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announcement Staff Conduct: Dill

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Regarding recent events and discussions related to the conduct of one of our staff members, we have agreed that a temporary demotion for @DilLis the appropriate action to take in addition to educating him on what is and isn't considered appropriate conduct for staff members to engage in.

While it is apparent that there has been a significant amount of concern trolling and exaggerated outrage regarding the situation, it is our opinion that Dill did cross a line with his conduct. While we do allow staff members that participate in community/clan activities to engage with community banter, we cannot allow the use of disparaging, obscene or hateful language in any fashion. We will be using his brief period of suspension to re-align him with our goals for this team, and the wider community.

Please note that any attempts to bait Dill for his recent suspension will result in action being taken against the offender(s). This only serves to create further negative discourse and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Thank you.

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