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  1. VENTURAS SE FUMA A ZENITH+SICA+FO buenos dias jajaja : ) Venturas cc reunió un pais entero y provocó un montón de clanes de mierda. Zenith y Fopex decidieron unirse e intentar golpear a los pkers latinos, pero resultaron ser demasiado para la alianza de mierda. Cookies se enojó porque lo funaron asi que tomó su teléfono banana y llamó a Stick para que lo ayudara a tratar de salvar su lamentable trasero. Una vez que se juntaron por segunda, tercera y cuarta vez, la gran comunidad latina los siguió liquidando y demostramos ser una fuerza a la cual temer... Mientras tanto, en el discord de Venturas cantamos Despacito (no la versión de Justin Bieber) y el tema principal de YMCA mientras repartimos coins a los chicos. ...Honestamente, ¿cuál era tu plan? Nos vemos el domingo ratas
  2. http://playdead-rs.com | Most Active | Kings of EST | https://discord.com/playdead With the recent mass join from the blue owls frozen fury shitters it seems like dogrow has made a pretentious effort to dig out of their slump lately, but the fellas here at PD HQ have put that to a complete stop. Dogrow and VR set up a 16v16 at ca tonight and so we quickly poked and gained to 35 and logged into them. These retards had no idea what to do except to run into "robuct" cc and try to spam every open discord for assistance in an attempt to stay in game. To no surprise it wouldnt take long for their babysitter rot to show up to try to bail them out, but all they did is get tbed and lose +1s to us in the process. This cluster would continue for about an hour until both victim clans falled in to take a fake ending away from the fight only to get pogballed and end. You can keep trying, but there are no offs lmfao.
  3. http://playdead-rs.com | Most Active | Kings of EST | https://discord.com/playdead Caught wind that our friends at dogrow highlighted for a pk so we grabbed a few of the boys and headed out to play a little cat and mouse. Hunted them at altar, then spider, then RDG even taking dogrows #1 discord talker Shan3/Cavebob for his ags the poor lad had to even do a double name change mid trip. Afterwards swept around deep wild where we ran into sicarios/dk and this is where the farm began. Quickly all the victim clans: VR, DR, Rage, Fate, and Rot all trickled in to GDZ in "12" cc where we completely farmed these retards into 1 item taking multiple +1s from them. It didn't take too long for each clan to break and leave 1 by 1 until we were the last clan standing. These low testosterone clans really should learn their place lmfao. Ty our Fanboy Shane for his AGS and double name changing.
  4. Today was a slaughter of mass proportion for anti-heroes, we set out every day and EVERY Sunday forever until shit pure clans zenith/apex learn that daddy ROT isn't much of a dad anymore. We took care of the retard main clans who couldn't organize shit all between themselves to only be occupied by Venezuela while a few great pure clans had amazing trips. That's right, Heroes is the #1 clan and it takes ROT+VR+SC (week preps) to fight us fairly. As anti-heroes starting to slump weekly, we hit ROT right off the bat to remind them that Heroes is the most powerful clan in RuneScape. As ROT would attempt to fight us it would give them nightmares from all the beatings in the last few weeks. It didn't take much for these rats to tele out multiple times today from clean 1v1s so in order to compete, they would call VR+SC in hopes to stall us. Well this plan backfired terribly as we had 70 Heroes vs 100+ Anti-Heroes. With a huge number disadvantage we kept laughing and pushing forward gaining momentum and clearing out the field as the shit quality of Scissors and VR combined would break rapidly. ROT who are to embarrassed to even mention #Heroes and afraid to post them competing with Vennies on a daily would cry like dogs wondering why they have such a shit slave alliance. SC getting smited for AGS to Heroes before ending after two encounters. LMFAO JAJAJA. What a easy day for Heroes as we told the rest of the main world to just sit back and enjoy a nice cold beer on this beautiful Sunday. No need to mass up or waste your time on a weekend as Heroes will take care of ROT/VR/SC and any other shit clan who gets in our way. That's what Heroes do. Oh and who made these gfx @Heroes closedaka stick? sicasrios LOOOL looks so stupid lmfao try and pronounce it i dare you ajajaajja. Another night where mummy kissed you goodnight
  5. First off wanna show you how cringe Mars(heroes leader is) and how fucking awkward it gets when we gwasing them, to the point where he won't even say Sicarios name lmfa0. Got word that Heroes was trying to help victims with their 20 man pull but it didn't last long, we rushed them at west/east/north/south ferox/every spot till they cried for off and teled out
  6. Another day and another victim clan smoked. With zenith facing all time lows and in dire need of a quality check, ayuda face fucked them to oblivion and man was it a farming session! Not only did zenith cry in game while being recorded on live tv, they decided to stand at edge bank naked and never seen from again! lmao video speaks a 1000 words. With our daily hunt, Zenith are probably the most hunted clan by the ayudas. Forcing them to rage quit TS hit after hit, demoralizing what members they have left. We would smoke them several times at altar and bait them to rune rocks/north kbd. While our 500 IQ vennies lured them they literally all died in singles or multi and ran so fast that you couldn't even consider them a clan anymore lmao. The lack of organization and leadership skills truly shows in Zenith as they get farmed by vennies daily (no voice i might say) 1 minute they on map after 1 minute POOF they disappear Who did that? lmao Watch the video and see for yourself entire zenith de-geared and demoralized at bank on 8k TV Zenith sitting in singles on our scout bot 3000
  7. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We were bored after our Dutch Unit cleared out the GMT wilderness and made bank loot, We heard Heros was out with 40 Randoms in their clan chat and needed to be abused. We would repeatedly lure them into our worlds and one hit through them, We smited through them and started collecting bank loot in plus ones. We baited them to vetion and cleared them up there, We baited them to high altar and cleared them up there and once again at rune rocks. We laughed as slowly each individual would get smoked and start crying and complaining and then poof, They would disappear from the clan chat and heros would start losing opts and sets. We continued bullying them for the better part of 2 hours until their gear had completely degraded and they were on the verge of starting a riot in Venezuela. After they were done donating sets they decided to donate more GP to Zenith, They called for a drop party and we quickly went and intercepted numerous plus ones. Getting the high valued AGS, 3 Ballistas, 3 Tomes, 2 Furies. Thanks again!
  8. VR MACED 4 STAFF Another fucking day for Heroes with wilderness on full LOCK DOWN. With that being said anti-heroes are slowly slumping forced to team up and do whatever they can to feel great about themselves! Not only did we take our enemies out for a joy ride, we made sure to crash and burn that bus with all anti-heroes riding bitch in the back. jajajaja Started off with VR+Z+SC trying to think it was safe to hit Heroes at altar without daddy around (rod) not only did they get farmed, VR would lose a staff trying to rag lmao. We told all our level 90s to grab a mace and well the picture speaks a 1000 words. After VR got maced by vennies for staff they would break first, leaving Zenith+SC alone to handle the almighty Heroes. Zenith+SC would attempt to hit Venezuela to only get logged in by a bunch of butter sticks, after forcing the 2 shit quality clans out of the house aka worst clans to ever exist on runescape. Heroes would pk FREELY for 3 hours. As late EST came around Sicarios tried to pk alone with allies at 50 ports. Our world tracker bot 5000 would spot them and we rushed them with 40 ayudas! As they all got frozen dying to many Heroes (The alpha Vennies on RS), we would redirect all SC leaders non stop on the port! All aboard! Seen on Video. With SC Stick aka @Heroes closed (yes thats his hider) fully cleared he would later cry himself to sleep while mummy gave him a nice wet kiss. ROT aka ROD aka Reign of Cucks would finally show up after 20 highlights and 80+ members! AGAIN as we forced these kids to mass up in full on a midweek to fight us to save what demoralized alliance they got left. (They massed 80+ for 35 vennies JAJAJAJAAJA) Scared to lose the fight but ended up losing anyways seen in video. With rot angry getting maced by Vennies yesterday for staff (topic on sharkbrew) they tried a last ditch effort to show there members why they always last place again! Not only did we push them around, forcing them to run laps around the wildy like its the 1000m dash. Hurdling and jumping around, we made sure to let them know we will always be first and last clan in the wilderness. Never breaking ayuda ayuda!
  9. As we patrol the wilderness daily in full force, ayuda decided it was time to farm some sicarios. We heard SC tried pking with 4 lonely vennies as the rest of them broke, scared to fight heroes after the daily beatings. Slump much? Smoking them to the moon and killing them in singles with ease. DK would try and help them to only losing a staff to us and ended right after. Thanks AFG! Get better dogshit vennies. We would run into WG a few times and smoke them for all the sets they had. Until they gave up after x6 and losing back to the vennies. Literally farm session. Next up VR would try and hit Heroes a few times to only get swatted away to singles/tele. They would try to DD bait on log in @ vetion but to no avail they got farmed. We would take the mighty Heroes to 50 ports to bait VR once more with haft our numbers logged. Soon as they logged in from the north we would log the rest of our ayudas and send them back to edge. Thanks for feeding the vennies on a daily! On top of clearing all victims above, Rot would take our bait and try to hit us (Rot mass highlighted 30 times for 50 people ts) With no fun for rot and a waste of time for there members, we laughed and chuckled in our open cc as they all run and log, scattering like lost dogs wondering why did we just mass for this. On top of that ROT would get maced for Staff by the ayudas and boy was it funny. Thats why we use lvl 80s vs you so its a fair fight jajajajajajaja
  10. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord " If you look, you'll find " Today Fo learned the hard way about what happens when you step into Fatality's Wilderness. Never forget you need our permission to come past 10 wilderness, Never forget who clipped your wings tonight. Over 25 Green Reapers dominated the depths of Gielinor. No alliance could stop the massacre that happened. It seems Anti-FI is crumbling with each day that passes. Where did their energy go? Who will save you now? Jus10 Pwn Stella Paige
  11. With full control the wilderness on the daily, Heroes vast spy network punished all all of its victims today with ease. Zero impact clans trying to run and hide, calling mass log outs and scared to fight Heroes. We pounded the shit out of anti-heroes while they all scatter like rats and log. What you gonna do when ayuda comes for you? lmao Started the day off with infested clan zenith who tried to pk at bandits, we logged in with 40 ayudas early GMT and showcased zenith that we are the wilderness and we run this shit. With panic setting in zenith would kill 1 measly 1 itemer and run south of bandits in a attempt to tele/log. Did you really just do that? Thats right they did! Not only did dumb intel clan zenith got smoked x2 at bandits, they also mass scattered and logged after killing 1 person! How do you even call yourself a clan? More like running from Venezuela, this is why you are at the bottom of the food chain and your members will be leaving you for better clans! As GMT evening was coming around VR (who were called by Rot) decided to get farmed at gdz x3 by our mighty ayudas! The slaves they are, they had to listen to daddy and keep returning while Rot took a full 2 hours to mass up 80+ members against the true #1 clan in runescape (Heroes) As VR members became demoralized, Rot logged in at 50s with a numbers advantage but that didn't stop us from showing them who really breaks first. They would run laps all over deep wilderness like the dogs they are barking and yelping for VR to mass up again and camp GDZ returns. We sent a small unit to deal with that while the main force would keep Rot busy in game. CLUMP AFTER CLUMP Rot would just get into 20 man boxes south of 50s to the huge gwasball at newgate and multiple gwasballs through the choke point between 50s and newgate. As hour 1 passed the numbers for Rot started to dwindle to 50+ in game and as we barraged the fuck out of them non stop they soon realized what a huge mistake they just did, not only did we force them to run like dogs but we made it difficult for them to logout from this fight (you can't run from ayuda). ROT in a box On this note it was so embarrassing for the rest of rot alliance to watch daddy try and log. You can't compete with vennies so how can you protect your alliance? Hour 2 would come along and soon after Rot scattered and logged with whatever members they could with only 35+ in game ( you dropped 50 people in 2 hours? thats not #1 JAJAJAJA) As we fucked ROT + VR simultaneously we went back out in the wildy to PK untouched (scared putas) We would scout FOE at altar, we rushed them x2 and fully cleared them as they scream "rage on top" and dying to our superior venny quality.. Lets just say our children feasted on white hats tonight while @Proccy screamed in voice that rage is far superior and nothing we can do about it. Soon after WG would make a attempt x2 to log in at altar to only get farmed. Thanks for the action but heroes are the real wilderness guardians. Later on we found PD at 50s and they got smoked in a few minutes running away knowing ayuda was coming in full force. Yea we did that. As we kept patrolling the wilderness on hour 12 we would spy hit ROT with bitch trial ranks a1v1 and im sobeasttt leading a 10 man victim trip (pretending to slave away for a rank) to only get farmed for another hour! ex Shit-V ranks cried to rot officials asking for help as they would muster up a total of 15 members! yes 15! (they had 10 at first) Being farmed from GDZ/LAVAS/50ports x3 it was clear how broken they became trying to cosplay snakeskin lmao. This is Heroes country not cuck country kids. With Rot fully cleared in GMT & EST they would make a last ditch effort in calling VR AGAIN!!! To come slave rag the rest of the night (5hours of VR suiciding) With x3 Highlights in VR members chat (thats right the unholy venny spy network) they would begin to drop from 10 members to 2 in game, struggling for attention and a full clear they massed up TUF (VR aussie bitch team) who showed up in actual risk not getting the memo that this was a NS fight lmao. As they returned and suicide in primetime KST (VR HIDER TIME) they would run and scatter like the above clans and log. With VR demoralized that left the wilderness safe for all to pk! See you again tomorrow right antijar lmao. This is just from 1 person kill log on VR, let alone the other 10 people jajajaaja REMEMBER WHO RUNS THIS GAME, CAUSE IT ISNT ROT. DADDY IS HERE
  12. Today was another long day of farming the wilderness, with rot alliance scared to fight us 1v1 DAILY, we decided to take things into our own hands and force plants in EVERY rot alliance clan (yes rot as well). Not only did all these clans get cleared but they got spy hit from Vennies. Start off the day in GMT timezone to hit Rots embarrasing pull, after farming them for a hour they decided to leave like pussies and call another venny clan to take over JAJAJAAJA. We farmed TLK vennies to the moon and rot was no where to be scene. Talk about embarrassing for Rot. As we waited later in the day, Apex thought it was ok todo a F2P PKRI in EST. We made sure to show up with our ayudas and spy hit there fight x4. First at CA, they reset at ghost hut in a different world.. thats right we hit that too. Again at 26 hill. To top it off, once they saw our raggers ready at mossies they all panic logged and ended there shitty f2p fight. Team with Rot and ayuda comes for you putas. Soon after we waited for VR+420 pkers to start the fight at bandit camp. We logged in with a max cc of ayudas and started to farm every white dot around. VR got farmed and soon every clan went to singles. PD would make a attempt to log into the fight (little late boys) they would end up fighting us for a few minutes, they realized our numbers was overpowering everything. They quickly bolted to singles and tele'd out. Zenith tried to pk with there little shitty group of shitters (worst quality clan in runescape to date) We logged in and smoked them with ease as they mass log and scatter like ratas. zenith truly sucks at this game, your members will slowly leave you lmao. Remember who runs this fucking game, cause it ain't rot. Daddy is back and nothing you can do about it. Super Heroes always win.
  13. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We were still hungry for some lootations after earlier cleaning out the wilderness we wanted to check out the EST Wilderness, @Ashanti (I SHIT U NOT) started up a PK trip and we eventually peaked at over 15 Zenith Members to go patrol the wilderness. We cleared up every location and moved towards lava dragons when we started fighting Tempest. We fought them for some time and eventually the fight moved towards GAP and was crashed by ROT. We moved south towards dwarfs and cleared up everything south and caught a bank. Edited just now by Elve
  14. Today was the day Zenith+SC+TLK learned that they will always be bottom of the food chain. The ayudas scream for war dying for a taste of SC+Z blood as we farmed them x20 (literally farming) Also WG trying to snipe the fights a few times just to get swatted and farmed. Fights took place all over the wilderness, from CA to 50 ports. The farm session was on as zenith shit quality members dropped like flies and SC with even worse quality fell face first to the ground while sent back to lumby. Not only did we fight Z+SC+TLK, we also fought WG x2 at the same time as fighting SC+Z. We split the cc in haft and made sure we dominated the wildy all night long. Two different fights at the same time in the same world, WG at corp getting farmed and Z+SC+TLK farmed deep wildy. As WG got cleared we were in the process of redirecting the rest of Sicarios+Zenith+TLK on 50 ports till they all died lmfao. As we farmed these kids all night long, they made one last stand and its all on video. 40 Zenith+SC would try to hold out the fountain of rune inside. We sent our ayudas to another world to log on top of them and it worked out perfectly, GWASSING them out like rats and forcing them to end. DEMORALIZED As Sicarios (low stamina vennies) ended. Zenith thought it was ok to still pk, we made sure to quickly log ontop of them at lavas and cleared them out in .05 as always. Soon after they returned in 1 item obviously crying in game JAJAAJJAJAJA Tell me @ZENITH HEAD LAWYER @Zenith E-Girl how demoralized are you? Posting a fake EST topic on sharkbrew to get cleared by us all night LMAO. That's right noobs you get first place for suiciding everyday JAJAJAAJAJAJA BAD SICARIOS BAD ZENITH WHAT YOU GONNA DO, WHAT YOU GONNA DO WHEN AYUDA COMES FOR YOU
  15. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We heard some main clans were out at atlar and we wanted to hit them, We massed up 15 and later peaked at 20 Zenith Members and went up to high atlar. We hit them and started smoking through them. We hopped a couple more worlds and moved to vetion and cleared that out aswell. We heard some mexicans were gathered at the 50 ports with half of Mexico City playing runescape we decided to go and GWASBALL them at 50's. We baited them to the second floor and once again took them for their banks and fully cleared them up. We set them up another time at the fountain of rune and once again sent their whole entire village into edgeville naked, We fully cleared them in a FAT GWAS. Post Pics.
  16. https://tempest-rs.net|https://discord.gg/tempest TEMPEST VS PLAYDEAD We wanted to start the new year off right with a fight against the bad boys at Playdead. Set it up about 24 hrs ago and planned to it out after a fiercely competitive scrap last week. Day of the fight came and both clans had amassed about 50 (PD pulled a few more and dropped for us, ty), so we went up to fight at East Light in the event that any crashers decided to turn up to try and ruin our fun. We got to fighting and fought 28 of the 30 minutes of the cap before finally crashers showed up with about 25 to try and put us in ice cubes. Little did they know we were anticipating this and quickly turned it around on them. We got the full clear x2 on them and fell in to say our GFs. But the night was just beginning. We felt like sticking around a little while to see if we could smite any +1s from the lads who only do bring one item. Little did we know it would be our lucky day. Between ROT and VR (and whatever other pure clans they brought with them) they managed to scrap together about 40 good men but it was just no match for our superior gear and skill. Not a single Tempest member died and low and behold, as we were busy farming, an excited newly promoted Marshal @Justyn exclaimed that he had in-fact smited Cyber War for his staff. Not only this, but numerous ROT meds were busy losing their crystal seeds to us as well. Thank you VERY much and remember to click on those super restore potions next time. Was a fun battle and we hope to see everyone out there active in 2022!
  17. Another day goes by for Heroes and nothing seems to stop us. With Zenith running after 20 seconds of fighting x3, aswell as VR chased down like fresh food for our Venezuelan horde. The cries for ayuda echoed down the chambers of each Venezuelan with glory and blood from feasting on our enemies I can sit here and say we cleared VR 30 times spread from corp/vetion to 50s and lava dragons. Venezuelans destroyed every bit of passion they had, the distasteful members in VR found themselves wasting hours on a weekday just to log out, tele, log in, tele.. etc. 5 minute countdown video explains everything, enjoy.
  18. With nex coming out we have been tracking the activity of GWD over the past few weeks. It was semi active but today it was Very active , We personally havent had this fun ever since rev caves became single. We started with a casual 25~ pull , ending up peaking 42 , the loot we globally collected was insane (check bottem of the page)! Weaponized with balistas we sweeped trough the worlds quickly clearing every team and ended up pking a BOFA from a ironman in highrisk ! R.I.P 300h After clearing every single world we got word VR+AE were on a merged joint trip (lmfao). one hit was all it took to end it , ty for the staff. After we headed back to GDW where we saw DF hopping in and out high risk , quickly poked discord gained up to 40+ and waited. Few minutes later they logged in next to us , since the gear/place is aids in to return they had no option but to teleport. found WG and DF once more shortly after in the same situation. Make sure to check the loot below !
  19. http://playdead-rs.com | Most Active | Kings of EST | https://discord.com/playdead We set up a fight with our good friends over at Tempest headquarters and they gladly accepted. We rocked up with 55 strong men ready for battle and did just that. After having a CLEAN single spell fight with Tempest for over 30 minutes, we decided to turn PM ON and wait for anti-pd to come. Finally after 10 minutes, they finally decided to show up and we farmed them as they returned for nearly 30 minutes. After having a CLEAN single spell fight and dominating RoT for over a hour, we cleared them once again and left them in shambles wondering what went wrong. GF Tempest and ty for the loot rot/vr.
  20. What a gorgeous Sunday today was, Heroes massed up 90+ ayudas to farm Rot once again. You make it easy for us dumbfucks. Started off fighting AF at vetion to bait out the bozo clans, soon after Rot tried logging in to only get farmed x4. The massive gwasballs the shit quality rot members got into all day was a joke, all they did was suicide (as per usual) After Rot realized the horrible quality of members they got (ez/sv) they called it off at vetion. Talk about a joke clan. VR made a small appearance to snipe people from corp returning.. to only get rushed by 100 ayudas and fully cleared in .05. Panic much? After waiting around for the shit clans, we decided that the only way to bait rot out again was move to 50 ports. After 30minutes of Rot trying to regroup (self proclaimed #1 clan taking 30mins to re-gear) lmao. The fight would kick off for about 50minutes farming Rot non-stop in MASSIVE GWASBALLS, calling non stop 8 man clumps dropping them like flies. You made 0 impact btw. While this fight was going on Zenith thought it was safe to pk at GWD little did they know we sent a horde mid-fight to end that shitty trip. Dogshit zenith ended after 1 spy hit lmao, help your allies next time losers. After about 50mins Rot got a fake spam and ported down like the low stamina clan they are. Vennies don't stop returning so you shouldn't either victims LOL. Leaving the wildy open for all to pk freely. Heroes are the guardians of the wild, don't forget it. Heroes Video
  21. Headed out for our daily EST trip started with around 20~ ended up peaked around 38 . Swept the wild from smaller teams out including rot vennies that like 7 LOL . they finally decided to mass up together with low tier pure clan Zenith who hopped on their meds thinking they could get some easy propaganda hitting heroes. Sadly for them we were also out and in little under 2min both SC/zenith got fully cleared . After that we went to hit DK who was hiding again trying to bait singles. they refused to fight us and waited a good 10 min on rot vennies , they finally had the confidence to step multi just to once again got cleared within minutes.
  22. Our super advanced world track has been doing wonders latly. "randomly" found DK at 50"s quickly sweeped their pathetic 15 man excuse of a multi trip. after their hour long regroup they decided to do some altar pking at 8 AM GMT thinking BC wouldnt be out. Sadly for them we are one of the few clans covering almost every timezone, we massed 25 highly trained assasins and baited their maxer into multi . After that hit they had another 30 min of doing nothing and decided to do some rev cave baiting. Just like few days ago our super advanced world tracker knew exactly were they are and who was risking. After setting up a anti bait we managed to kill the only 2 riskers they had for their sets . To no supprise they shortly after ended.
  23. TEMPEST VS REVENANT P2P Multi-Spells [one day prep] We asked bad boys @ Rev for a fight yesterday in P2P multi-spells and they agreed, and being in the Christmas spirit, we had quite a few Tempest seamen fully prepared for the battle that lay ahead. It was a competitive fight with both sides pulling 50+ despite the short prep and right as we caught a big chunk of momentum towards the end of the cap, Rot+allies logged in with about 30 in moonclan so we fought back and fully cleared them. We resumed the fight with Rev and as the cap came to a close, decided to stick around to see if we could snag any juicy loot from the would-be crashers post cap. We baited them out to members gate and swiftly cleared their attempted log ins. Trying a new tactic, crashers rushed from Gdz in their moonclan but we pulled a swift hammer and anvil tactic, looping around and shovin it in their hoop from the back. Captured the whole thing in 4k as well. While this was going on, I spied with my little eye a little clan named Taliban Killerz trying to snipe returners through gap. We had no choice but to push through gap and send them all packing as well. Following clearing the whole gosh darn wilderness we said our gf to rev at gap and were about to log when we saw the Taliban Killerz try to creep up once more. Pushed south and stole some of their pixels and ended for the evening. Thanks to all for a great fight.
  24. So We Started At 50 Ports And Found Some Pvmers and Quickly sweeped Them To Lumbridge So We Decided To Go To Pocket Found Some Pvmers And Some Random Pkers We Also Cleared That After A Hour Or So We Went To Altar And Fought Some Random Pkers And @Nullusion Killed A Kid For 40M Of Loot And We Cleared Altar Then We Went To Vettion And Got Some Decent Loots From Some Pkers And Also Cleared Vettion And We Got Word That Some Zenith Mains Were Pking At 50 Ports And We Quickly Told Our Soldiers To Push Towards 50 Ports And We Hopped Some Worlds And Before You Know It We Ran Into Zenith Mains We Started Fighting Zenith We Pushed Them Into A Clump After Clump And They Quickly Returned And Kept Fighting Our Soldiers So We Called In More Mages And We Told Our Mages To Barrage Them From North And Chiners From South And We Kept Droping Them 3 By 3 We Cleared Zenith They Tellied Out And We Took The Win And It Was A Good 1 Hour Fight With Out Being Crashed Thanks Zenith Brothers Thanks For the Fight Deathrow On Top And The Greatest Ever To Do It Happy New Year! Ended The Year With A Bang Great LeaderShip And Great Members!
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