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Found 1462 results

  1. This is a small example that summarizes the whole rivalry. What zenith shows (peep their topic): What really happened ( same pov of the same zenith member but uncut): PS: if you're in zenith, your ranks have been feeding you this type of propaganda since your opening , it's never late to make changes !!!
  2. i came on sharkbrew after not coming for 2months, expecting something interesting. i saw Fi started pulling 100s+ lmfao idk how but it caught my attention. i continue reading... fi and zenith in a rivalry and i cannot find anything related to foe, did foe closed? this last sunday p2p weekend topic caught my attention... Zenith pulls 100+ but entire video show the following action below: massing... walking to gdz... waiting at gdz for 30mins... got baited by fi to fight at gdz... have no intel.... finally someone gave them fi locs hitting other clans at boneyard.... rushed down... fi teled out after cluster.... zenith didnt kill any1... zenith teled out to get outspammed in edge....wallks to fog.... waited at fog for another 30mins.... got baited x2.... rushes sperm.... hit some irrelevant clans with 20ppl which i dont even know.... then hit rage up 60.... probably the only real action they got.... then teled out to spam fi but fi outspammed them x2... teled up ca.... do nothing for 15mins.... tele back edge to spam ly after ly ended..... i really feel sorry for the 100 members that you pull to your weekends trip. honestly i have no idea what the fuc your leaders are doing. how you lead your trips May God Bless Zenith if ur leaders have no idea how 2 pk, plz pm me on discord i can teach. Jamz is easy lmfa0.
  3. Remember this? And with today's revelations, this comes out as the posted evidence for zenith's innocence from their own ranks... But wouldn't that mean that Zenith's leadership were lying in the original topic? What a twist this has become...
  4. A quick recap of Fatality's Week and Weekend Started with this: Moved onto this: Ended like this: SEE YOU NEXT WEEKEND
  5. Call my bluff? You declined the first two requests and now after your clan got their shit leaked and made look bad you're trying to save face. Why on earth do you randomly have energy and confidence to ask us for a fullout? Is it because you're going to pay Apex members to login on your accounts in order to give you a better chance of combatting us? Lmfao, fucking pathetic ass clan talking about confidence in members when you can't even do a tournament with your own LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Also suck my dick more LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  6. Guess we called their bluff lmfao Cya this weekend retards.
  7. Starting: Ending: 7 minute video with no cape counter... WHO DUN IT?? WINNERS POV:
  8. Where is Zenith? I've noticed that @Nox and his "team" were still there fighting for their buddies Zenith but... where were they? Where did they go? What inspired them?
  9. How the fuck are you getting manhandled like twig pussy bitches in both scenes lmfao. No pking for @barcode leader1300 word min apology topic by the end of the week or ur admins getting leaked
  10. 4 weeks ago: Today (lmfao): Fudog wins again (1 down 4 more to go)
  11. You leak our boards and get cleared when u crash pure fights? 60+ Mains crashing all of your fights: Remarks, Foe
  13. I know I’m not the only one who wants to see it. when are we going to get a Z vs LY fullout? Someone has got to bend the knee eventually 😂 (props to both clans for sticking it out this long tbh)
  14. I remained friends with a handful of people in Rage after leaving to include one I thought I could trust to continue doing services for my account. Unfortunately I was scammed 400 mil. I am therefore asking for donations... I mean... I am giving big dick Donos out! ...This incident made me realize that there are many people out there in need... I figured I'd continue onwards with this Act of Giving. I have therefore gone ahead and donated to the following charities. YES THIS IS REAL. I wipe my ass with 400 mil and I hope that 3rd world country bitch can feed her little Pablito so he doesnt succumb to sickle cell. They can survive for 10 years with that kind of money in Brazil + she likes to eat from what I hear and imported Twinkies aren't cheap down there. LIST OF CHARITYS & DONATIONS: 1. Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation / Amount: $50 In honor of Jizzle. Top priority. Your face with my money, we will raise awareness brother. 2. Lipedema Foundation / Amount: $50 In honor of Fairy310/Sara Kacz the scammer. First appointment is free with them! 3. Foundation Substance Recovery Network / Amount: $50 In honor of @Broxxx. RS wouldn't be the same without you Broxxy so we need you to stick around. Don't scare us like that again. 4. Child Choose Foundation / Amount: $25 In honor of @BvG: You are almost there BVG. Just a few more testosterone pills to get your voice fixed and you'll be a real boy. 6. Global Down Syndrome Foundation / Amount: $1 In honor of Rag Sets. @Rag Sets With love, Your Daddy and provider BSA ❤️ P..S. Hosting "Got Scammed" Drop Party for Apex on Sunday. Tell the Vennies to pull through. @Fairy310
  15. heard foe has beef because there’s been a lot of bsing going on!
  16. when you run and hide in clanwars during the weekends, your enemies cant flame you anymore. u are literally still in the wilderness ll0l0ll https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/a=12/ferox-enclave?oldschool=1#_ga=2.45493986.710432550.1594822425-214578387.1570302530
  17. *pls read dis in chinaman voice (if u hav herd it b4)* 1 evenin, im log in, discord, not knowin wut happen, i see 1 brave clueless name by name of 'remorex' whic i clearly does not recall (mite b 1 of the bully vigtims i used to bully long ago) he start 2 flam my and trash talk and it ignited a spark inside me that i need 2 prove my relevanci in the pure scene once agen hence therefore after yes. from dis wkend onwards - Zenith Locs will be given for Free to every single LPC out there. altho my is not so much active, but i m still on every lpc weekends lol xd pm Tannie#0817 for info. sry frens in Z, need teach keyboard warriros lesson l0 also to: my old friens in Z, u can also pm me for ****** ****** im afraid sharkbrew does not allow my 2 post it. but u kno wat im referin 2 o yes baby, im so triggered and now ur clan will pay 4 u mistake. o btw, if u r gonna comment 'haha u got baited/triggered l0' hahhahaha, yes l0, bite me baby
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