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Found 1403 results

  1. │ │ APEX WINNING POV(S) LATER IN THE POST Smoking Ly/mains 35v35 2-0 @ Revs Topic: Here Upon further inspection, we realized legacy's only losing pov from last night was comprised of the following: > 3 minutes of losing to Apex in multi at dragon pit > 4 minutes of fighting for their lives in singles after running from Apex > 1 minute of running to the 30 line and teleporting from Apex Hard to believe anyone would upload such an embarrassing video, but I guess you can't expect much from a clan lead by @Scims
  2. January 11. The day where 39IQ rage leadership log in on 70 foe pures with 55-60 pures and 15-20 mains after we had been giving them clean return fights for months, I think both sides can agree that our f2p return fights late 2019 were really fun. Rage had been getting dicked in f2p for some weeks but they were still competitive in p2p with a good pull. Now look at what starting a nh war did to them, they can't enter the wildy on saturdays and they go through 30 glory teleports on sunday and are lucky to have a fight lasting longer than 3 minutes. Most of their weekend action is clanwars yet they are still #5 in clanwars. Who made all these self destructive leadership decisions and why is rage playing victim now?
  3. With FOE anni coming up, The Great War Pt.2 is upon us. It seems to me, there are two sides to this great war. FI and Rage have been openly teaming vs. Foe for months (proved in their audio leaks). Rage/Zenith/Apex have been openly teaming/sharing same cape during midweeks against FOE in GMT and LY in EST, as well as KG in a rag war vs FI. Who wins? Foe Alliance Rage Alliance+critical damage+rev warriors+vennies
  4. Rumors have roamed that this useless rage member @Travcried his way back into rage after getting caught leaking! Rage will do anything to keep their useless members and use them as bodybags against their rivals
  5. ps. this took me 2 mins to make hopefully ur main topic didn't take as long 😕 Hey SB community! As a long term user since the old rs warfare db days i was browsing the pure wilderness section i noticed a main clan posting in the pure section. Wondering if this can moved to the appropriate main section. I understand this is pretty much the only clan who actively uses Sharkbrew, hopefully they can follow the rules and post in the correct section in the future! Not sure why a Main clan is trying so hard to win pure awards! Video (exilent showing 19 mains): Pics via their own topic:
  6. From their saturday aftermath: "Tired of dealing with FO constantly bringing mains to our fights, we decided to go pure only and cut down on some slack today, bringing only a core 60 Mithril Bears. For some reason, FOE only crashed our fights with ~30 mains instead of using their pures(?), which we easily farmed for their rune sets several times." Meanwhile this is FOE's first hit of the day; 0 foe mains to be found So FOE pushed rage to singles, only using pures. After this we went back to the tele spot and this happened: TLDR; Foe pushes rage to singles, rage logs out on their pures. While regrouping they hit us with 35+ mains. They are trying to hide their mains from their members and are pretending like FOE are the bad main clan. This is why we are never going to off you.
  7. They pulled 180 pures + mains last Saturday and only pulled 40 pures this Saturday They pulled 87 + 40 mains last Sunday and only manage to get 67 after making an inactivity topic about kicking their members
  8. The winner is Foe & Chinaman. photocredits: google + paint (excellent banter) On the Feb 22nd 2020, Chinaman once again took out his secret weapon that were once used upon ded pirate klen (eop) Chinaman's most deadly weapon : + + rage bears were bombarded by chinaman for 2 days in a row. after 2 topics of flames n trash talk, rage members couldnt take the heat and eventually decided to break down and stop replying. Now they are gone from sharkbrew. So therefore i hereby declare, i winner winner chicken dinner. u rage dogs, loser loser pants on fire. rage members r u ded like ur ranks team brain, if not y tha fuk are u not speking up?? oh btw i heard the foe pulled 50 on a monday and cleared u again hhhhhhhhh wuu2? how u let u rivals pull 50 on a monday?
  9. rage suicided to the same crystal bow that i closed eop with at gdz today for 1hour straight and ended with 30ingame at edge lmfa00000000000. how are u so bad rage members. how 2 die 2 only 1 crystal bow l00000l
  10. https://clips.twitch.tv/JollyManlySowHassaanChop https://clips.twitch.tv/CleverEncouragingDogePanicBasket why do u run to safe zone in pvp? are u not a pvp clan smh..
  12. Pm Fudog#7042 to either join foe or leak ur dead clans rank meetings on weekends 30M per trip
  13. RAGE DOES CWA/WILDY INNERS WITH FI #5 and has yet to accept my declaration for 2 months This is why.....
  15. Well actually Jagex finally noticed, that the statue was to old, and replaced it. Due all the things going on, they noticed there's someone better.. It's in the home world of Rage, 334. Go watch it.
  16. Topic by Fudog After this rage member broke at the 13.5 hr rag war. I will be donating $1 to start a gofundme for this useless rage member! Better luck next time! You might need to stock up returns before I kill you running at me with 1item
  17. No more P2P Friday’s for you retards!
  18. If apex closes UB... everyone but the UB rank team is encouraged to Pm Fudog#7042 so we can make arrangements and get u in Foe! Dont hesitate contact Fudog#7042 for contracts!
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