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Found 999 results

  1. Join Fatality for a way out.
  2. Misfits Meme
  3. Now that things start to get heated in AAO vs Envy, im wondering when hassan will have his next mental break down.... The last time hassan & co got in a rivalry vs me: (why do u sound like that lol) @Don Elmir @Enza @Big Meat this is ur leader btw, seems like a stable guy! Goodluck :joy:
  4. After banning member #7 in the last 6 days a former misfits member reached out to us and spoke out on what really goes on in misfits and what the members really think of people like Zee Kev..! If any other misfits members feel the same way feel free to pm @CouckSee you sunday retards TLDW; Zee is a spastic that uses obvious propaganda, rihanna is a cringe kid, misfits clan wars quality is god awful, misfits slumping hard ever since the first weekend of the rivalry So nothing new really l0l
  5. One thing that has always confused me is how failed shitty ranks from dead clans are so quick to get ranked in the clans they join. Just look at FOM - Hanufag & Co got ranked real fast in FOM after they miserably failed at keeping UB open despite having one of the strongest cores in history to work with. Now look at FOM, pulling 40s and not wearing team capes on trips. Coincidence? You decide Then look at shupwemacy - it's no secret that Salso, Spiral, Jamer are among the most incompetent/uselesss/clueless laughing stocks of the pure community. Let's not forget when Salso accidentally shared his screen to an IR rank, exposing all 3 of their leaks. LMFAO. Let's also not forget when Salso thought it would be a good idea to get into a rivalry with IR in the first place...yiker. So why does incompetence get you so far in this weird and wonderful world of pure clanning?
  6. TLDR: FREAKS STOP BRAINSTORMING ON FORUMS AND GET BETTER L0L YOUR CLAN HAS DOGSHIT QUALITY AND EVERYONE (INCLUDING YOURSELVES) KNOW IT can't wait to battle it out for my challenger TS icon of miniwar winner lmfao "you aren't carrying shit" better call @Moni
  7. banter
    lol fi?

    Best rivalry. @sausagepker
  8. Not sure what to say.. they talk about not going to multi 24/7 and tele'ing out. This is only week 2 and you went from 80 2 weeks ago to 40 today. While Fatality went from 40 to 80. We're not done with you untill you're dead fucking spastics lmfao. Not much to leak anyway since their trip was pretty boring with them being in single 24/7 & them having a boring trip. No worries m8s More soon..!
  9. Sneak Peak of today's trip btw. Get ready Shitfits. Because this is the taste of Jewish Vengeance.
  10. After the embarrassing 0-5 loss that misfits got from IR clan, and the beating that they got from FATALITY all week. What do you think misfits pull will be this Sunday? Do you think that they will pull around 40 or will they not go out at all? Discuss.
  11. How important is it to have transparency and openness about your struggles and fears as a leader in 2018 ? your staff is your support base, let them help you in the hard times
  12. Should not have hacked our HC retards! 0bbyx wins again Stay tuned!!!! Your warlord want's to sell your IP's and EMAIL but i aint about that! Thank you BackwoodsL
  13. : [18:01] Jamz: I don't want mains I don't want to starve the clan from CWA I don't want negative retards in the clan I want Pixel to work alongside me I don't want Koshar in eop I want Tyler permanently banned I want all of Tyler's minions including 17 and Murd banished Solo's response : looks like @koshar @Murd @17_ and whoever else hes talking about being tylers minions will have fun being lap dogs hopping around IR/MF/XLPCS? he'll forgive me eventually
  14. no matter how many legacy ranks join, or clans close into you, or how many tank tests and inners you run. you will never reach the highest tier LOL. November 29, 2017 | 2-1 December 12, 2017 | 3-0 January 11, 2018 | 3-0 February 28, 2018 | 3-0 April 4, 2018 | 2-1 June 27, 2018 | 3-0 bonus (fo hider teams - both ended by apex l0l)
  15. It started as a piss about, but over time more and more big dick foe raggers came to kill eom over and over again. We didn't even need a mass poke and we got 50 people at our peak. We ended Eom after 7 hours of dicking them (VID UP SOON) and logged off with a big W. Thanks to all the dedicated members that stayed up to smoke the uneducated rejects. We pked plenty of scims and crystal seeds, We even pked a bgs and Sara tear SHOUTOUT TO EOM FOR FAKING +1'S, you cut out half the screen you low iq scum AND ALSO FOR LOGGING IN FOR FAKE ENDING, YOUR MEMBERS BROKE SO EASILY AND LOGGED OFF!!! L000L Start: End (7 Hours) : REAL VID NOT 7 MINS OF EOM RAGGING 2 RANDOM MAINS LOL Pics:
  16. Tune in this weekend to see if Against All Misfits can handle the pressure. Misfits "intel" exposed. #JusticeForMagic
  17. the ol' mans sick of you new kids with cringe irrelevant banter topics piping up and looking dumb. @Phebz @17_@koshar @We are EoP do we need to leak the audio and forum posts of this ? K Y P
  18. #Puteminacoffin holy fuck @Couck fucking the shit out of @Zee "Were down 15" "Off AAO off Yellow" @P R O D "why the fuck is yellow attacking us are you dumb?" "am I lagging? am I muted?" lmfao at MF hq "nowhere near our pull if they didn't have envy" lmfao 1 envy guy joined FI btw so MF logic means envy went out with us