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lpc Best Pure Clan? (Leadership + Community + Activity)

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@pureguy92 I’d suggest Misfits, we are undisputedly one of the most active P2P pking clans, tight knit community that will encourage your gains. You’ll always have a friendly face who will offer and help and support if required. Would be nice for you to come post an introduction on our site to say hi, feel free to idle cc, come to teamspeak, even come pk with us. 

Cc - Misfits rs

Forums - https://www.misfits-rs.com/community/

Teamspeak - ts.misfits-rs.com

Discord - invite only (members) 

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all clans are good it depends what u want


for pking maybe foe/misfits/fi

for best quality foe/apex

for most active purge 


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Like others have said it depends on your interests 


FOE would be the best pure clan in terms of sheer numbers and wilderness performance 

Apex has the best record for matched ops clan wars events 

FI has one of the best communities in terms of active forums / discord etc


most of the others fall short as serious clans IMO but many of the smaller clans are more active on midweeks. 

In terms of activity in midweeks it will depend HIGHLY on your time zone. If that's important to you make sure you find a group that's active when you are. 

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