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Found 167 results

  1. I would like to first thank Sharkbrew Staff for helping out with the event. @@Moni @ @@Fake Smile @@ibro @@ndYa @@Singles Secondly, thank you to the clans for participating @Envy @Fearless @Invictus @ Shadow Kings @Special Forces @Strike Team and @Olympus for the clutch. Round 1: Team Blue starting/ending: 98/61 Team Red starting/ending: 100/0 Round 2: Team Blue starting/ending: 99 / (27) Team Red starting/ending 100/0 Round 3: Team Blue Lost. Team Red starting/ending: 95 / (25) Team Blue starting/ending: 95 / 0 POVs: @@Brandon | Hotgun's Round 3 | @Ev Cc VAAK's @@Bowsz Red Vs Blue was really close and interesting. I hope to see more fun events like this in the future #Member #Veteran #Kingpin #Ambassador #Gatekeeper #Mediator
  2. New Pure Clan Classification-The Solution To Mains There will be a side bar hook that shows the current clans & the respective classification they belong to. There will be a dispute section where anyone can publicly post evidence of clans breaking the classification. Depending on the circumstances, the following can happen: For members who were hacked, clans will be given 1 week to egress members from the clan For blatantly using higher defence pures(or mains) in any events, the clan will be given a warning not to repeat it again. Failure to accede to above requirements will result in the clan being automatically moved up to the next combat tier There will be no exceptions Clans can request to be moved up or down the combat tier For existing clans, this classification will not kick in until 1st February to give everyone more time to adjust the levels of their clan members Q&A Why base it on Defence levels instead of Combat? Compatible with existing clans- Existing HPCs today all bring 30 defs, so no changes. The new LPCs will also slot in just fine. MPCs will be an issue, but we will try out best to integrate them accordingly Persistent Clan Branding - With the current system, clan ranks just simply choose a category and stick with it. No more moving up the tier when everyone has leveled. Restraining Def levels - When new clans move up tier, usually they would be unable to compete with the existing clans who usually has higher defence. As a result, these new clans also end up increasing their def avg Fairer - Clans would now only have to fight others with similar def levels & ultimately similar gear setup/weapons if jagex chooses to introduce turmoil/etc. What happens if Jagex introduces defence based weapons like turmoil/handcannon? Nothing changes-Turmoil pures will join HPCs, and 1 def pures will stick within their own category. How does this solve the issue of mains? Minimizes the reckless leveling of defence - Under the old system, clans have encouraged members to obtain 39 def pure (tanks) to stay competitive within their tier. Now they will be penalized for it. Low defence reduces chance of mains attacking you - A low defence pure will less exposed to main accounts that could threaten its PKing dominance. A 1 def 80 cb nearly maxed pure should best any equivalent lvl 80 main, esp with the new raid weapons. What happens if my lvl 50 lpc gets attacked by lvl 50 cb critical damage mains? Who do these classifications apply to?Sharkbrew has zero jurisdictions in game, however we hope that clans take the initiative, regardless on 1st Feb Sharkbrew will automatically group you for the following: WCOTM COTM Clan Declaration System Any other tournament or clan vs clan events. Some clans refuse to obey the def limit and still bring higher def pures! Dispute them Use tactics to defeat them... (wasn't an issue when MM was around.. remember 30 def today confers almost no offensive advantage.) like: Hit & Run KO squad consisting of mages/rangers Fight at lower wilderness(because ur not frigging 39 def, it shouldn't be a problem!) There is another clanning website, what if they don't follow the same classification system? The other site has spoken volumes about stopping mains, but it is expected that nothing will bore fruition as that site is ran by some of the more toxic pure clans who introduced mains to their respective pure brackets it is more than likely they will try to demonize some of the attempts by this site to cure the main cancer, but I strongly believe that a group of maxed pures will defeat any subpar mains at lvl 20 wilderness. What will happen after this topic?We will be engaging clans to ease the transition(esp for MPCs) Omg wow I would like to open a new LPC clan?!?!?!?!??Continue reading below. Free teamspeak hosting for new (X)LPCs I would also like to personally sustain this push by giving out teamspeaks to anyone who may be tempted to open an (X)LPC after reading this topic. My offer: 1 month's free 60 slot DDOS-protected teamspeak hosting Requirements: You want to open a 1-5 (X)LPC. You do not have an existing forum/site/teamspeak You have conducted at least 1 trip(midweek) with a CC size of at least 15 pures or more. You have evidence of having conducted the aforementioned trip, either via screenshots or having posted a Sharkbrew aftermath topic You do not bring anyone above 5 def. Break any of the above rules will result in the TS being revoked. Apply now here: http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/226-i-am-opening-an-lpc-and-need-a-free-teamspeak/ I will not run this offer for long, so act quickly! Credits: I would like to thank the following people for their assistance and consultation: My entire rank team who advised me on changes @Ex Da Gr8 - Whose topics were one of the catalysts for this project @ - who initially planted the idea of using def based tier system To all the leaders of LPCs/MPCs/HPC who were consulted.
  3. As some may have noticed for a while, our Moderating team has shrunk due to inactivity/lack of motivation to participate in moderating activities which resulted in numerous demotions. Recently I had made a thread regarding numerous Moderator positions that have opened. I received a huge amount of PM's regarding this which lead to a process of elimination, determining our future mods, basing it off of rank/clan/post count/activity/previous history. We also took into consideration for those who applied for mod before I had made the announcement thread. This time round, I aimed to try not have more than 1 clan with a Mediator and allowed those who didn't manage to reach Mediator this time to receive Respected. I feel both groups of members will help me in my goals of helping the community become a healthy forum. @@Fake Smile @@Nixon @@Murd @@DNYS @@Beau @@PRShadow @ @ (SammyT) We hope these two will provide the rank team with some experience and excitement. As usual, these new Mediators will be set to a 2 week trial, closely keeping an eye on their activity and moderating capabilities. As previously stated, with the Mediator rule, I have decided to give some worthy applicants a chance at Respected. Respected members still have a decent amount of power where they will be able to help us clean the website up. Congratulations guys, hope to see you do well as you can potentially all be future Mediators. @ @@Old Nox @@Treehugger28 @@Singles @@Bluewatch @@Sage @@ibro @ @ @ Lastly, I would also like to congratulate @@The Enforcer on its promotion to Counselor. Your constant moderation has earned you this rank buddy! We also have a new set of rules that can be found here: http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/28599-the-ground-rules-moderation-guidelines/
  4. Memberlist Update The much await memberlist customization is here today! I have also added an XP tracker, visit this topic to find out more: http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/29618-how-do-i-use-my-xp-trackeradministrators-only/&do=findComment&comment=842542 You can also now filter memberlist by groups in the search function & the total averages will auto update Promotions We recently had a mass promotion, however we had to demote most of them due to lack of commitment. Unfortunately there is still a 2-3 hour period during GMT where the forums go unmodded. So introducing our new set of Gatekeepers @Ex Da Gr8 @ @ndYa @@Datassd0e These gatekeepers will be on probation for 2 weeks, if they fail this period, demotions will follow suit.
  5. Then finally we got the first prep worthy to be added to the betting system. Doom vs Fearless, which clan will come out ontop? Bet here: http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?app=sports&do=bet&id=1 TL;DR of the system: Thanks again to Don/3at for suggesting the idea to people wholly incapable of working on your suggestions. http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/28446-sharkbet-bet-on-major-clan-events/
  6. I cannot believe you have the arrogance to to claim self credit for the current 1-5 def LPC movement while absolutely ignoring the original founders & clans who actually stuck to the 1-4 def code like Misfits, DMK & RD whom I spent quite alot of time talking to trying to learn about the LPC scene, all while you were still playing with mithril armor & bringing mains to trips. Moreover, Envy/Misfits/DMK/RD/ST's almost daily pk trips was also one of the real catalysts as it opened the community eyes to the sheer activity that was missing in the HPC and MPC scene. Besides that topic you posted on your clan site demanding that clans obey that magical 1 def rule, what else have you done to deserve full credit for everything? I even have logs down here of you complaining about the "problems" in LPC. To add salt to the wound, even your own co-admin have no idea how the Pure community works The current LPC movement is not just telling everyone to stay 1-4 def or stupidly reset their accounts It is a system consisting of clan ranks who is willing to put in the effort to stay 1-4(5) def, having daily pk trips & pkris & using their low combat levels to beat mains at levels mains are not effective in, recruiting new pures, and teaching these new pures how to pure clan. The system will fail if any of the above factors are missing or neglected. When I launched the def classification system, I gave credit to everyone who advised me on what should been done. You are an admin of a community site, do not take away credit where it is due to people. It is extremely hurtful and nothing gets me more pissed off than a person in power who tries to abuse his authority by claiming all the credit for himself hoping the community will see him in better light.
  7. Hi everybody, I hope you all had a very happy and safe New Year. To kick things off for 2017, we've decided to hold a tournament to showcase individual talent rather than clan quality. Over the past month or so, the idea of an event of some sort has been thrown around. Fast forward to the past few days, it's slowly taken shape. With a lot of tweaking and brainstorming, we've developed a system best suited for it. I'm happy to announce that we will be holding the Sharkbrew Tribrid Tournament. We have two bracket concepts, and once sign-ups are held, depending on participation numbers, we'll release the one most relevant. I know there's a lot of talented brids on here, hopefully you'll all be able to make it. Over the next couple days, keep an eye out for sign-ups. Below is a quick overview for those on mobile: Two Combat Brackets Pre-selected gear with 1 allowed upgrade Participants must choose which bracket they will enter under 10m RSGP + Forum Signature Grand Prize Special thanks to @Shadows, @TheBean, @Iceey, @Moni, @Kim, and @Braden for all their input and also @ slushpuppy for allowing me to do this and contributing to the reward. Expand below for full rules
  8. Sharkbrew Yearly Clan Awards - 2016 The time has finally come for the third set of Sharkbrew's official Yearly clan Awards. We have seen many changes within the community, many opponents have risen and many have fallen but the community is still going strong. Unfortunately we only get to see a few clans win this years awards but with that being said, a certain bunch of people decided to split the community. Overall having a shortage and potential in more winners Without further ado, Sharkbrew.com would like to present the results awards and the signatures. Thanks to @@Young_IX for making our awards on short notice. Most Successful HPC Clan of 2016 Most Successful LPC of 2016 HPC with the highest potential for 2017 LPC with the highest potential for 2017 Best Banter Most Mature Best Sharkbrew Staff Member
  9. Quote Towers Finally I got around to doing this, but I have made it nearly impossible to create quote spam towers anymore. Multiple embedded quotes will be truncated to the first quoted post. Aftermath Topics (I am surprised no1 has suggested this before) I have added an auto spoiler feature for posts/topics that has stacked pictures(4 or more), hopefully this will make it easier to read clan aftermath topics. See code for example Tag me if you run into any issues since I am messing with the core system of the site(posting) @slushpuppy Try it out: [img=http://i.imgur.com/wkvoxXC.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/wkvoxXC.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/wkvoxXC.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/wkvoxXC.jpg] omg cute kittens [img=http://i.imgur.com/wkvoxXC.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/wkvoxXC.jpg] Preview: omg cute kittens
  10. Sorry for the downtime. it was due to a mistyped "rm" command that basically did this to some of the core server files: Luckily everyone was on backup cycle and I am able to recover all client data + sharkbrew. if you run into issues with your site, let me know. Stay tune later this week for WCOTM & Memberlist update
  11. I always believed that nazi moderation style are for snowflake pussies who cannot handle an insult, and such modding styles will eventually lead to decreased competitive environment, moderating bias and circle jerking due to the restrictions on new ideas being allowed in the forum. Then again, a forum consisting of troll topics isn't very conducive environment for discussion. So we need a solution that bridges the gap... BANTER Topics BANTER topics is a pilot program at testing whether we could have an environment for people to have discussions maturely and a place for clan members to unleash (almost)anything at each other. If you look at our current rule set: http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/28599-the-ground-rules-moderation-guidelines/ Inside such banter topics, the only rule that apply will be "Leaking personal content" and "Spamming"(yes, if you wish to flame, try to flame on topic , and no irrelevant posting or repeating other flames like a broken tape recorder ) We will see whether we need to cap the number of BANTER topics per clan per day, but lets hope we do not have to touch on that.. BANTER topics can only be made in clan discuss boards The Enforcer moderation bot Not too long ago, we had this 5 char limit to posts, and it didn't limit spamming the slightest, so I made an auto warn bot which will warn for the following: Repeated quote spamming Excessive insults in a post Spamming repeated text Repeating the same post over and over Posting links in status updates So far, the bot has been quite accurate but it is not 100% bulletproof. If you encounter any issues, feel free to drop us a PM on IRC/TS and we will see what we can do to help you. P.s. Respected has been renamed to Gatekeeper #Overseer #Counselor #Mediator #Retired #Designer #Editor #Respected #Gatekeeper #Kingpin #Veteran #Member
  12. Sharkbrew Potato Clan Awards Thanks to the rousing success of last year's awards, Sharkbrew shall run the the potato clan awards yet again! http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/13277-sharkbrew-pure-community-potato-awards-results/ Sharkbrew Potato Clan Awards is an troll award celebrates the worst in pure community. If your clan is on the list, maybe you should do something about it! To prevent bias voting, like the Annual Clan Awards, you must vote for your preferred 3 clans for your votes to be counted. Winners will be awarded to the clan or individual with the highest total votes. Voting will close at Noon GMT on 4th Dec and winners will be announced later alongside the results of the Annual Clan Awards. The Sharkbrew Potato Clan Awards allude to the Razzie Awards that are always held before the Oscars awards. Award name: Sharkbrew Potato Clan Awards Voting end: 1200 GMT 4th Dec 2016 Voting regulations: You must vote for 3 clans or else your vote will be nulled You can only vote for clans that are open as of today Only member+ created before this topic w/ 100 pc votes will be counted Your votes will only be counted on 4th Dec 2016, between now and then, you may edit your votes. How to vote?: Reply to this topic with EXACTLY following voting template copied: Voting template: Quote P.S. Unlike the annual pure community awards, there will be no individual category. This is not some individual witchhunt program
  13. It's time where another year is down and another year Sharkbrew pushes forward. To strive for many more years, we require active and competent Mediators. Recently we have fell short of this due to either lack of motivation or members not given an opportunity to prove their worth. This time, I have the opportunity for everybody to put their best foot forward and potentially become the next Mediator. Instead of the 'Application' for Mediator, I'll be having you guys PM me, on Sharkbrew, to show your interest in becoming a Mediator. I'm looking for a Minimum of 4 new Mediators, yes, 4. I don't care what clan you're from, I'm open to any clan and there will be no bias towards my decision. I will not be the only person who will vote for your promotion but more or so polled. There are a few things with this new system that I'm hoping to rework again in the near future. Requirements: Pming me doesn't guarantee you'll be accepted as a Mediator. There is a minimum of 700 post count. - Some exceptions can be made. No previous moderation required, we can teach you. The will to take on board of feedback and listen to instructions by higher ranks. If you have a history of warning points, your chances will be lessened but if you provide solid interest, we can sort issues out as everybody will still be trial based. Active within the pure community as well as Sharkbrew. Meaning, you're able to spend a few hours daily viewing Sharkbrew, dealing with reports, hiding/warning any irrelevant or bad behaviour on the website. Knowing what's currently happening within the pure community (by actively participating) also helps in future decisions for the website. You can PM me now to show your interest. Ambassador has now had a complete rework. Those who previously had access have now been revoked and will now need to PM me to regain their access. Previously gaining Ambassador was far too easy for numerous members to gain, leaving the section not as important, lack of quality and overall useless. With the revamp, I'm hoping the new system shows the importance and gives a great environment for healthy discussions between clan leaders. How this will run: Ranked in an a >1 month old Pure Clan with a 40+ Memberlist, 50 Post Count and a legit Sharkbrew forum account. For access, pm Braden A Maximum of 2 representatives can access this forum at a time, there is more information within the section that explains this. Meet the requirements? Shoot me a PM on the site with the following details: Clan Name Rough date/time of opening Clan Site IRC Channel Link/Picture to Memberlist I will go through every PM individually and give access to those who are successful. Ps: Clan awards voting will be released within the next week.
  14. Shark wallet & SharkBet Due to the lack of ingenious ideas, the shark wallet system has kinda floundered on this site despite having the most potential for expansion. Luckily, upon reading a suggestion by @Don & some Supremacy members that includes 3at, I realized that there is no existing system in Pure Community that facilitates betting or wagering on the outcome of clan aftermaths-all we have are community polls that are generally frivolous. What is Sharkbet? Sharkbet is a betting system that is based on mutual betting pool where all the bets are pooled together. The entire pool is shared among the winners and each winner's take is dependent on how much he/she had bet, proportioned to other winners' bets. For example: Team A: Bob: $200 Tim: $300 Team B: John $500 If Team A wins, Bob will receive $400 and Tim will receive $600. If Team B wins, John receives the whole $1000. How do I add my event to SharkBet? Ask your Ambassadors to request for their event to be added here What are the rewards of SharkBet? The winnings from SharkBet will be then transferred back to your SharkWallet where you can buy items like VIP or the coveted Betting Xpert name style for $50,000. What are the other features of SharkBet? We even have a highscores showing top betters as well! Any questions feel free to reply below. Also we are open for mediator positions, read this topic to know more! http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/28407-ambassador-rework-moderator-positions/
  15. After reviewing moderation logs, it appears that adam has been abusing his powers by removing posts that reflected his clan(s) in bad light. For those posters who think your posts were affected, drop a PM to me if you want them restored.
  16. Today a clan meeting was hosted by @@GodStarPk Current and new HPC's have discussed how we'll no longer bring mains to weekend trips. High ranks agreed to creating memberboard threads regarding no longer bringing mains, unfortunately some ranks of clans weren't able to participate but we hope that the rest of you follow. We hope this weekend turns out to be a major success and everyone sticks to their word. Good luck this weekend guys and lets have fun Here's proof of the clans that participated:
  17. Even though he was/is a member of CD, do not take the CD ban as an excuse to dox or hack him as he is still a rank of SB I don't care what you guys do in your rank boards(even if they get leaked) or behind the scenes, however if your clan openly support any sort of hack or irl dox like how CD did during the hacking of Lenin where dozens of CD members went on sharkbrew to mock Lenin while CD ranks & CD SB ranks encouraged them, your clan will also suffer the same punishment as CD. This special privilege only applies to Sharkbrew ranks simply because my ranks put in extraordinary effort in helping the site and the pure community..
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