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Found 1106 results

  1. who wins in this 2018 shitshow? wanted to add MF vs FI but it would not allow it
  2. (poop emoji if mad @ eop ir jaja apex) Your leadership had the opportunity to have a legendary 120v120 pure vs pure fight but they knew exactly what would happen which is why you brought 60 mains (ruining all of your credibility). 2 weeks of hyping up this weekend and you only managed to pull 110 people where Foe had 4 days to prepare and peaked at 125. Down 40-60 in game for 80% of the F2P trip and went to singles multiple points in the fight (auto loss). Brought 65 mains (had 40 JaJa in their capes) in P2P and took a fake ending at GDZ while Foe had 100 in game at gap (where the fight moved to). If only you knew that lying to your members and claiming fake wins will only make you worse and worse. Seems like you are still butthurt over you anniversary where you took the biggest L in 13 years of pure clanning. Over at FOE we only make sigs like this for REAL victories, not fake ones. Good luck trying to be us LOL.
  3. It's a really simple equation when you think about it...
  4. 100 EoP vs 100 fom 100 EoP vs 100 fom + 80 sup You can't break us lmfao, bring more clans next time. Better luck next time, fopremacy!
  5. Final Ownage Elite presents you: chapter 1: The ending is near The last attempt to gain some sort of hype this weekend, after two months of pure destruction. the desperate 13 year old "so called legacy clan" is reduce to actually running around a f2p w8 world spamming their cc to a bunch of 30s. the ending is near. No matter what you try, you will never win. big yikes for these donkeys. yeehaw yeehaw lmfao
  6. Unsurprisingly SUP was not the only clan who has struggled these past few months. This clan is clearly and quite obviously a crappy legacy clan full of glory hunters. The loss of many ranks has plummeted their quality to a point where they now have to form an Alliance with SUP, a clan that is somehow even worse than FO. I honestly feel sorry for whoever is still in FO after this leak gets out. Timestamps 00:16 - "guys we totally could have pulled 80, guys we really could've gotten 80 guys I promise" 01:10 - 'we'll probably only get 70-75 but I SWEAR WE COULD'VE GOTTEN 80 GUYS I PROMISE" (jesus they talk about this way too much) 01:25 - FO ranks talking shit to their members "you guys are fucking shit, just absolute dog-shit, fucking trashcans" 01:48 - "Hop to w413, lets see how many of you have 500 TOTAL LEVEL" (FO members don't even have 500 total level?? jesus christ quality is bad) 02:26 - "Listening has to be perfect we only have 75" 02:44 - "RUN TO SINGLES AND HOP OUT, RUN TO SINGLES AND HOP OUT, TAKE YOUR CAPES OFF, TAKE YOUR CAPES OFF" (good thing you said listening had to be perfect otherwise people might not have ran away) 03:24 - "IR got fucked man" (okay ngl this was very clean 75 v 75 which IR was winning before EOP decided to crash but it still shows FO getting pushed into singles way before EOP come) 03:50 - Trip ends after only 45 minutes because one person has to go. 04:15 - guys we only had 75 but we can totally get 90+ next week i promise you (once again...) 04:40 - trying to motivate a demoralised clan with propaganda saying how they had the best action 04:55 - users disconnected from your channel, "REV PK" Btw SUP killed 2 people in a f2p prep vs Vendetta (starting: 25 ending: 23 btw)
  7. banter
    Envy loc?

    After dismantling Supremacy, Vendetta was hoping envy would finally grow some pubic hair and prep the masked men. @Goat Elmir loc? Or are you still too busy stocking aisle 9 at Walmart lmao
  8. trust me, without sharkbrew, there will be no chinaman. and i also will not know the existence of such clans like envy and vendetta.
  9. Who takes it and why.??
  10. 2:20 - holy cringe who is that 2:30 - saying foe did nothing when foe had the most action packed trip out of everyone LOL 4:20 - more evidence of ir teaming with eop + apex (hit blue hit blue) as they log in behind foe. 5:30 - choking hard 7:15- this is IR's main caller LOL. 7:42- silent ts when they find out their alliance clan isn't coming to help them 10:33 - LMFAO WHO IS THIS ??
  11. @Murd (Legend of EoP) once again giving his advice and perspective on what needs to be done to expand and better the pure community. You aren't fooling anyone lmfao. But behind closed doors this is his advice on how to fight a rivalry vs CLEAN PURE clan. Not to mention, Eop has resorted to using mains AGAIN - (last 2 weekend trips.) Amount of accounts with 35 defense + are displayed in the ( ) in the pictures below.
  12. After losing f2p with 56 mains, Supremacy proceeded to continue to lose in p2p by losing a fight against "Blunt Purez". That's right pures with a Z. Is this the end?
  13. Me being a nooby kid lol, name got banned and changed to Inzpyred later on, bantz talk some shit & have a laugh haha 2010 Also led a little f2p/p2p team on an account called Jakez L33t, and lots had "L33t" after their names ;p Shout-outs if anyone knows/remembers Lmfao
  14. banter
    rip china

  15. Your fake news just shows your desperate. Wolves mroe like sick puppies. Crow gang would never alliance try again princess.
  16. she confirmed envy and hydra alliance for months LOL Envy really brainwashed this girl about the mains and raggs LOOOOOOOOOL we all know the envy cant fight without mains So Envy , Hydra & Pixel Warriors are teaming up to close WAR and Vendetta ?????? LOOOOOOOOL TO ALL LPC CLANS BE READY FOR THIS BRAND NEW LPC CALLED "ENDRA WARRIORS" BE READY THIS SUNDAY FOR THEIR 80 MAN P2P PULL !! LOOOOOOOOL ENVY FUCKING DEAD
  17. https://clips.twitch.tv/SucculentColdbloodedSandstormPupper https://clips.twitch.tv/AwkwardColdSkirretBloodTrail hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  18. ==== ==== ==== #envythings wait lemme take a look inside vendetta rank === #vendetta things w0000t. honestly just pm Tannie#0817 #Mains4Hired if no1 pm me b4 this weekend, im coming 4 u both lmfao main bringing 'pure' clans
  19. im honestly tryin not 2 flame eop, i really tried, but i came across this good banter which i've to share. <3 all eop posted this. but within 24hours.... this happened..... l000000000000000l, did eop claim their home 'gdz' bac for less than 24hrs? and whose idea was to spam 'feels good to b home?' l000l smh P.S. @Lord Ex - stop callin other kids in the community mentally retarded when they actually have illness, i'll legit come 4 u buddy.
  20. after winnin 256m wit IR chuck, china feeling lucky, china chucks, china wins, very ez
  21. since the closure of clan unbreakable it was clear that the best players of the current era ended up in apex. even though 'the boys' are an extremely humble unit they are still the p2p reference of the scene, dethroning 13year old clan fo without any ish and making them go mia for over 4 months as of now. What do you guys predict for the year of 2k19 in the p2p matched bracket?
  22. Hi on this fateful saturday, the strongest main clan Fs decides to go out on a hunt for mains. Upon hired by Pure Clan IR. 61million gold pieces to anti-rag Supremacy Mains. we peaked at 40 but some of them are retarded af. After the trip we decided to visit sand casino and chucked everything, went in twice all in and won till 256m. everyone walked away with 10-24m. below is the 2 audio link to our ts during the 2 yolo chucks https://vocaroo.com/i/s1LGTSOcxfzw https://vocaroo.com/i/s1ZG3RueOSVb Gz Fs.