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Found 1306 results

  1. This Sunday we pummelled the shit out of Supremacy, and as expected they spent the entirety of their trip making excuse after excuse as to why they were getting pummelled so hard. The excuses get better and better as the trip goes on, according to Supremacy ranks, Rage,Outrage,Resistance and even Ancient Fury were teaming on Supremacy all trip long. In reality Supremacy are stuck in the mindset of being a clan which pulls 30 and can't handle being the second highest pulling clan. You pussies should stop crying about other clans hitting you when you have 70 people and focus on not getting poached by your rivals. Supremacy barely lasted an hour before we ended their wilderness trip and sent them to clan wars. Below is supremacy's weekend topic, in which they claimed to have slammed Rage all trip: but when you look closer, the only video listed is from after they were sent to clan wars with their tails between their legs. I could go on and on but the only hope Supremacy has left is to bring multiple mains on Saturday and brainwash their members on Sunday. Below is a 16 minute video (including ts audio) of how Supremacy's trip really went. if you can't view the above, try second upload below xd.
  2. All these dogshit teams/ clans barking while I was on 2-week vacation. currently 9-1 on outrage and 15-0 on vision ngl
  3. It was a tough choice for me but I'm gonna go with Kyle for getting his clan cleared multiple times and getting kyp'd by 3at more than once and Blktiger in a close second for getting a 'rage cleared' spam only to get kyp'd by 3 ranks simultaneously for his poor attempt at propaganda. Mickey having the best performance of the day for telling sup ranks how it is.
  4. I’ve talked a lot of shit to ex-ranks of foe. They’ve sent a shit ton of niggas to rag me and I’m not really tryna fuck with that. Borzor, I only flamed you because you ragged me at a foe vs sup fight - I was over obsessed with carrying the foe legacy fr fr cuh. After realizing that you weren’t gunna off me the next weekend - I realized that I’m actually fucked since you called all your boys to jump me... even though I ain’t going out as a bitch my nigga... I’m throwing the white flag #itis-whatitis 8pint, used to watch ur vids all the time. Flamed you because wasn’t gunna put up with ur bullshit. After realizing that I actually didn’t kick you from foe because I’m only a member, I regret starting world war 3 vs a person who faught rot for months. I gave it a second thought and decided that I’m sorry for calling you a dogshit leader and I’m also throwing the white flag because I’m not going out as a bitch my nigga. final remarks to kg never knew a cat could kill a dog... looks like kg wins again #fudogbroken xoxo p.s - im going to take warlord of foe, please give me the time to practice calling both servers for #FOEgang I’m ready to be taken off the list #whiteflag
  5. "hey we never teled from you, we logged out retard" @Mustafafucking beta
  6. You fucking suck retard this is why I kicked you from foe... youre at the bottom of my left shoe, didn’t realize how dogshit of a leader you are... besides the audio leak, this dumbass only flames his members after losing a clean 1v1 - nevertheless he uses no ways to improve in his losing speech and starts to cry on ts
  7. Day = 24 Hours There's no way any of them posted more than once on any of the other topics, last I checked was roughly an hour ago where you had 45 replies. So let's assume you posted on the other topics once and now take away five. Giggs posted 57 times, Ryan 14 of those times, Ceza 13, Utc with 11 and Ready Ok Ko with 10 adding up to a total of 105 replies shared between the 5 on your topic LOL. I admire the propaganda you'd want to feed the people who weren't bothered to attend your trip, but if you're going to try make it seem as if your trip was good, turn your pic dump into an aftermath and make sure to change your hook to only showing weekly posts to make it more believable. It's pathetic what we've reduced you to, we only opened our doors to the public two months ago and haven't even tried to recruit nor rival you, yet you have somehow managed to bring this upon yourself. Just fucking close already or else you'll continue humiliating yourselves week in and week out up until the point of whatever legacy you have will be irrelevant, please, for the love of god, do not replicate what Fatality done to themselves 4 years ago. I honestly feel bad for the likes of Adhi, Chaos Pure, Walli, Kyle, Zero, Luke and the rest of your competent ranks who made your clan so great, the fact that you have managed to do a benjamin button on RuneScape is mind-boggling.
  8. Blood unit is demoralizing Vision L0l, these kids slumped from their 23 pull on Monday to 10 pull on Sunday Vision attempting to grab ips off of vendetta ts.... They lost 2 minis against BU gets swept all week and then begs for a brid fight... Apps are open for Blood Unit 64-67cb, pm Fudog#7042 for more information
  9. He was deadweight and only knew how to bark on the sidelines, #fudogsera
  10. Blood Unit vs Snipe Vision is the most one-sided rivalry of 2019 , besides foe smoking outrage 6 weeks straight. BU peaked 21 legends and pulled the strap against some fuck niggas who were barking too much It's clear that vision is a dogshit snipe team after inviting founders from Vendetta (ryan/kold/jay) and Noxious(scims) to compete. 5-1 @Fudog pov
  11. Outrage is pretty dogshit considering they sat in singles in the p13 fight, they only got 2 scim pushes within a whopping 10 minutes of finally fighting back all year...
  12. This is what I do before I ball out in foe ts
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