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Found 1606 results

  1. just came across this old but gold beauty ex leader bruinz suicided his entire clan LMFAO fatality is still trash to this day 5:10 for fi suiciding in multi
  2. My fo leak told me they cancelled their trip because rage smoked them AGAIN, and that their entire staff and 5 active members as well as their attendance taker @YOOITZKIDwere with apegs to boost the sardines from 25 to 30 (they had 50 on the counter because of MAINS!). A 16 year old clan wouldn't do that, right? you cant have 500+ retireds and not pull 10 l0l RAGE WINS AGAIN LMFA VID COMING SOON!
  3. Many more Apex audio to follow. Internal drama, rank fights, coordination with main clans and whatnot.. PM Royce#8004
  4. Today, we had setup a pkri vs BP in hopes of having another attempt at a clean 1v1 PKRI. Unfortunately, and LUCKILY for Apex, we only pulled 9 and ended up cancelling our PKRI during prime time GMT Hours. We were really hoping we can "bait" apex again but maybe next time when we have more people online. You got lucky Apex!
  5. Today we massed up 16 bears in hopes of having a clean 1v1 pkri. But instead, Apex showed up (in 1 item) and we farmed them so bad !!!! Check out the order of events in which took place, and tell us who won! Attempt #1: We headed to GDZ with 16 Bears in prime time EST. The fight started, and I kid you not.. 30 seconds later Apex showed up in 1 item and ragged us until we had to pause our fight and merge cc with BC/Rev/Clumpa (we couldn't fill a merged cc between us 5 clans btw). Once our fight was disrupted, and we called every single one of our allies, we were ready to get a regroup and reset in a different world. We didn't think apex would come back as long as all of our allies were there as well! Attempt #2: We teled up to GDZ for our second attempt at a clean fight. We had all of our allies on stand by, there's no way Apex would come this time! To our surprise... Apex logged in after 30 seconds of our CLEAN 1v1 pkri! Who invited them? And how did they find us AGAIN??? Anyways.. same shit happened (merged cc's, called our alliance, and had to pause our fight etc etc) Attempt #3: This time, we tried a different approach. We moved the fight to another location in hopes that they wouldn't find it... but yeah... 30 seconds later they found us again. Anyways... same shit etc etc (merged cc's, called our alliance, and had to pause our fight etc etc). But yeah, overall - you can say that we baited Apex and had a fun total of 90 second clean action! Don't believe us? Check out our spam pics, and watch our POV! Very successful event!
  7. Scims#3153 | cookies#1337 to cash out at every event! - Timestamps - 0:01 - Sam's Pre War Speech 0:40 - "COME WEST X10" (Zenith logs in). 1:23 - "Login to your mains, this is the only action we got". 1:47 - Rev establishes contact with Fat Scott. 2:02 - Rev tells LY to hold their ground and keep nsing. 2:22 - Monkey goes crazy with huge burst of energy lmfao. 2:50 - Sturgeonista gets kyped. 3:18 - Losing energy on ts. 4:30 - Monkey gains a small burst of energy. 5:31 - "Bring your level 3's, your xlpc accounts, it doesn't matter". 6:35 - Arguing in staff chat on whether to leave or not. 6:58 - Fat scott and Bday (Ram) trying to figure out who's cashing out. 7:37 - "Just keep it up guys, we're doing good". 7:43 - Sam blames FOE on why they're losing to Zenith LOL. 8:06 - Monkey gives a reminder to be on for P2P Sunday only to lose to Zenith yet again.
  8. 82-0 u fucking rejects LMAO disgusting clan how do u only killed 18 people in f2p in a 100v100 l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l know your place also @femboy cookiesTLP Sucked dick on 07, thats why u closed so early. So please, keep ur mouth shut random
  9. To all 4 (LOL) of the remaining Legacy/Ambush Ranks: We are going to keep applying nonstop pressure onto you. We will keep laughing at you as you try and go random worlds. We will keep pumping audio leaks onto your shit clan. We will keep punishing your 23 man weekend pulls until you close. For any other LY ranks/members that are thinking of jumping ship like Adam has, PM Scims#3153 | cookies#1337 to cash out. 24 Hours Before (ClanBrew Discord): 3 Days Before (Embarrassing P2P Sunday Audio):
  10. Zenith how in the fuck did you lose this bad LMFAO @[email protected] @ZENITH HEAD LAWYER @Zenith E-Girl @Zenny
  11. Video Timeline: 00:00 Intro - Backstory 01:27 Hour 1 - Bad Start 02:16 Hour 2 - Frustration 03:43 Hour 3 - Awkward Pretypes 05:52 Hour 4 - Terrible Calling 07:45 Hour 5 - Worst Calling in RS History 13:33 Hour 6 - "About to hit sub-40" 14:51 Hour 7 - "We have 20 in-game" 16:47 Hour 8 - "Done Fighting" 18:53 Hour 9 - Fake Ending
  12. If you are a moderator. Take the time to look at my ban appeal. The only Moderator who has taken the time at the ban appeal is @Shadows Lets get Fudog unbanned 2021 campaign.
  13. Terror not allowed to have clean wildy action anymore.
  14. Sorry we're a day late, we had to muster up some old kill pics and make sure our video was slow enough so it looked long!! It was a rough one with apex pulling so high.. they were on our ass haha Here's our sunday video, i'll post some of the highlights under it facing the sardine clan! We tried hiring some vennies again to help boost our pull but the cc got crashed and teamspeak got awkward for a few minutes lol howd they even know it? Our first hit and we got logged in on by apex and they caught us in a 7 man lol whoops They pushed us to ghost hut where we called off returns and tried rehitting the fight (see below what happened) As we were trying to re-hit the fight, a bunch of sardines logged in and i hurried to get the fuck out haha We pulled as far west as we could as they chased us but we had to call it off lol they smoked us again Next, we tried hitting a fight at fog but the fucking sardines logged in on us again... FUCKS SAKE MAN We tried booking it north but i said FUCK THAT not again and left For our last hit, we were left with like 10 mains and 4 pures lol idk what we were doing at that point
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