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Found 450 results

  1. We set up a 30 min capped fight with TEMPEST at 5PM EST Fight was clean with no crashers in sight , after the cap ended we got word SV2/ROT was massing up , we asked the lads over at tempest if they were willing to stay until rot crashed which they agreed on Finally rot crashed but stood no chance at all against 42 big dick BC members , they even refused to gear up in a 1V1 ! After clearing them 3! times they refused to return and simply gave up , We really don't know who they are fooling at this point that they are anything but relevant. Thanks for the free farm session low stamina chucks! Click me to vieuw tweet Pictures:
  2. | WILDMIGHT.FI | FINNISH COUNTRY CLAN | #1 GMT CLAN | | PM Jokuyurt#3988 / Ryanspooner#3815 | We started scouting both singles and multi with a good pull. We got one 26m kill in singles but after a while of scouting it was pretty clear to us that singles was dead. We scouted Liths 3x in multi and cleared em pretty fast. After clearing Liths we scouted AF hopping in wilderness with about the same numbers as us so we hopped into them. RoT showed their low iq once again by logging in next to us in a DD, happy 15th anniversary LMFAO. Took endings after 45mins of fighting AF. GF. VS AF & RUINING ROT'S BIRTHDAY 30 MINS EARLIER
  3. Decided to sweep the wild, after a quick mass we had 25 Demons sweeping the wild pretty much at ALL locations, found some small teams but other then that the wild was pretty dead. We decided to hit up DF to see if they were down for a quick scrap! resulted in 30 min of clean action! thanks for the fight DF! (pov below)
  4. Se suponía que hoy era un día libre, pero tan pronto como escuchamos que PD se estaba masacrando, les dimos un espectáculo como ningún otro. La cantidad de mierda que han estado hablando es la razón por la que chupan, Venezuela tiene una calidad mucho más supiorer que los mapaches muertos que se suicidaron durante 3 horas con nosotros. Nunca pienses que puedes competir en EST jajajajaja Today was suppose to be a off day but soon as we heard PD was massing we let them know who really runs shit around here. The amount of shit they have been talking is the reason why they suck, Venezuela has far superior quality over the dead raccoons who suicided for 3 hours to us. Don't ever think you can compete in EST hahahaha Los grandes héroes se apresuraron a PD en gdz con nuestra unidad ns, nuestros valientes héroes que estaban dispuestos a sacrificarse serán recordados a medida que ganemos números rápidamente. 30 minutos después de luchar, teníamos nuestros números y comenzamos a empujar a PD como pequeños hombres bajos, ¡ni siquiera los mapaches de más de 30 pudieron detener a los héroes todopoderosos! The big dicked heroes rushed PD at gdz with our ns unit, our brave heroes who were willing to sacrifice themselves will be remembered as we quickly gained numbers. 30 minutes into fighting we had our numbers and started pushing PD around like little short men aka pd whip, not even 30+ raccoons could stop the almighty heroes! so much for that week prep vs vennies Después de empujarlos a 50 puertos, intentaron recuperarse en el juego solo para suicidarse. ¿Cuál es la excusa ahora? Después de limpiar staydead a los 50 años, corrían a solteros y se sentaban en solteros durante más de una hora solo para morir una y otra vez. Incluso con ranas toro ayudándolas, todavía no era rival para el clan #1 EST. Toda la semana nos cagas en mapaches muertos, Venezuela estaba contenta con la fiesta. La calidad de PD es basura, ni siquiera puede competir con los cc vennies abiertos LOLOL After pushing them to 50 ports they tried to regain in game just to suicide. What is the excuse now? After mopping up staydead at 50s they ran to singles and would sit in singles for over a hour just to die over and over again. Even with bullfrogs helping them it was still no match for the #1 EST Clan. All week we shit on dead raccoons, Venezuela was happy with the feast. PD quality is garbage, cant even compete with open cc vennies LOLOL
  5. 100+ PvP & PvM Clan Official Clan Chat: The Samurai Discord: https://discord.gg/c9brtBzzPZ Recruitment topic: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/57121-the-samurai-f2pp2p-pvp-pvm/ Official RSB Post: https://secure.runescape.com/m=forum/c=PG-ieogPRLk/forums?320,321,301,66218757,0,346574195,#0 After a loot-filled week at GWD, we headed out for our weekly PK Trip. Eager for loot, we headed up to Vet'ion and found some PvMers and small teams who were no match. As the trip went on, we slowly kept gaining numbers until we had our biggest turn out yet. Confident, we headed up to 50s to possibly take on clans. We cleared every single world. We finished it off in a Chaos Alter where we managed to smite an AGS and kill bone runners. Loot (AGS pic soon):
  6. Discord: https://discord.gg/cSZ44pRNXQ We Scheduled a Friday night PK trip with our assassins. We've had many new members join recently who were looking to get their feet wet. Our organization was on point, clearing everyone in our path. Found a few teams at vetion who we cleared in a matter of seconds. We then made our way to 50's and cleared another team. Finally, we ended the night at chaos altar where we ran in to some AC clearing them as well. Was an overall enjoyable night that lasted hours in to both time-zones.
  7. Beyond Control VS Divine Forces Set up a fight with the lads from DF for a 30 min capfight. Fight Started off at 50 ports and went pretty much untouched the entire fight. fight itself went pretty much back an forth with us getting a small advantage first 5-10min of the fight due to having a few more ops. ROT asked if they could watch so they can learn how real clans fight but no pay = no vieuw. Seems they got pretty angry over that so they decided to "crash" the fight near the end of our cap with a PATHETIC 18~ man pull in water sticks LMFAO! in the 4? or 5? attempts they did , they managed to kill literally NO ONE ! and we went on to keep fighting untill the cap was ended. After the cap ended we decided to stay around to see if ROT was down for a clean 1V1 . After asking multiple time to get in proper gear and clearing them over and over in a clean 1V1 we took a quick bank and downgrade to their standards , while leaving some ops on the battle field to keep them busy . Once we teleported up no ROT was keen to return (pussies) . We are not sure what happend to their "massive pulls" but here some theories : -Their members being told only to get online sundays on meds so they are missing during the week. -Their members forgot the passwords of their main accounts since they have only been hiding on meds past few months. -Half their ops rage quit today after REV spyhit them in their regroup world -No one was bothered to come online as the trip was lead by applicant A1V1/im so beast. Either way we respect ROT to finally show up to "crash" our capfight after a run of 7! clean fights in a row ! Video and pictures:
  8. [C]lumpa received intelligence that 5 individual clans all decided to jump into an open cc, so we quickly massed up 84 people to battle it out. Just like every other time, the same outcome. Farmed for multiple +1s | Chased out of the wilderness | Another win for [C]lumpa
  9. September 15 2021 4:30pm EST Received Intel from several of our RoT informants they planned to crash rage with their weak 34 man pull in P2P. so we massed up the buckets (peaking at 147 in ts) and waited under the fight for them to login. Soon as RoT logged in we were right behind them and immediately had them on the ropes catching BIG MAN clumps / 100 man spams / smiting their +1s and completely controlling the minimap. For 2 hours we farmed these Noobs stealing their crystal seeds and mystics while they frantically cried to @Deserieand @Zenith E-Girlin group-chats begging for assistance. When their call for help was un-answered they called off returns and ended leaving SV2 to get completely wiped off the map. TY FOR FEED US
  10. Slaughtering Apeg on live television. Enjoy the video and watch until the end!
  11. Thursday 9:30pm EST/ 1:30am GMT After crashing and ending Zenpiss in a F2P PKRI Clumpa received Intel SV2 was attempting to have a mace trip in the wilderness. We immediately began hitting their members in random worlds at Vetion while they attempted to set up. As members cried in the clan chat and the bottom of TS alerting BaldQ of our presence he made the call to teleport out and regroup at single strip (in random worlds) via wilderness crab teleport. After following our doggies to single strip we waited patiently for them to lure and attempt a mace on someone, 15 minutes later the call was made to log in (big mistake!) we logged in right after them totally ruining the mace attempt and chasing them down to the 30 line where they would ultimately teleport out with the quickness. At this point in the trip paranoia began setting in and they decided to yet again switch locations. the call was made to teleport up GDZ and run west to RDG but again we were immediately on top of them chasing and killing all which didn't logout. (how did we know) At this point in-experienced BaldQ was getting extremely frustrated and told the men to gear in ballista for a pathetic attempt at "fighting back" we obviously don't off and again followed SV2 to the mirror FULLY clearing them at Vetion 4 times, 2 of which they didn't have the courage to venture into multi LMFAO. Being completely victimized and defeated BaldQ was desperate and as a last resort began poking TS and highlighting discord in attempt to gather more members which prevailed for a grand total of (1) official (1) old-school (5) members (3) applicants (4) guests. Now feeling confident with his 15 man pull he decided to make the final stand at 50's where we met them with many of buckets. The fight wasn't even close, they just simply didn't win. to say we farmed and demoralized them would be an understatement. At the 2 hour mark of the fight at 50's when the fight felt like it was just getting started SV2 ran for new-gate and south where they would log out at single strip. I will be surprised to see them in the wilderness again this month after that performance.
  12. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Our resident Australian @SPEARFlSHER decided to host a couple pk trips, one in GMT and one in EST. Found some noob barrows maxer and put him in the ground in GMT. In EST we ran into WG a few times, although they are mains and we had matched numbers, they did not seem interested in fighting us, allowing themselves to get wiped off the map 4 times. We then ran into fate and BF, who both seemed to be trying to coordinate log ins with WG to sandwich us, it did not work out well for them and they got splattered multiple times over. With fate, BF, and WG all terrified to step into multi combat, we called it a night. Gf I guess lol
  13. Posted on behalf of Venezuela, ayuda ayuda! Ah sí, Venezuela volvió a hacerlo, hoy no fue diferente. playdead+vengeance demostró una vez más que el pking solo ya no es posible debido a que son clanes de mierda. Entonces, para luchar contra las poderosas ayudas de los héroes, ambos tuvieron preparaciones de la semana hoy y terminaron llorando toda la noche mientras fumaban. Quiero decir que no puedes llamarte clanes competitivos cuando ambos pd+veng comparten cada viaje juntos. Eso es lo que hacen las víctimas lmao Ah yes Venezuela back at it again, today was no different. playdead+vengeance proved once again that pking alone is not possible anymore due to being shit clans. So in order to fight the mighty ayudas of heroes. I mean you can't call yourself competitive when both clans share every trip together. Thats what victims do lmao Comenzó con la venganza desmoralizada 14 semanas hombre preparación fumando en la veción. Solo tomó 3 minutos de ser cultivado por vennies para llorar por pd mientras iniciaban sesión de solteros. Started off with vengeance demoralized 14 man week prep getting smoked at vetion. It only took minutes of getting farmed by vennies while up numbers to cry for pd as they logged in from singles. (seen in video) Los retardos de venganza se rompieron primero, no es de extrañar aquí. Nuestras ayudas seguían fortaleciéndose por minuto a medida que pd pronto siguió a la venganza. Dejando otra alianza rota en el banco. vengeance retards broke first, no surprise here. Our ayudas kept growing stronger by the minute as pd soon followed vengeance. Leaving yet another alliance broken at the bank. PD Leader (Whip) broken
  14. After giving Veng-tards a quick spy-check last night, we decided to pay our respect in a earlier GMT timezone. They proudly rep GMT as they're "golden timezone" well lets just say things didn't end up so "golden" for the vikings, as the idiots suicided to us in multi for 7 minutes straight to getting fully cleared sitting in singles. They would sit in singles demoralized wondering wtf just happened yet again all on video.. Forever in our shadows dogshit idiots lmao we don't off pussies. Shouldn't of piped up months ago, you can barely pull 10 people now since this so called "rivalry has started" Its safe to say no timezone is safe for vengeance, not even pking is safe for you girls! Time to find a new hobby or clan you cucks lmao Enjoy watching the spy infested clan get smoked in GMT in our latest veng meme video lmao "Zewy's Volatile" Presents
  15. | WILD MIGHT | FINNISH COUNTRY CLAN | #1 GMT CLAN | | PM Jokuyurt#3988 / Ryanspooner#3815 | Since the summer break is now over we decided to plan our comeback fight vs our mates in AF. The fight started off pretty rough for us, everyone was rusty and nobody knew what was going on (and for some reason the minimap was orange instead of purple ;F!!!) but we slowly gained momentum by getting couple decent bpiles. After some time of fighting we gained to 46 in game. We fought clean for the full 1 hour cap and decided to take endings. TY4FIGHT AF.
  16. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today the VIA got some information that Deathrow was out trying to hide inside of a venny masser CC. Obviously as they were humilated Monday by the Vikings, Tuesday we hear they were bullied by their rivals, but nothing was worse then today. Unfortunately for the victims were able to snag "JPs" diary from their campsite in singles. It became apparent that the strategy for DR and there shit alliance of random slave fate kids and vennies was to just run regroup in singles just to rerush and get cleared again.. After 1.5 hours of this they finally gave up trying to fight the superior Viking army. GL next time. Hopefully JP gets the courage to tell nully how he truly feels.
  17. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Tonight the Vikings took a break from DMM action to see what the wilderness had to offer. We quickly found some Slaves of the anti-veng alliance. Bullfrogs + SC joined CC. We smoked them at lavas down 5ops. After grabbing our loot we noticed they wanted round 2 at annakarl. Within 5minutes they were all broken into rag and wouldn't leave the hut. After 20minutes of farming we came back in rag and decided to NS them. It took the Vikings about 7 minutes to force the vennies to leave annakarl all together. Maybe @Tealwill come take the hut back? Tune in next time to find out.
  18. Domingo 5/9/2021 Sicarios Massea mas de 50 personas para derrotar a la alianza ANTI-SICARIOS. Fue un dia sumamente provechoso para matar ratas y dejar claro quien manda en el wild, NADIE puede con nosotros y nuestra disque "competencia" lo sabe. Fotos de hoy: HEROES CERRO L00000000000L heroes llorando:
  19. August 23rd 4:30pm EST/9:30pm GMT Clumpa HQ received Intel RoT was attempting to hit a pure clan at RDG. With 1 mass poke 5 minutes later 100 Buckets were on the scene swarming RoT slapping them around the wilderness. Being completely wiped off the map RoT had no choice but to retreat for GDZ hut, BIG mistake! We stayed on top of our dogs spawn killing and farming them while they struggled to keep barely 10 in-game. As our superior quality and knowledge of the area took affect we caught these noobs in massive 10+ man clumps completely 1 hitting/killing them every time. This became very troublesome for RoT's members and it was apparent they could not keep up. see below as 1 of their members couldn't keep protect item on and tried to double name-change (lol) After what seemed like only minutes (4 hours 30 minutes) RoT had enough and ran east tail between legs where they hopped to a different world for a fake ending. After hopping to a random world we listened for (10 minutes) as RoT officials squealed for their members to get in game to take a FAKE ending see below from our informants pov. (who's the spy) Having fully cleared RoT we cleaned up the remaining noobs from their alliance even smiting 1 unlucky slave for a ballista! *Video* TY FOR WAR DOGS SAME TIME TOMORROW? LOOT BELOW.
  20. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears| ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc  Today Clan Rage pulled 45 Bears later peaking at 50 Bears to dominate all shit clans that oppose us. With our superior spy network, we exactly knew what Anti-Rage was planning on doing. With all of Anti-Rage pretty much slumped: 1. Fo having a 10 man ballista trip. 2. Sup peaking at 15 tigers. 3. Apeg dropping from 50 pulls to 27 on sat and 32 on sun. 4. Zenshit recruiting 40 level 70's to boost their cape counter, whos plan was that? 5. RoT Sv2 barely pulling 30 and hiding behind 4 6th string pure clans. I wonder what would happen if we fight 1v1. So it was very obvious they would be silly and try and team on us AGAIN. And so they did, AND I FUCKING LOVED IT. We started the day off by fighting OG at whiteplat, later moved to new gate where Fi crashed. Eventually 15 tigers came crashing from the south so we evaporated them real quick. Fucking losers LFMAO. After that the cluster continued for a long time, good fights OG and FI! After 40 minutes of clean fighting, Apeg, RoT and Zenith finally gathered enough confidence to come crash us. AND IN WHAT A WAY L000000000000000000L. They logged in synch and rushed us. [THRU GAP LMFAO, WHOS IDEA WAS THAT] But with both Zenith and Apex being leak infested we were well aware from where they would rush us. So we ran to callisto singles spot & logged our vennies in there and kept them busy there. While the vennies were getting Rapido kills we teled our pures back to gdz and started farming RoT zombie returners. Funny part is they did NOTHING to stop us. BAITED & OUTSMARTED. For our next hit a little birdie told us that demoralized and spy infested Zenith was sitting at fog (baiting for RoT & Apex) We swiftly took action and flew in, deleting Zenith within a minute. As expected the holy trinity logged in as well. We fougth them for quite a while, as we slowly dragged it west to singles. Where they eventually all put on the same cape because their own clan is fucking DEAD. They did some cringey joint spams and begged us not to end. Sure. Well lets say they learned their lessons, we took several multi bots for their +1s. All while being the last clan standing. Anyone know who was first to end? rot apex or zenith? Killpic gallery:
  21. After we won our F2P Prep, we received intel that Z Mains and Sicarios were out trying to player kill. We have swiftly logged in our far more superior accounts dealt with them in under 120 seconds and pked multiple +1s off them.
  22. After our clw victory we decided to pay a visit to the FS/LY F2P Pkri on corp hill which we heard zenif was trying to crash. Initially we rushed with 20~ on pures only to fight fs down some opts. After zenif logged in b2b with mains in fs capes, and fs not focusing them at all, we logged in our own army. What ensued was a good old f2p rag fight between rage and fs/z. Starting down opts we slowly gained to around 30 and took complete control of the fight. After forcing the opposition to run for their lives south away from the fight, we took our ending after 30 minutes of domination.
  23. Today Clan Rage pulled 45 Bears to dominate all shit clans that oppose us. We started off with a 1v1 vs Fatality at west bandits that would lead to all the bottom feeder teams attempting to crash our fight and flex their low impact pulls. Lacking confidence, apex/zenith let rot be the first to crash our fight knowing what would happen if one of them had been the first to engage. We farmed rot for a while as zenith/apex trickled in to help their slave masters. There were also appearances from sup/fo members, whose clans' also pulled 20 like zenith/apex, but to be unbiased the fight was more of a 1v3. With one swift move of fighting Terror in clw in a ft100 we ended nearly every leech clan who had nothing to do other than rag our return fight. Not to our surprise, both a/z simply stood next to eachother at ca during our clan wars win and never hit eachother once. Realistically they ended at the same time as all the other clans but their low iq members won't understand that. We went back into the wilderness directly after our clan wars win but had no contenders. Tomorrow we run it back gl. CLW FT100 vs Terror Povs 
  24. Massed up 10-13 bears to sweep the wildy again. It’s true, Rage never stops pking!
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