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Found 1257 results

  1. Final Ownage Elite vs Outrage Rivalry is the most one-sided rivalry in 2019 Imagine piping up 2 weeks ago to a 14-yr old clan just to get bullied by an applicant LMFAO LMFA LMFAO @Jamzrunning from a rivalry in 2019 just tapout already retard
  2. What is up.... DramaAlert Nation.... I'm your host.... Fat Scott.... Letsssss get rightttttt..... into the news! Legacy Leech, formerly Outrage Leech, formerly EoP Leech, formerly Panic Leech, formerly Cp Leech, has reportedly leaked Zeke's irl picture!!! The picture in question?? aka the youtuber known as Deji aka ComedyShortsGamer https://www.youtube.com/user/ComedyShortsGamer ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zeke reacts by threatening Legacy with doxxing Meanwhile, Jobless Discord Warrior Pabz took matters into his own hands by releasing Cp Sam's irl ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will [Leet Tactics] Sam boot his bestfriend EoP Leech? Will Cd ever win a prep? Will clan-hopper Jamz continue hiding from Foe Danny? Will Scott finally get a gym membership? Stay tuned for the next installment of... #DramaAlert
  3. -OSRS- Official Pure Clan's Sunday Event. BP Pulled 50 This Sunday For Some Great Action We Scheduled Two Clean Fights With Supremacy Only To Be Crashed Twice by Outrage @ (CA & Boneyard, We March On To Destroyed Outrage At Falador & Held Up Defenses Against Foe, also Clear Onslaught, Rage, Damage Control & Got Re-hit By Rage Again @ Falador. We Continue on to Destroy Onslaught @GDZ & Got Teamed By OS, Damage Control & Hydra But Our Elite Strategy's Was To Overwhelming For Them Leaving Us at GDZ With The Title: Last Man Standing & Slapping The Fk Out Of DC. 1 vs 3 Clan War. (Thanks For AGS) DAMAGE CONTROL. POV:MONK101: POV:MALLU: POV:Kn1ghtofgod: POV:1500 CRLD:
  4. ex-leader of eop claims that his ex-clan was dogshit and ended up having to close by foe last year Imagine claiming a #1 F2p saturday when you set up a clw ft 100 on a weekend to avoid foe... lastly, I would like to give a s/o to my nigga foedanny for kicking this retard jamz from foe mad respect @FudogPOV l00000000000000000000000000000000000l
  5. lnfamous Jet

    hej outrage

    Yo just mass recruit and rival foe already, eop retards - stop stalling 🤡
  6. Throwback Thursday

    Weekly #Throwback Thursday

    Smoked 50v50 smoke #Throwback Thursday Imperial overall prep record vs Rage 7-1
  7. Foe or apex Sup or rage ly or cd fi or outrage
  8. A1v1 & Friends


    what the actual fuck is this LOOOOOOOOL > 66 pull > 3 minute video > lobbied all trip and bullied by 30 apex members in singles > ran away from their rival
  9. How do you call yourselves f2p based if you lose 0-5 to foe matches opts?!!!? foe making you their bitch, eat shit losers L0l #plug the leaks
  10. lnfamous Jet

    hej rage

    You lost a F2p and P2p prep to Supremacy, just fucking close... Kiss the ring rats
  11. Babe POV Noxious audio leak #1 - "how did we lose up 20" coming soon...
  12. Cdead have had 3 aftermaths in 12 weeks of being open They tried Dox (failed) IRL threats (failed) Teaming (failed) Mains (failed) Offering merges (failed) Inviting XLPC lvl 50s (current strategy) On top of this they are banned from SB, discord, and osrs wildy This is what happens when u make IRL threats to a superior clan. Know your place, which is fucking last
  13. Tannie

    hej outrage

    expect me jamz 300 also buying outrage locs, 30m/trip. Tannie#0817 on discord
  14. lnfamous Jet


    >:) u can talk, run, hide, but Fudog will always win #FH @dragonslayer526virgin
  15. Tomorrow Critical damage will bring mains. ALOT of mains. We are currently in a rivalry with legarbage, and they resorted to using mains against us when we only used pures This is a friendly reminder that we will only hit the garbage main clan legacy with mains, and will try our best not to hit any other pure clan with mains. If your in a pure clan and getting hit by mains tomorrow, please PM any CD official and we will come and remove the filth away.
  16. Pretty disgusting to see so many ironic and hypocritical claims from IR all within 1 trip. Feels good knowing the last thing all of IR will remember is 100+ FOE terrorizing them all week long whether it was in clan wars or the wilderness. Listen to how defeated their entire channel sounded when they realized this weekend was one of the biggest failures in the history of pure clanning. You can even hear the tears building up in their throats while they tried to remain calm during such a massacre. Funny ass video including a closing speech, ranks flaming each other, and more. SPECIAL FEATURE: SAT AUDIO The entire community can agree that IR will only be remembered as another wannabe poser clan.
  17. Tannie

    Dear CD #2

    Tannie#0817 for mercenary enquiry. The pigs promise to delete your enemies off the map. Whoever that pays will be our boss. When you say jump, we will ask 'how high?' We have also evolved ourself to becoming P2P hired. #VictimWorld is ready for hire as well.
  18. RE: Saturday trip. Imagine having 70 people on Teamspeak only to be bullied down to 40 opts ingame and being forced to bring 20 mains to compete. Disgusting main clan. LY mains in our capes A clean 1v1 with 16 legacy mains LOL Another clean 1v1 with 15 legacy mains LMFAO Imagine not being able to compete with 15 mains.
  19. First off it's pretty hilarious how throughout this piss poor speech this pussy refused to mention or hint anything about FOE because he knows exactly what would happen. I can only imagine this freak of nature pacing around his room back and forth shaking before reciting his runescape poem to his clan. In the future if you are going to try and hype up your clan before a "big" trip, it might help if you don't stutter throughout the entire thing! Don't choke tomorrow you fucking pussy. Holy fuck I have never EVER heard a more awkward person than this LOL.
  20. lnfamous Jet

    xLpc Update

    What clans/teams are opening at 60cb? :update: