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Found 187 results

  1. Last week, we asked the community and the ambassadors their take on a revamp The ambassadors voted in their boards and none of the poll questions passed. Read below for changes within the point system and logs. Point System: Pkris 1.50 Points for PKRIs. After two pkris, it'll be brought down to 1.25 points. This will reset at midnight in eastern timezone. (must provide evidence of established pkri, both clans will get points, mains will be penalized)It was found that clans hardly do more than two pkris in one day regardless unless they're farming it in the last week. In order to avoid farming all together, we have capped it. If we see its hindering clans during the month of June, it'll be changed Midweeks Midweeks with fighting clans (an unplanned pkri) - this serves as an unexpected pkri and should be worth around 1.25 points. If a second midweek is posted, it'll be brought down to 1 point.(mains will not be penalized) Midweek with fighting randoms - 1 point (mains will not be penalized) Weekends Wilderness Weekend event- 2 points (mains will be penalized) no changes This point system will be effective from this point forward. Creation of Topics Sharkbrew staff and I have spoken about this for awhile. Its been somewhat ridiculous on how people only post a video of their event to get midweek points. Guidelines: Be descriptive of what occurred in your fights to the best of your abilities. Organize the fights into an orderly fashion with the apporiate GFX or text. If the guidelines aren't followed, your topics will not count. Your topics will start to be penalized on June 14th. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to organize it. Please comment below or query me on IRC. Documentation of Logs: This has been in the talks with the staff for awhile in how the logs should be presented. The logs need to show: The PKRI being asked for. /whois The Location. The initial heads up of when the attacking clan is going to rush. Examples of Poor Logs
  2. Sharkbrew Staff have been bouncing off ideas for community events in the future. I was curious on what type of events our community may want Previously, We weren't able to do P2P RvB due to clans not being p2p ready & dipping out last moment. Encourage your members & friends to vote on this poll! There is always talks about bringing back PCL and I thought it'd be neat to bring it back for one day. If you have any suggestions for another type of event. Let me know down below in the comment section.
  3. Places a 7th May picture into a topic posted on the 15th. https://i.gyazo.com/7edeeebc3ab118f2bd41e2325b898a0a.png https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/33444-sunday-p2p-0wnge-ft-doommisfitaaoir/ How hard is it just to get pictures from the actual even unless you had a bad trip.. then in that case don't bother posting a topic lmfao. Either that or I assume they wanted to shame doom some how.. so lets raid the image archives! Critical Damage topics midweeks will not count towards WCOTM, starting from 16th to 19th of May.
  4. The only requirement to appeal for your unbanning is that you must've had 500 PC, otherwise we wont even look over it. We'll start looking over the appeals on March 28th or 29th, start submitting your appeals now. #Member #Veteran #VIP #Gatekeeper #Mediator #Ambassador #Kingpin
  5. Before the implementation of the WCOTM, barely any clan went out into the wilderness, during the weekdays for either midweeks or PKRIs. Thanks to the groundwork done by @@Moni, @ (a TINY bit) and now @@Kim (who runs the system), we now have almost 3-4 midweeks/PKRIs posted daily. However, while I haven't been following up with the WCOTM myself, it appears that some clans have been reusing content from other topics and posting them in a fresh new topic. This sort of behavior distort and corrupts the intention of the WCOTM- which is to improve the wilderness activity of the pure community. (Yes irregardless whether the additional content counts or not towards WCOTM, reusing old content betrays the expectation that all content in an aftermath topic have not been posted before). With that out of the way, Doom has been caught duplicating pictures from an old topic: http://imgur.com/a/zc7t2 http://imgur.com/a/DVpud They have been warned & to further reinforce our point that this behavior will not be take lightly, All their midweeks/pkri for the week, 8-12 may WILL NOT be counted to WCOTM. Furthermore, it appears that some clans like AAO may have reused pictures judging from the CC. While that cannot be confirmed yet, I will have creating a forum section dispute to tackle this fake topic/duplicate content issue. It is humanly impossible for sharkbrew ranks or any group of people to root out fake topics, instead we need the entire help of the community to find an expose such clans. I would like to take @@Bradyb for taking the time to expose the grand scheme of things.
  6. Public Disputes With another step in the direction of openness and transparency, Sharkbrew will now conduct all disputes related to its systems or mains in a public forum section called "Disputes". All members of Sharkbrew will now be able to see decisions are made and the due process before any action is taken against any clan. However to prevent spamming & brown sticky stuff posting, only ambassadors will be able to post or reply to Disputes. As a result, we will be increasing the number of ambassadors per clan to 3 as of this coming friday 5th may midnight EST Disputes made in the last 12 hours in Ambassador boards will be locked. #Ambassador
  7. Twitter We have recently rebooted our twitter accounts with daily live updates on alch items. Support us today: https://twitter.com/SharkBrew_RS Calculators Sharkbrew will be launching our own set of calculators in the coming weeks specially tailored to the needs of Pures, Pkers. Such calculators in the works are: High Alch Calc Chinchompa range calc- calculates number of chins to reach target range level Barrage calc - calculates number of runes to reach target level Account planner - calculates estimate hp & combat level GE Trend Flip calculators If you have any ideas in mind, feel free to reply with your idea and my tag @slushpuppy
  8. As of now since there's no MPC's or HPC's the payout will be 20m for each COTM Winner and WCOTM Winner. We aren't doing payouts for clans that want to participate in the MPC or HPC bracket due to there being no other clans to compete with them Example (CP)
  9. To Win COTM, there's a 6 Prep Minimum (For MPC's and HPC's) To Win COTM, there's a 5 Prep Minimum (For LPC's) The most points at the end of the month will win COTM. This is due to clans not being able to reach the minimum. If you have any comments/concerns msg me on IRC or Teamspeak 3.
  10. While there were miscommunication between the clan & the ranks that resulted in a significantly delayed start, at least we had an event that wasn't a complete malarkey being crashed by other clans or by mains. I am also pleased by the reports that Sharkbrew teamspeak held up to nearly 230 users without breaking a sweat. We identified some key issues, and we hope not to repeat it again for the next RvB. While the fight was a 2-1, the 2nd round was fairly close considering the slight imbalance in teams. We hope that clans will continue to train up so we can organize fairer teams in the future. Overall, I would like to thank all the clans & my entire rank team(esp Kim) who participated and helped with organizing the event. Without further ado, congratulations to team blue:
  11. Kim Kim was one of my more loyal & hardworking ranks and was due for promotion to Counselor. Unfortunately during this period, someone had convinced her to hop over to their community site on the basis that it is better than Sharkbrew(). She had informed me of her decision in advance and that her intention was dedication to the Pure Community rather than any particular site. She assisted to clear the tasks that was assigned to her before going over. Today she has made clear of her intentions to return as her college semester is coming up and she will not be able to dedicate herself towards building a brand new community site all by herself. I have done the necessary security checks and it appears that nothing from Sharkbrew was stolen except for our Clan Wars League and a couple of glory hunting ranks. Without further ado, welcome back @@Kim and congratulations on your promotion. Critical Damage While CD has certainly earned alot of enemies, their tenacity is admirable and I believe there is an exclusive few in CD who believes quite strongly for the betterment of the pure community. As the rank who got hacked(Lenin) has retired, and looking at the situation at retrospect, the whole debacle could be summed up as the folly of a few immature CD ranks. During the revamp of COTM, I had also received feedback from some clans that because there is only so few pure clans left the banning of CD had affected prep activity. Thus I will be unbanning CD aftermath topics with immediate effect. In the future, I hope clans will think of the consequences before taking the "rap" for anything. Ex-Ranks Some of you had jumped ship thinking it was a really easy way of grabbing senior mod but some of you did appeared to have done so because you truly wanted a better community. I recognized some of my failures back in Sept-Oct when I legitimately had a huge debt to pay off IRL did not have time to micro manage the site, this combined with tiny staff team was a recipe for disaster. I hold no grudges and I will welcome any ex-rank or any ranks from that other community site under certain conditions based on how you departed Sharkbrew, and your subsequent actions on that other site.
  12. Legendary Clan Of The Month This will be the new coveted award that is only given to clans that are truly active in all aspects of clanning. Prerequisites Won COTM & WCOTM for that month Prepped(Win/loss counts) every single clan(Only those in CWL) within their bracket(as determined at the start of the month) in COTM. Posted a weekend topic for Sat/Sun for every week for the entire month. Reward 50m RSGP Badass sig made by @@Fake Smile ~Thanks once again to our sponsors for the reward. I urge you to check out their Pservers/Gold selling sites
  13. Points were changed, I promised to give ST and Prestige proper points for their win which I wont change but the loss for OP and win for Doom have been changed. For future baltic preps will be added to COTM but not CWL. The points will be given normally to each winner and regular x1 loss to the loser. http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/30619-lpc-cotm-bracket-march/
  14. Time for another Red Vs Blue! This time around, we will be hosting P2p Red Vs Blue. Thank you to the following clans who signed up for the event: @Doom @Misfits @Redemption @Unbreakable Teams: Red Vs Blue Team Red: Doom & Unbreakable Vs Team Blue: Misfits & Redemption Location: Clan Wars Rules: 1-5 Def Cap 1 Defense Gear Best of 3 Round 100 Vs 100 Overheads [ON] No Venom We will be checking if anyone brings in accounts with over 5 defense. If the clans need to bring accs above 5 defense, please let me know beforehand. Teamspeak: Both teams are allowed to use our teamspeak (ts.sharkbrew.com) Bare in mind to contact me days in advance if you wish to use it for the event. Massing Times: March 23rd, 2017 4:30 pm est - 8:30pm GMT - 9:30pm GMT+1 - 10:30PM GMT+2 - 7:30am AEDT Conditions: There will be two private irc channels for clans to speak to each other. We will update keep every clan participating updated. The clan chat information will be given on the day of the event. This is to avoid havoc from other clans who are not participating. Betting: Bet on your peers and allies down below! http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?app=sports&do=bet&id=6
  15. http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/28819-new-and-improved-cotmcwl-for-2017/
  16. Without Further a-do, our first gatekeeper of the year to move up Mediator. Andy has shown patience and compassion towards community members and has spent time assisting a great amount of you. He has helped in events, provided guidance for WCOTM and other aspects of the community. Congratulations, @@ndYa Some of these individuals have been an influence on the community in terms of positivism and ongoing actions for it. Some of these individuals want to help the community to their best of their abilities by taking on a position here at Sharkbrew. Congratulations, @@B-ryan @@exzrts @@Kanicus @@Robbyy @@Whoppa @@Seven @ Make the community proud! Our Clan Declaration System has reopened Take a look at the topic: http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/30909-clan-declaration-system-reopens/
  17. Clan Declaration System I am glad that majority of the clans are satisfied with the latest clan classification update. With that out of the way, it has become much easier to draft the rules for the declaration system. I hereby announce the opening of the clan declaration system for 2017. Some of the major changes are: Def Based rules Revised the limit to 2 declarations per week Ignoring declarations will now cost you points Declaring on a clan & losing will now also cost you points I have revised the system to encourage fights to take place, but also added a measure to mitigate unfettered declarations. Feel free to read the rest of the rules here: http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/30907-new-declaration-rules/?view=getnewpost
  18. I am hearing rumors this clan-wide thing to dox & expose her irl details @@Kim If you continue to do this, EOP will be banned from Sharkbrew I will stand by my ranks who done nothing wrong.
  19. New Sponsor Thanks to @@Ari who hooked me up with this latest sponsor, we now have enough funds to offer cash prizes to clans for winning WCOTM/COTM. With effect from 28th Feb, Winning clans of WCOTM and COTM will receive 10m each. This means that winning clans of this month's WCOTM/COTM will receive bling. I will be working out the arrangements with @@Moni & @@Kim In the meantime, why waste time making money in game? feel free to pop over to https://rscheapgold.com/as their prices are quite reasonable and they even have gp lottery!
  20. Sharkwallet Ever since the launch of the popular betting application, people have been pestering us to add more items to the Sharkwallet shop so they could spend their winnings. As such, I have added the following: Clan Hats You can now purchase clan hats that will go ontop of your forum name So far, I have only added the hats of 3 top legacy clans. If you want your clan's hat to be added, post a topic tagging @slushpuppy with justification and I will see if it can be added. (P.S. only clans that made an impact in the PC will be added) http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?app=ibEconomy&tab=shop&area=items&cat=2 500k GP Also you can now buy 500k Runescape GP with 50k Sharkwallet points Unlike the holier than thou ranks at rsw who claimed not to make money off the pure community, but yet put up ads less than 2 months after their opening, Sharkbrew's monetization efforts have been far lowkey as I believe making money isn't the main goal of this site, but to provide a safe community while promoting the development of pure community. However there are some costs involved and there are times I channel real life money into the servers to keep it online. Regardless, since December, 2 RSPSes has kindly sponsored sharkbrew with RSGP/Paypal. With these 2 sponsors & the small monthly payouts from Google ads, All of sharkbrew server/networking costs are covered. We have also started paying our Mediators/Gatekeepers a token sum for their contributions to Sharkbrew. However if we have excess GP, it will be channeled to cash prizes for the Sharkwallet or any future tournaments. Memberlist I have added support for IPB4 for the Sharkbrew Memberlist
  21. I would like to first thank Sharkbrew Staff for helping out with the event. @@Moni @ @@Fake Smile @@ibro @@ndYa @@Singles Secondly, thank you to the clans for participating @Envy @Fearless @Invictus @ Shadow Kings @Special Forces @Strike Team and @Olympus for the clutch. Round 1: Team Blue starting/ending: 98/61 Team Red starting/ending: 100/0 Round 2: Team Blue starting/ending: 99 / (27) Team Red starting/ending 100/0 Round 3: Team Blue Lost. Team Red starting/ending: 95 / (25) Team Blue starting/ending: 95 / 0 POVs: @@Brandon | Hotgun's Round 3 | @Ev Cc VAAK's @@Bowsz Red Vs Blue was really close and interesting. I hope to see more fun events like this in the future #Member #Veteran #Kingpin #Ambassador #Gatekeeper #Mediator
  22. New Pure Clan Classification-The Solution To Mains There will be a side bar hook that shows the current clans & the respective classification they belong to. There will be a dispute section where anyone can publicly post evidence of clans breaking the classification. Depending on the circumstances, the following can happen: For members who were hacked, clans will be given 1 week to egress members from the clan For blatantly using higher defence pures(or mains) in any events, the clan will be given a warning not to repeat it again. Failure to accede to above requirements will result in the clan being automatically moved up to the next combat tier There will be no exceptions Clans can request to be moved up or down the combat tier For existing clans, this classification will not kick in until 1st February to give everyone more time to adjust the levels of their clan members Q&A Why base it on Defence levels instead of Combat? Compatible with existing clans- Existing HPCs today all bring 30 defs, so no changes. The new LPCs will also slot in just fine. MPCs will be an issue, but we will try out best to integrate them accordingly Persistent Clan Branding - With the current system, clan ranks just simply choose a category and stick with it. No more moving up the tier when everyone has leveled. Restraining Def levels - When new clans move up tier, usually they would be unable to compete with the existing clans who usually has higher defence. As a result, these new clans also end up increasing their def avg Fairer - Clans would now only have to fight others with similar def levels & ultimately similar gear setup/weapons if jagex chooses to introduce turmoil/etc. What happens if Jagex introduces defence based weapons like turmoil/handcannon? Nothing changes-Turmoil pures will join HPCs, and 1 def pures will stick within their own category. How does this solve the issue of mains? Minimizes the reckless leveling of defence - Under the old system, clans have encouraged members to obtain 39 def pure (tanks) to stay competitive within their tier. Now they will be penalized for it. Low defence reduces chance of mains attacking you - A low defence pure will less exposed to main accounts that could threaten its PKing dominance. A 1 def 80 cb nearly maxed pure should best any equivalent lvl 80 main, esp with the new raid weapons. What happens if my lvl 50 lpc gets attacked by lvl 50 cb critical damage mains? Who do these classifications apply to?Sharkbrew has zero jurisdictions in game, however we hope that clans take the initiative, regardless on 1st Feb Sharkbrew will automatically group you for the following: WCOTM COTM Clan Declaration System Any other tournament or clan vs clan events. Some clans refuse to obey the def limit and still bring higher def pures! Dispute them Use tactics to defeat them... (wasn't an issue when MM was around.. remember 30 def today confers almost no offensive advantage.) like: Hit & Run KO squad consisting of mages/rangers Fight at lower wilderness(because ur not frigging 39 def, it shouldn't be a problem!) There is another clanning website, what if they don't follow the same classification system? The other site has spoken volumes about stopping mains, but it is expected that nothing will bore fruition as that site is ran by some of the more toxic pure clans who introduced mains to their respective pure brackets it is more than likely they will try to demonize some of the attempts by this site to cure the main cancer, but I strongly believe that a group of maxed pures will defeat any subpar mains at lvl 20 wilderness. What will happen after this topic?We will be engaging clans to ease the transition(esp for MPCs) Omg wow I would like to open a new LPC clan?!?!?!?!??Continue reading below. Free teamspeak hosting for new (X)LPCs I would also like to personally sustain this push by giving out teamspeaks to anyone who may be tempted to open an (X)LPC after reading this topic. My offer: 1 month's free 60 slot DDOS-protected teamspeak hosting Requirements: You want to open a 1-5 (X)LPC. You do not have an existing forum/site/teamspeak You have conducted at least 1 trip(midweek) with a CC size of at least 15 pures or more. You have evidence of having conducted the aforementioned trip, either via screenshots or having posted a Sharkbrew aftermath topic You do not bring anyone above 5 def. Break any of the above rules will result in the TS being revoked. Apply now here: http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/226-i-am-opening-an-lpc-and-need-a-free-teamspeak/ I will not run this offer for long, so act quickly! Credits: I would like to thank the following people for their assistance and consultation: My entire rank team who advised me on changes @Ex Da Gr8 - Whose topics were one of the catalysts for this project @ - who initially planted the idea of using def based tier system To all the leaders of LPCs/MPCs/HPC who were consulted.
  23. As some may have noticed for a while, our Moderating team has shrunk due to inactivity/lack of motivation to participate in moderating activities which resulted in numerous demotions. Recently I had made a thread regarding numerous Moderator positions that have opened. I received a huge amount of PM's regarding this which lead to a process of elimination, determining our future mods, basing it off of rank/clan/post count/activity/previous history. We also took into consideration for those who applied for mod before I had made the announcement thread. This time round, I aimed to try not have more than 1 clan with a Mediator and allowed those who didn't manage to reach Mediator this time to receive Respected. I feel both groups of members will help me in my goals of helping the community become a healthy forum. @@Fake Smile @@Nixon @@Murd @@DNYS @@Beau @@PRShadow @ @ (SammyT) We hope these two will provide the rank team with some experience and excitement. As usual, these new Mediators will be set to a 2 week trial, closely keeping an eye on their activity and moderating capabilities. As previously stated, with the Mediator rule, I have decided to give some worthy applicants a chance at Respected. Respected members still have a decent amount of power where they will be able to help us clean the website up. Congratulations guys, hope to see you do well as you can potentially all be future Mediators. @ @@Old Nox @@Treehugger28 @@Singles @@Bluewatch @@Sage @@ibro @ @ @ Lastly, I would also like to congratulate @@The Enforcer on its promotion to Counselor. Your constant moderation has earned you this rank buddy! We also have a new set of rules that can be found here: http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/28599-the-ground-rules-moderation-guidelines/
  24. Memberlist Update The much await memberlist customization is here today! I have also added an XP tracker, visit this topic to find out more: http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/29618-how-do-i-use-my-xp-trackeradministrators-only/&do=findComment&comment=842542 You can also now filter memberlist by groups in the search function & the total averages will auto update Promotions We recently had a mass promotion, however we had to demote most of them due to lack of commitment. Unfortunately there is still a 2-3 hour period during GMT where the forums go unmodded. So introducing our new set of Gatekeepers @Ex Da Gr8 @ @ndYa @@Datassd0e These gatekeepers will be on probation for 2 weeks, if they fail this period, demotions will follow suit.
  25. Then finally we got the first prep worthy to be added to the betting system. Doom vs Fearless, which clan will come out ontop? Bet here: http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?app=sports&do=bet&id=1 TL;DR of the system: Thanks again to Don/3at for suggesting the idea to people wholly incapable of working on your suggestions. http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/28446-sharkbet-bet-on-major-clan-events/
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