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Found 1054 results

  1. banter

    @DULL u wanna come up from your grave and smack these retards leading eop now lol, they lost their home lmfao, hhhhhhhh.
  2. fo logs in on top of us in singles... 5 minutes later... 5 minutes later... Apex HQ:
  3. Btw got approval from Foe Danny himself, so not being bias
  4. Lost 200 on f2p, gained 2 from p2p i guess i am down 198
  5. banter
    This is tough.

    Which OB will close first Outbreak or Outburst Which clan do you think wont last in the LPC, Outburst made a attempt at Lpc not so long ago so they have some potential coming back. On the other side you have Outbreak with a pretty good rank structure and a good core. Who will we seeing enter and leave the scene too soon?
  6. If they keep t50 and merge with eop, then you already know rp gunna bend the knee. if they change capes and actually compete, then props to them
  7. Yikes as if Gz on ur 4th closure, maybe next time you'll open as a Pure in sometime next month when your ranks get excited of the idea of opening for another long week.
  8. So far i can only come up with 2 or 3 embarassing moments of my pure clanning career. I still cant decide which 1 is more embarassing. Theres a deep complication behind option 2. Help me decide. For those thar knows me, maybe u can help me find more embarassing moment i have. P.S. my account aint hacked. Im just bored. Need to flame someone but everyone seems so fukin dead. So imma just gonna flame myself. HHHHHHHHHH
  9. On one hand, there's been plenty of criticism leveled at the COTM system and it is certainly wasn't perfect, but to gloat at the demise of a system designed to encourage cwa fights...? That is a new low.
  10. This is our "competition". In all seriousness just banter, enjoy the video and remember your sense of humour
  11. 3v1 np btw Bobbie can't save you lmfao @Daddy Nate waiting to see the losing topic @RyanTheG waiting for the NM TS leak @Koldkilla97 zoom closed @Warbow Fudog + Exzrts > Warbow + Lalo
  12. Was browsing Fatality forums when I came across this post. Fatality has killed off misfits slumping them to 15 pulls and have decided to move onto the next clan to leave on the brink of closing. With Supremacy having had Intense Redemption on the ropes for the past 5 months dominating them in the rivalry, I wonder how much longer zo will keep this fiasco going. what are your thoughts if they decide to rival? who will win? /discuss
  13. This is my wild, felt good walking my chihuahuas too singles
  14. F2P Hybrids rushed Rampiss 9v15 and dropped 5 opts in less than 30 seconds, the fight was crashed by bob/3hit RP literally called 2 snipe teams for FH with a +5 and still got bullied back to clan wars for inners kyp dogshit clan @True Loyalty beta reject kicked from 2 snipe teams and forced to an apology Topic
  15. feels bad for Nightmare <03:13:31> "[six - prep life] six": im talking to nm right now<03:13:35> "[six - prep life] six": I can seriously get my whole rank team<03:13:38> "[six - prep life] six": including some others<03:13:39> "[six - prep life] six": to come here.<03:13:42> "[six - prep life] six": but i need a trade for trade<03:13:46> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": what u need?<03:13:49> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i got xlpc<03:13:50> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral":<03:13:54> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": but the thing is<03:13:55> "[six - prep life] six": just come to our sunday xlpc trips<03:13:56> "[six - prep life] six": is all im asking <03:16:20> "[six - prep life] six": i'll try my best to get as many as can from nm here.<03:16:29> "[six - prep life] six": its just hard negotiating with these noobs sometimes <03:19:49> "[six - prep life] six": what more can i do for supremacy btw <03:19:52> "[six - prep life] six": i wanna know <03:19:58> "[six - prep life] six": what can i do more <03:20:28> "[six - prep life] six": im just saying like what else needs to be done @Aysix calling your own supremacy members shitters gz :x , 2 faced aysix? Ty @Palonation
  16. Original topic: * topic by Palo aka Stick aka Astroworld aka ***master69 * --Stick--- wins again-- <03:12:57> *** You are now talking in channel: "[lspacer]➊ Leadership" <03:13:07> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": sup <03:13:07> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ? <03:13:11> "[six - prep life] six": are yall here. <03:13:15> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": yes <03:13:16> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": sup <03:13:18> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": dont leave us <03:13:18> "[six - prep life] six": like actually here <03:13:19> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": !! <03:13:19> "[six - prep life] six": okay. <03:13:21> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <03:13:22> "[six - prep life] six": im leaving to join eop <03:13:23> "[Crafted] Crafted": everyone besides Zach <03:13:23> "[six - prep life] six": jk <03:13:25> "[six - prep life] six": jkjkjkjkjk <03:13:26> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": lol <03:13:27> "[six - prep life] six": anyway <03:13:28> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": <3 <03:13:28> "[six - prep life] six": real talk <03:13:31> "[six - prep life] six": im talking to nm right now <03:13:35> "[six - prep life] six": I can seriously get my whole rank team <03:13:38> "[six - prep life] six": including some others <03:13:39> "[six - prep life] six": to come here. <03:13:42> "[six - prep life] six": but i need a trade for trade <03:13:44> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": very nice <03:13:46> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": what u need? <03:13:49> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i got xlpc <03:13:50> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": <03:13:54> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": but the thing is <03:13:55> "[six - prep life] six": just come to our sunday xlpc trips <03:13:56> "[six - prep life] six": is all im asking <03:13:59> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": mines bout to be ready <03:14:00> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": ill come <03:14:03> "[Crafted] Crafted": I don't have <03:14:05> "[six - prep life] six": thats all im asking <03:14:05> "[Crafted] Crafted": xLPC account <03:14:07> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": my gf gonna fucking be irritated af if i spend 2-3hrs <03:14:08> "[six - prep life] six": crafted ill have a spare <03:14:11> "[Crafted] Crafted": Kk <03:14:14> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": but ill come <03:14:16> "[Crafted] Crafted": If you have spare then I'll come <03:14:18> "[six - prep life] six": so listen. <03:14:20> "[six - prep life] six": i can get <03:14:21> "[six - prep life] six": 8-10 <03:14:28> "[six - prep life] six": but we need trades. <03:14:32> "[six - prep life] six": thats all <03:14:33> "[six - prep life] six": im asking <03:14:39> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": [email protected] ***** <03:14:39> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": ill come <03:14:40> "[six - prep life] six": theyll give opts if we give them <03:14:41> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": my acc <03:14:42> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ill come <03:14:56> "[six - prep life] six": ofcourse im prioritizing sup here <03:15:01> "[six - prep life] six": im just looking at the bigger picture <03:15:06> "[six - prep life] six": and i think it can be beneficiary <03:15:10> "[six - prep life] six": if we help nm. <03:15:14> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": it can <03:15:16> "[six - prep life] six": thats the extra 8-10 we need <03:15:19> "[six - prep life] six": to be able to handle ir/apex <03:15:21> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": we gotta stimulate others to come aswell tho <03:15:24> "[six - prep life] six": and these are 8-10 quality members <03:15:30> "[six - prep life] six": not just shit random kids <03:15:35> "[six - prep life] six": they are actually good at every aspect <03:15:36> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": sounds g-unit <03:15:36> "[six - prep life] six": of clanning <03:15:38> "[six - prep life] six": maxed accounts <03:15:39> "[six - prep life] six": ect. <03:15:47> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": gimme nm forums/ts <03:15:52> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": no forums yet <03:15:56> "[Crafted] Crafted": If you guys have accounts I can bring a lot of ppl <03:15:58> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": gimme ts <03:15:58> "[six - prep life] six": no forums yet <03:16:05> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": <03:16:05> "[Crafted] Crafted": but idk how many actual SUP members have xLPC accounts <03:16:05> "[six - prep life] six": <03:16:11> "[six - prep life] six": just ask around crafted <03:16:14> "[six - prep life] six": thats all. <03:16:15> "[six - prep life] six": and just lmk <03:16:20> "[six - prep life] six": i'll try my best to get as many as i can from nm here. <03:16:29> "[six - prep life] six": its just hard negotiating with these noobs sometimes <03:16:29> "[six - prep life] six": l0l <03:16:33> "[Crafted] Crafted": Kk <03:16:41> "[six - prep life] six": alright <03:16:44> "[six - prep life] six": they'll be coming tomrrow <03:16:46> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": hook me up <03:16:47> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": im buttface <03:16:48> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": in lobby <03:16:51> "[six - prep life] six": so thats 8-10 extra on our pull <03:16:57> "[Crafted] Crafted": We need <03:17:00> "[Crafted] Crafted": Teamspeak activity <03:17:02> "[Crafted] Crafted": from the ranks tomorrow <03:17:03> "[Crafted] Crafted": before the trip <03:17:08> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": ill be on <03:17:09> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": all day <03:17:10> "[Crafted] Crafted": last Saturday it was fucking atrocious <03:17:12> "[Crafted] Crafted": we actually had <03:17:14> "[Crafted] Crafted": 40 ppl on ts <03:17:17> "[Crafted] Crafted": an hour before the trip <03:17:19> "[Crafted] Crafted": 40 ppl in total <03:17:21> "[Crafted] Crafted": that is TERRIBLE <03:17:25> "[six - prep life] six": yeah <03:17:28> "[six - prep life] six": we need it <03:17:29> "[six - prep life] six": we can do it <03:17:29> "[six - prep life] six": dw. <03:17:38> "[Crafted] Crafted": Everybody needs to be pitching in b4 the trip tomorrow <03:17:47> "[six - prep life] six": ye <03:17:51> "[Crafted] Crafted": get your +1s or even if you can't recruit unmute and talk to ppl <03:17:52> "[six - prep life] six": i have eop tomorrow <03:17:52> "[six - prep life] six": btw <03:17:56> "[Crafted] Crafted": thats for everyone in here <03:18:00> "[six - prep life] six": And those 8-10 are coming to trip as well. <03:18:04> "[six - prep life] six": so we should be okay <03:18:05> "[Crafted] Crafted": We should be able <03:18:06> "[six - prep life] six": for tomorrow. <03:18:08> "[Crafted] Crafted": to get 55 without NM <03:18:09> "[Crafted] Crafted": atleast <03:18:11> "[six - prep life] six": yeah <03:18:11> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": okay <03:18:11> "[Crafted] Crafted": maybe 60 <03:18:12> "[six - prep life] six": that means <03:18:13> "[Crafted] Crafted": thats the goal <03:18:13> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i met john <03:18:15> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": he is cool <03:18:15> "[six - prep life] six": we are pulling 76 <03:18:17> "[six - prep life] six": or 75 <03:18:20> "[six - prep life] six": tomorrow <03:18:21> "[six - prep life] six": hopefully <03:18:23> "[six - prep life] six": so lets get it done. <03:18:24> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": hopefully <03:18:25> "[six - prep life] six": good work boys. <03:18:28> "[Crafted] Crafted": We did a great job recruiting today <03:18:28> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i guess 70 max <03:18:30> "[six - prep life] six": ima talk to these guys now. <03:18:34> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": but <03:18:37> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": thanks to salso imo <03:18:39> "[six - prep life] six": yeah <03:18:42> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": before people didnt do shit <03:18:43> "[six - prep life] six": salso really made us push <03:18:47> "[Crafted] Crafted": Ye Salso motivated ppl <03:18:56> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": u guys know <03:18:57> "[Crafted] Crafted": But today was the best I've ever seen SUP recruit rly <03:18:58> "[Crafted] Crafted": we got like <03:18:59> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": salso actually wanna step up <03:19:00> "[Crafted] Crafted": 7 kids on TS <03:19:00> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": big time <03:19:07> "[Crafted] Crafted": If Salso wants a rankj <03:19:11> "[Crafted] Crafted": all he has to do is PM 3at <03:19:12> "[Crafted] Crafted": l0l <03:19:14> "[Crafted] Crafted": hes welcome to it <03:19:16> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ye ik <03:19:17> "[Crafted] Crafted": tell Salso that <03:19:19> "[Crafted] Crafted": if he wants to step up <03:19:23> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": he'll prob take after summer <03:19:25> "[six - prep life] six": please <03:19:27> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": if only he was active <03:19:27> "[six - prep life] six": make him take <03:19:28> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": would be sick <03:19:32> "[six - prep life] six": salso gives me motivation <03:19:36> "[Crafted] Crafted": Salso been active all week <03:19:36> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": he spoke to me about it <03:19:42> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": he wants to step up <03:19:43> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": etc <03:19:45> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": will be g <03:19:47> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": but he does this often <03:19:49> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": whenever hes active <03:19:49> "[six - prep life] six": what more can i do for supremacy btw <03:19:50> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": he opens a clan <03:19:51> "[Crafted] Crafted": We've been kinda stagnant over the past 2 weeks I feel like <03:19:52> "[six - prep life] six": i wanna know <03:19:52> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": then closes it <03:19:57> "[Crafted] Crafted": because Zach hasn't been as active <03:19:58> "[six - prep life] six": what can i do more <03:20:07> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": six u do enuf <03:20:10> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": imo <03:20:12> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": atleast <03:20:14> "[Crafted] Crafted": I mean like idk Aysix <03:20:20> "[Crafted] Crafted": We already gonna give u Captain <03:20:28> "[six - prep life] six": im just saying like what else needs to be done <03:20:30> "[Crafted] Crafted": Uhh <03:20:32> "[Crafted] Crafted": Recruiting <03:20:34> "[Crafted] Crafted": is the biggest thing <03:20:41> "[six - prep life] six": i got us a eop leak, i just got a few nm guys. <03:20:44> "[six - prep life] six": Maybe more sand crabs <03:20:45> "[Crafted] Crafted": Leaks we are pretty good on <03:20:46> "[six - prep life] six": and non clanners <03:20:50> "[Crafted] Crafted": Like last Saturday <03:20:50> "[six - prep life] six": to get in here <03:20:52> "[Crafted] Crafted": we had uhh <03:21:01> "[Crafted] Crafted": WE spent like 30m on leaks last Sat <03:21:07> "[Crafted] Crafted": I think we had pretty much every clan besides EoP <03:21:14> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": we had eop <03:21:15> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": on sun <03:21:18> "[six - prep life] six": okay. <03:21:19> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": when i was there <03:21:21> "[six - prep life] six": we have eop f2p's now <03:21:22> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": utc <03:21:24> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": talk to ur ir guy <03:21:27> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": yea <03:21:27> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": tell him to be on <03:21:27> "[six - prep life] six": my leak wont be on p2p i dont think. <03:21:28> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": i got 2 in ir <03:21:30> "[six - prep life] six": If we need one <03:21:30> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": my usual ir guy is gonna be late <03:21:34> "[six - prep life] six": i can get us another ir spy <03:21:34> "[Crafted] Crafted": Ok and another thing <03:21:36> "[six - prep life] six": ill tell someone to join ir <03:21:38> "[six - prep life] six": and leak to me <03:21:39> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": he'll provide me with audio tho <03:21:39> "[six - prep life] six": if we need it <03:21:43> "[Crafted] Crafted": Alcher is going to be on before the trip like he always is recruiting <03:21:48> "[six - prep life] six": thats good <03:21:50> "[Crafted] Crafted": If you see Alcher recruiting, please just keep him company <03:21:51> "[six - prep life] six": alcher will keep ts active <03:21:52> "[Crafted] Crafted": or something <03:21:52> "[Crafted] Crafted": l00l <03:21:53> "[six - prep life] six": definitely <03:21:57> "[six - prep life] six": okay im done here guys <03:21:59> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": also <03:22:01> "[six - prep life] six": gunna talk it out with nm <03:22:02> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": tell 3at on kik <03:22:04> "[six - prep life] six": lmk if u need anything <03:22:04> "[Crafted] Crafted": Kk <03:22:04> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": to close website <03:22:08> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": tell people to come on ts on webstie <03:22:10> "[Crafted] Crafted": Am I the only one <03:22:11> "[Crafted] Crafted": who thinks <03:22:14> "[Crafted] Crafted": closing the website isn't good <03:22:17> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ye <03:22:23> "[Crafted] Crafted": idk I hated when he used to do that <03:22:23> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": nah idk <03:22:24> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": xd <03:22:30> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": dude a message like <03:22:30> "[Crafted] Crafted": but I would browse forums during trips <03:22:33> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": come on ts now <03:22:39> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": for big f2p trip <03:22:41> "[Crafted] Crafted": We can do that <03:22:43> "[Crafted] Crafted": I'll let him now <03:22:45> "[Crafted] Crafted": know <03:22:45> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": will actually get u 3-4 more <03:22:46> "[Crafted] Crafted": * <03:22:55> "[Crafted] Crafted": Spiral <03:22:55> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": also the ts banner might've helped <03:22:57> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": topic i made <03:22:58> "[Crafted] Crafted": are you going to be on tomorrow <03:23:01> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ofc <03:23:03> "[Crafted] Crafted": Kk good <03:23:08> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i got apex/ir <03:23:11> "[Crafted] Crafted": talk to that cty guy and see if he can come l0000l <03:23:12> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": and if my ir is late <03:23:13> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": utc got it <03:23:16> "[Crafted] Crafted": We'll dress him up in pure gear <03:23:17> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": yeah i got 2 <03:23:17> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ye he will i guess <03:23:18> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": should be fine. <03:23:24> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": also <03:23:28> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": are we gonna get tanks logged in again <03:23:32> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": was fun leading that shit last sat <03:23:34> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": had 16 tanks <03:23:37> "[Crafted] Crafted": Probably <03:23:46> "[Crafted] Crafted": IR going to have <03:23:48> "[Crafted] Crafted": 70+ prob tomorrow <03:23:48> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": i got this bot from slowky today <03:23:51> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": ima start making tanks <03:23:52> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": with bot <03:23:52> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ye <03:23:53> "[Crafted] Crafted": but aslong as we can get 65 <03:23:55> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": 70+ i think <03:23:55> "[Crafted] Crafted": I think we'll be good <03:24:04> "[Crafted] Crafted": 65 is definitely obtainable <03:24:06> "[Crafted] Crafted": with the NM guys <03:24:07> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": u got a sandcrab bot? <03:24:10> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": yeah <03:24:12> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": nice <03:24:19> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i made 4 tanks in px <03:24:21> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": but all got banned <03:24:24> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": using a bot <03:24:24> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": <03:24:31> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": hopefully I get lucky <03:24:34> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ye <03:24:43> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i also thought of buying tanks for 100$ <03:24:49> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": will get me 5 <03:25:06> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ask 3at to buy more from the ads <03:25:14> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": and we have 20-25 lvl 90s <03:25:21> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": to hand out to vet+ <03:25:34> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": i pmed my ir guys rn <03:26:11> "[Crafted] Crafted": Kk <03:26:14> "[Crafted] Crafted": I gonna move us down <03:26:21> *** You are now talking in channel: "❊ Phoenix Channel" A message from Palo: Speak bad of my name and I will kill your clan. More coming soon. Palo sends his regards.
  17. 03:15:06> "[six - prep life] six": and i think it can be beneficiary <03:15:10> "[six - prep life] six": if we help nm. find error 😂😂