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Found 1564 results

  1. P.S. if you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, be sure to head here to reserve your clan name: https://secure.runescape.com/m=ticketing/zendesk/support-form?form=360001184877 Edit ^^ yes you need to login ^^ make sure you check the address in the login bar for the green padlock and that it ends with runescape.com
  2. Petr Yan is a walking weapon, this guy is literally a hitman I got Usman over Jorge April 24th no cap nigga
  3. wall of shame for the following victims: calibrated po mattyb gang cuh el arma rot oty melo anthony mammoth maqa tank r a l a h kyyaagghakki af sucks feasting pogball72 1oud donphan yy3yrsr cakecathide annoyed dwan cod comedy tj assfulladick
  4. Hola comunidad pura de Sharkbrew. Yo soy Pook Todo lo que tengo que decir aquí hoy es que Blunt Pures es un clan de mierda. Ellos tienen miedo de la GDZ. (Jajaja) No tengo mucho más que decir pero Rosa es un perro moribundo y cerrará su clan Gracias -El Pooko
  5. Brian has released the clan world discord statistics for March. This month features a surprise clan at #1 messages (or lines) typed in their public discord channels. DF has taken the top spot this month by a slim margin over their closest competition. Always a fun read at the start of the month. Full topic and stats is here - https://tempest-rs.net/topic/3773-clan-world-discord-statistics-march/
  6. 5 months, 47 people either kicked or had their applications declined and you still can't find it. Timestamps: 0:00 - rosa has a stroke upon Onslaught logging in. 0:30 - usual crying about being "teamed on". 1:00 - nobody is listening to their calls to go east, complaints about returning. 2:00 - bp attempts a joint-rush with vitality as sv logs in. 4:40 - vitality busy fighting sv, bp are all alone. 8:30 - all callers are dead again, confused movements. 10:00 - go east into singles 15 people left. crying about 1itemers. 11:00 - 9 people in bank after 3 full minutes of regrouping at the hut
  7. FO has been struggling since losing more and more members of their staff team. We've been reviewing FO audio for over two years since we reopened and we've never seen it to be this bad. After going from 70 on TS starting to sub 30 ending, Rage presents to you: what went on behind the scenes from Final Ownage's perspective. The following 4 leaks are from the same 5 hour beatdown. Enjoy.
  8. Serious question... Is rev a pure clan? they like to fight pures instead of mains (ROT, AF, or SV). rev calls themselves a clan, but which one is it? Pure or Main? you tell me...
  9. Low energy beta male clan, how is it you couldn't even get a proper ending with jump street in your clan chat lmfao this is why you pull less than hydra now.
  10. Respect to Flower for being honest! Sadly his members forced BP to release this due to recent NH events where they (OG) blatantly spam and joke about the death of one of our members' father. We retaliate by laughing at you! We are not claiming we gained this by leak intel or whatever, this was captured in a discord conversation which Flower thought was trusted. I hope you guys ever come to your senses and realise that nobody believes or cares about your propaganda stories and topics, nor do we care about the fact that you can "outmain" us or beat us in a virgin NS war. Your ego's are based on thin air. Keep doing inners and once you are ready, you can challenge south.
  11. One may ask, why are people still in supremacy? I mean, it's almost 2021. But the biggest reason why no1 (outside of clueless newfags) join sup is because they have zero ambition. No goals, no motivation to get better, no intention to compete in f2p or p2p cwa, and out right horrible leadership. Sup is a terrible clan in all regards. What Terror has done in a few months, sup could not achieve in almost 7 years. Listen to this pitiful excuse of a clan. And last but not least, OFF IS NOT FOR SALE. DO.NOT.ASK.
  12. Incase anyone wanted an inside look at how soup has been operating these past 2 months, and probably for the last 7 years. Your members can see through your propaganda, and they're fed up. That's why they PM us to leak l0l
  13. https://gyazo.com/8025a28ef54a5773c49e49374726e260 https://gyazo.com/961dcc1fdebf943f3fca361ec3c0076b https://gyazo.com/d978ac4d9c22569539a50c88da2b8adb https://gyazo.com/5460eeeb7a9b108ea8baf682e4737a54 https://gyazo.com/9efac06cc2bac1421fc1a277042d9c80 https://gyazo.com/3df8ef0f1b68a2f960a75fa0f0e0031b https://gyazo.com/817b64f4e3e1e12a019865da4718ccb4 https://gyazo.com/51b64dd6cfaab01587f9f12d8bea3b48 https://gyazo.com/9bdd83d6a6a4bb39e5230c0cd85fbc1e https://gyazo.com/318d10999255f56b1a61a32a482e6635 https://gyazo.com/83a524f0807f744235138a7c77968fe0 https://gyazo.com/6af68b9c0d2798f910ced03f89d2ce30
  14. on christmas day 2020 i bought an account off crank an almost maxed main, after playing it for almost 2 months i told my irl friend to buy the med, which he did and with a 930m that was on the account for me, a week later the account was recovered, shock, then after crank saying its rot who have hacked me or some stupid stuff, he wouldn't recover it and he claims they are hand made accounts, he kept coming up with excuses blaming other stuff, i had almost 1bil on the account, and after making alot of fuss about all this he decided to pay me back 1bil, but i was still 475 gbp and 240 gbp down in irl money which i used to buy the accounts
  15. imagine forcing your own rank to dip into his irl funds for tourney gp while u have 3 sponsors who could easily pay the 100m
  16. The most infamous snipe team slaughtered the alliance vision+kp+terror our Saturday or Sunday trips were good as gold and were gunna keep applying pressure.
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