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Found 1526 results

  1. >pulled 35 and faked teamspeak picture for morale >had zero clean fights >merged trip with apex/rot >said this for months with zero audio released > @Elvestop lying to your members for morale, they dont believe you. >pictures? videos? >admitting to logging from rev [which they did all trip] >continued lies of having intel for morale REVIEW OF PICS/VIDS >NO VIDS pic1: >legit an 8 man spam pic2: >5man RoT spam > pic3: >5man rot spam tower > pic4: >another 4man rot spam pic5: >fuck knows what this pic is supposed to be >30v30 inners with apex > pic6: >more 5man rot spam pic7: >more rot spam [not off-screen] pic8: >pic of 10 clan anti-rev alliance holding hands on corp hill [NO FIGHTING] pic9: >zenith getting cleared by ly with rot in their capes? pic10: >30v30 continued [crashed by rev within seconds-they tele out] pic11: >spamming in empty world with their 35 pull pic12: >5man pretype before they run to single A pathetic attempt at forcing an aftermath from their very pathetic Saturday pk trip! Pulling 35 to merge with apex/rot and ending in 1 hour - Zenith members know exactly what happened, no wonder they all spy! Do better @Elve
  2. Gotta be snipe vision, kids lose at everything haha
  3. Fucking unreal 1v2 and we’re just getting started
  4. Incase anyone wanted an inside look at how soup has been operating these past 2 months, and probably for the last 7 years. Your members can see through your propaganda, and they're fed up. That's why they PM us to leak l0l
  5. Dc brings meds first We bring 2 meds and fully clear them within 2 mins Dc dox threat lmfao Fucking losers lmfao
  6. Blunt Purez Proudly Presents "The Downfall of Onslaught Part 1" Ft. Audio leak & Private meeting between 2 sharkbrew ranks and many more... The pas few weeks Onslaught has been piping up against BP a lot posting numeours of propaganda topics. Claiming that they are closing us, better than us and achieved more during their excistence. However the whole pure community knows better. If you're a rank in Apex, Fatality, Foe, Legacy, Rage, Sup or Zenith, did OG ever approached your clan for a Pkri or CLW event? Or is OG actually competing for #8? Lets take a closer look at what POOPG actually achieved so far compared to the Blunt Vikings Facts don't lie.. Discord clan Blunt Purez has been around since the beginning of LPC 4 years ago. Since 2019 we have been fighting top tier clans and managed a 60+ pull for almost a year. Fighting everyone in Wildy From getting farmed by everyone in CLW aprox 8 months ago to multiple wins.. ~ Providing P2p preps against the #1 & 2 P2p clans Apex and Fatality ~ Setting up p2p events vs the best teams ~ Avoiding nobody The only time OG stepped up against BP in Clanwars didn't end well @f2p @p2p So enough about BP let's take a closer look at what Onslaught did ~ Their hype lasted only for 2 weeks ~ Fake propaganda topics keeping them alive ~ No Clanwars action lately (Also look at their clw history down below) ~ Pkri's vs clans competing for #8 spot ~ Sunday aftermaths fighting new LPC's ~ Current CLW record of 5-61 in rounds ~losing to Control Pker @PKRI's competing for #8 Who the fuck are these? + @Their Peak has already ended... Pretending to be a wildy clan.. OG schedule this week having 0 wildy action AND 3 clanwars events vs Terror l0l @Purple Portal summary Their only win I could find at the brew is vs Terror when they were a XLPC OG will never achieve what we have done the past year and ur fake propaganda topics can't save you. Keep watching our Clanwars events and continue to crash our pkri's with 10 dogshit quality raggers. Lastly, there has been some NH shit going on from both clans. Both @FLOWERand BP agreed that we're going to keep it IN GAME only. STAY TUNED FOR PART 2 Goodluck.
  7. One may ask, why are people still in supremacy? I mean, it's almost 2021. But the biggest reason why no1 (outside of clueless newfags) join sup is because they have zero ambition. No goals, no motivation to get better, no intention to compete in f2p or p2p cwa, and out right horrible leadership. Sup is a terrible clan in all regards. What Terror has done in a few months, sup could not achieve in almost 7 years. Listen to this pitiful excuse of a clan. And last but not least, OFF IS NOT FOR SALE. DO.NOT.ASK.
  8. Team Blitz is the newest snipe team on the block We have only been open for 2 months, and we are already one of the most infamous teams in the wild. We are the Golden State Warriors of the snipe scene. In our short existence, we have closed F2P hybrids and recently dropped a video of their demise, and they have not been seen in the wild since. We have placed Fudog in retirement and is no long a part of the runescape F2p scene. I apologize sincerely if we hurt you internally and get well soon. Although he quit, he is still finding ways to annoy others on sharkbrew. If you're gonna quit just quit man give it up. Kuvi, a loyal member of FH is now pking with randoms in the wild such as cazador and viet cc, I apologize to him as well for taking his fun away. Kuvi has never won against Team Blitz and he has internal and everlasting hate for us and will never forgive us, as he deleted me off his friends list. Just like fudog, warbow has been extremely obsessed with Team Blitz, constantly craving attention and talking about us when none of us know who he is. I heard he is just another outburst member or something. He knows a nigga handsome and wealthy but wont admit. Also, for those who are not informed, myself and X7 opened litmob 2 years ago and I quit due to getting pussy, leaving it in Brox's hands in which he does not have to worry about getting pussy, he is now the leader of outburst lmfao. We are a threat to this so called "#1 XLPC" aka the only XLPC alive as they are constantly avoiding us in minis, asking for a 70 cb cap when we are 62s. This is due to the fact that we birthed brox and he knows what we are capable of. Thank you for your time, - Pinoyz Long live Blitz.
  9. [23:59] Ease: jordai [23:59] Ease: listen to me [23:59] Ease: i am coming to you out of respect [23:59] Ease: this deal of whatever the fuck with brian [23:59] Ease: was put to an end [23:59] Ease: and it was finished [23:59] Ease: and then i see you type in your discord to my fucking member threatening to call his mother [23:59] Ease: that is not okay [23:59] Ease: and if this is the energy that u want [23:59] Ease: just say the word [00:00] Ease: because i know you and you know me and the last thing we want is to have the livelihood of people destroyed over a stupid fucking video game [00:00] Ease: so i need you to tell me right now [00:00] Ease: in this moment of time [00:00] Ease: what are your intentions [00:02] Jordai: shut the fuck up [00:02] Jordai: dont fucking unblock me [00:02] Jordai: to cry [00:03] Jordai: okay? [00:03] Ease: block you? [00:03] Ease: i didn't block you [00:03] Jordai: yes [00:03] Ease: i disabled pms [00:03] Ease: you daft cunt [00:03] Ease: you think you're the only fucking person [00:03] Ease: that messages me on this discord [00:03] Ease: i wake up to 200 notifications every fucking day [00:03] Ease: dont feel like you are special all of a sudden [00:03] Ease: because you are not even remotely close to it [00:03] Jordai: just dont quit [00:03] Ease: so answer my fucking question [00:03] Jordai: gl 30 years [00:03] Ease: what are your intentions [00:03] Jordai: 30 years btw [00:03] Ease: jordai, you really do not understand how invested i am [00:03] Jordai: u dont have the energy [00:04] Jordai: why are u so unstable then [00:04] Ease: i am willing to have my children come play this game in an orderly manner one day to keep this clan going [00:04] Ease: i do not give a fuck [00:04] Jordai: LOOOOOOOOOOOL [00:04] Jordai: good. [00:04] Jordai: ill keep u here [00:04] Ease: u can keep me here [00:04] Ease: but u are failing to understand [00:04] Ease: what is going on in my personal life [00:04] Ease: you have no idea what i am doing [00:04] Jordai: u have lost ur mind [00:04] Ease: my ambitions are something that you have no idea of [00:04] Jordai: we get it [00:04] Ease: you are going to see me everywhere [00:04] Ease: you think its a joke as well [00:04] Jordai: okay "jamz" [00:04] Ease: yes [00:04] Ease: ease jamz [00:04] Ease: mulatto [00:04] Ease: abdelmola [00:04] Ease: doesnt matter what u call me [00:04] Jordai: yes u have lost ur mind [00:04] Jordai: i get it [00:04] Ease: i dont care [00:05] Ease: what u think [00:05] Ease: im asking u [00:05] Jordai: so what u crying about again [00:05] Ease: man to man [00:05] Jordai: ? [00:05] Ease: what are your intentions [00:05] Ease: in this game [00:05] Ease: in this rivalry [00:05] Ease: to my members [00:05] Ease: what are your intentions [00:05] Jordai: ur clan [00:05] Jordai: is gonna slump [00:05] Jordai: again [00:05] Jordai: like the last 5 years [00:05] Ease: i dont care what you think [00:05] Jordai: its not an intention [00:05] Jordai: lmfao [00:05] Ease: the clan has done in the past [00:05] Ease: what it will do in the future [00:05] Jordai: [00:05] Ease: stop avoiding the question [00:05] Ease: what the fuck are your intentions [00:05] Jordai: stop avoid me Ease started a call. Today at 00:05 [00:05] Jordai: hhehee [00:05] Ease: come to the call [00:05] Ease: and then say stop avoiding me [00:05] Jordai: stop avoid [00:05] Jordai: block me again [00:05] Jordai: hehe [00:05] Ease: why are you not answering [00:05] Jordai: im win [00:05] Jordai: btw [00:06] Ease: pick up the fucking phone [00:06] Ease: and answer me [00:06] Jordai: literally gonna keep u [00:06] Jordai: on here [00:06] Jordai: forever [00:06] Jordai: u fucking unstable cunt [00:06] Jordai: hahahahahaahaha [00:06] Ease: i can just mute you because if you cant even show me the respect to voice up [00:06] Ease: and talk to me like a man [00:06] Jordai: u dont get respect [00:06] Ease: why the fuck should i respect you to reply to you [00:06] Jordai: idk u pmed me!? [00:06] Jordai: [00:06] Ease: i can just legit mute you and you can type to yourself [00:06] Jordai: why victim already [00:06] Ease: you do realise thats what i do with a lot of idiots right [00:06] Ease: i keep them there [00:06] Ease: just typing [00:06] Jordai: cos u lost today [00:06] Ease: and they dont even know [00:06] Jordai: keep tele from foe [00:06] Ease: bro [00:06] Ease: please [00:06] Jordai: we're getting stronger [00:06] Jordai: every trip [00:06] Jordai: :slight_smile: [00:06] Ease: lets not talk about this stupid trips [00:06] Ease: we know what its like [00:06] Ease: for your clan [00:06] Jordai: ur losing [00:06] Ease: u cant fool anyone [00:06] Jordai: u have 80 pull [00:06] Jordai: lol [00:06] Ease: u cant fool your clan [00:07] Jordai: what happen [00:07] Ease: u cant fool mine [00:07] Jordai: to 100 pull [00:07] Jordai: l000l [00:07] Ease: jordai man [00:07] Ease: just stop [00:07] Jordai: why is fi member cry to my members [00:07] Jordai: i have logs [00:07] Ease: are u going to come into this call and tell me your intentions or not [00:07] Jordai: fi members are not happy. [00:07] Ease: are u going to come into this call and tell me your intentions or not [00:07] Jordai: ur a fraud mr jamz [00:07] Jordai: U THOUGHT U COULD END FOE THIS QUICK [00:07] Jordai: BUT WE NEVER LOST [00:07] Ease: are u going to come into this call and tell me your intentions or not [00:07] Jordai: NEVER [00:07] Jordai: WE ALWAYS WIN [00:07] Ease: i'll give you 3 minutes to reply [00:07] Jordai: WE BEAT EOP [00:07] Jordai: WE BEAT EVERYONE L000L [00:07] Jordai: OUTRAGE [00:07] Jordai: BEATEN [00:07] Jordai: DICKED DOWN [00:07] Jordai: LIKE THE CUCKS U ARE [00:07] Jordai: L;0LG0FDKDFHL 00000L Ease pinned a message to this channel. See all the pins. Today at 00:07 [00:11] Ease: so no answer [00:11] Ease: ok
  10. [12:11] Salvo: lol [12:11] Salvo: [12:11] Salvo: apex straw polled wether to sit or not [12:11] Salvo: goes to show how little faith their members had aswell :kekw~1: [12:18] Salvo: Can we declare a 17v17 for those in apex who didn't have their balls surgically removed? @Deserieyou guys down or what? I'm sure those 17 are pretty pissed off
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