Dynasty the other day. We accepted and rolled from one fight to the other with 25 people. Did 3 Rounds and was pretty easy. Fun after all the shit talking Dynasty kids were doing saying they were better than VR lol.. good fight. Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Pics:
  18. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rsr After a small PK earlier where we fought Team America, we set up a little scrap for today not knowing what we would pull in a later EST timezone. Going in we had like 20 YES to soemthing like 40 NO cuz GMT unit would be sleeping but, EST unit pulled thru as we gained to 30 and DR did the same. VR vs DR went on around north of revs as both clans held a pretty strong unit. With DR gaining a few throughout the fight, we invited a few more men with us to match. We continued going going back and forth, catching each other in barrage clumps until 30 minutes was up and we moved south to take our endings. After Round 1 we decided to do a little fight at Wilderness Crabs and north of Falador but SV rolled in crashing those after about 10 minutes of fighting each time as we expected. Pics:
  19. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The first Sunday for Vengeance has come and gone in 2021 and what an absolute slaughter for Anti-Veng coalition (AVC). We started off the day scouting our usual victims trying to hit pures. They were close to actually being in gear until we flew and absolutely obliterated them off the map. After watching the clan world regroup we sat and waited for the next fight to pop off to see what we wanted to smoke next. Unluckily for our "Rival" it turned out to be Elite Zerks again. This time they regrouped and rerushed already broken into rag. We wanted to make sure they knew there place is 1 item so we flew in to do it again. Imagine DD'ing in middle of a war and not getting barraged? Do something about it. After that the VIA sent over an alarm that Apex was camping the outskirt of the fight, were not one to hit pures but if they talk shit... they get hit. so we headed over and smacked them on forehead for some easy pure gear and clears. After that we spent another 15-20minutes farming some weird sv/ez/rag mixture. Once it was clear they had no intention of trying to fight us (AKA 1 item) we took the W's and dipped on out to end the sesh. Thanks for action wild and enjoy the media.
  20. Following yesterday's F2P beat down we massed up for the usual Sunday antics. Knowing Zenith are on their last legs we hit them at every opportunity meaning they would have a total of ZERO fights for the entire trip. Congratulations on not only ruining your own trip, but ruining Apex's too - they won't be happy! Hit after hit Zenith would continue to move out more and more members in a comical attempt to spy catch, reducing their pull from a pathetic to 60 to less than 30 over the duration of the trip. To any disgruntled Zenith member who is unhappy about the leadership decisions within the clan, you know exactly who to PM!
  21. Heard all of anti-rev had preps to try and fight tonight, so yesterday we told people to be on with one sole purpose: to stop & end the fight. Despite having the smallest ML of all the top teams, we somehow out-pulled everyone. Not kidding. We have less than 90 members and we somehow pulled 85 to 1-day prep to crash a fight. Seriously can't think of a single team that can do the same. Anyway, onto the actual "fight" (very loose definition of the word, they actually fought for 5 minutes out of 5 hours). SV & RoT both started with ~80, with the hopes of a fun high opts fight. We logged in immediately, baiting RoT to sit at ditch for 15 minutes and making SV lose their first 10 members of the night. We then chased RoT all the way back to GDZ and started smoking the ~40 or so SV in-game, with a snipe channel on anyone who tried calling. Needless to say, SV didn't have a good time. In the first hour they were already down to 60 on TS and ~35 in game as we continued, without contest, to crash the fight. Our movements were impeccable, whenever they tried running at us they'd lose 10-15 members and were forced to off each other to regroup. It got so bad for SV, RoT literally let them pile without fighting back. All the while, we were echoing their TS & tormenting any callers they in-game. By the 5 hour mark, SV dropped to 35 in TS with 15 in-game and were forced to call it, completing our one and only goal of the night. I can say with certainty we're the only party that had fun tonight and I'm sure they won't be trying this again anytime soon.
  22. Both clans were expecting big things after a nearly month-long hiatus. Perhaps they thought we'd forget about our pure campaign during the holidays, just like anti-rev has. They couldn't have been more wrong. In the span of just over an hour, Zenith & Apex had set-up 5 fights, in every corner of the wilderness, just for us to crash and end them within seconds. Maybe they thought someone was coming. Turns out nobody was. While Rage & Terror had 100% clean events with 0 mains on them (despite 3 anti-rev clans promising to kill them) Zenith and Apex had literally no action. The clan that once pulled 150 with our aid peaked at 43 today. By the end of the event Mercy banned "Officer Boobies" assuming there was no way we didn't have a rank spy with our level of intel. See you tomorrow, but everyone already knows that by now.
  23. Went out today with around 20~ knowing our victim clans were trying to pk. started off clearing smaller teams left and right including DK's 2 man trip (LOL). They decided to poke in the hopes of gaining more ops (it took them a full hour to reach 10 LOL) we asked them multiple times to come gdz but instead they tried to hide at altar . Quickly moved and totally shat on them multiple times forcing them to go singles and tele over and over. totally destroyed DK's start of their trip they quickly dropped back to 5 ops so we decided to look for a better challange. We scouted SV at vetion and it seems they didnt learn from yesterday. instantly hopped into them killing a few while the rest ran off to singles anther wave of rodents came from the north and we legit one banged 2 of them . Took us less then a min to totally clear them LMFAO! Shortly after we wrold tracked SV together with DK (how cute) at altar thinking they could hide there (wrong!) this time they lasted around 5 min with them running off to singeles . after we baited them into running in again, we logged in from behind and totally sweep them of the map.
  24. Corrupted Souls Thirsty Thursdays Once again your Corrupted Souls army took to the wilderness for a bit of fun and to find some action and in doing so ran into a few small teams who momentarily got cleared. After fighting some randoms the remaining CS army, who didn't bank their lootations, quickly got some action from Beyond Control. After a quick message back and forth between leaders CS and BC organised a fight at GDZ where we went head to head. After the 10 minutes there was no clear sign of who was going to take a clear advantage but CS then quickly loosened up and caught a few cheeky B piles here and there leading to a slight number advantage. After 20 minutes of action the fight was neutrally called to stop where endings were taken. Later in the evening, towards the end of the night, the remaining CS soldiers decided to patrol Vetion and Venenatis finding and clearing small teams here and there until an outmanned CS ran into Vengeance. CS quickly organised to set up one final scrap before calling it a night and after gathering 15 we went to war west of 26 spider hill. Off to a slow start CS looked at a disadvantage but then regained momentum popping off quality spears and ags specs pulling it back forcing some Veng members to tele out or take a death. Once CS started clawing back to gain an advantage over Veng a few randoms decided to crash which unfortunately didn't end well for them seeing both CS and Veng briefly pull west to clear them out before going back at it. After 30 minutes had passed the time was up leading to both CS and Veng taking a fall in and saying their bit. Good fight Beyond Control, we hope to set something up in future. As for Vengeance.... clean and fun action as per usual, be seeing you!
  25. Started off a small man with around 15~ clearing altar till we scouted a small fight going on at lava dragons CS was fighting green army we believe we quickly rushed and cleared both After waiting 5 min , CS re-rushed us but they eventually got cleared since we had a few more ops. after that we hitted them up and had a lil 15V15 scrap at gdz untill we scouted SV out , decided to end the fight mass up to 20~ and started looking for them . Shortly after we found SV west of GDZ , we quickly rushed them and from the very first contact they already decided to run leaving half their team to die.
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