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Haro - Intro

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Please use the format below for making your introduction. This is a good way to meet people if you are new to our community.

1. Current RuneScape Display Name/Past Display Name(s)

Hydra Haro

2. Tell Us About Yourself

I've been playing Runescape for about 13-14 years on and off. Got back into it about a year ago, and have been endlessly grinding ever since.

3. How Did You Hear About SharkBrew?

Through Hydra.

4. What PvP Communities Are You Part Of? (xlpc, lpc, zerk, main, etc? List all that apply)

I am council in Hydra.

5. Clan History

Hydra (No other experience)

6. Additional Comments

Just here to see some wildy action, and maybe set up some minis with hydra. =]

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