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midweek io out on a monday (ft. Foe, Supremacy, Hydra, Purge)

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We went out to revs on monday night (EST), was immediately greeted by Hydra with about 15-20, so we massed up, and told each other worlds to meet, and fought Hydra 3-4 times at the caves.

One fight was crashed by Purge, which were swiftly cleared! Purge later returned with less ops and were cleared again.

Supremacy logged into us with about 5-10 while we were holding down a world, and were dispatched quickly.

We later on scouted Foe out with 10-15, and decided to go fight them (we had around 18-20), and managed to clear them from the caves!

io was out all night with 20-30 and didn't run into anyone that could stop us from bullying pvmers!


Here's the aftermath video!


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