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  1. GF Revolt.Fun. Also hello to wack sparrow watching and vidding
  2. GF LU. I think i've seen exotic v2 at cwa earlier today, practicing as corona clans should do. GL exotic v2 winning from anyone there except kcr
  3. "Arroz's most important win has to be against Deathrow, and that is why they are sitting 3rd. " Not that i care, but this needs an update. And i would say: #1/2 pandemic Or The Rising ? #3/4/5 Arroz or Supreme Agression Or Deathrow ? #5/6 Latin unit, Latin Crew #7 New Power #8 Revolt ? #9 Wilderland #10 KCR Not saying that the ones not listed are worse, but just don't know how they fight. The ones with ? are interesting to watch and confirm.
  4. To WL, FakeNewsLand. Aren't you ashamed? Imagine your members thoughts when you tell them to reagroup outside gdz and to spam like you are winning. Imagine your members thoughts when you are so far away from gdz and you have to scout and wait to claim victory L0L. I'm glad i have not fought at your side back in the days, i know i wouldn't be sleeping at night while claiming victories like that. GDZ is ours, try again, and again and again. Arroz had so much fun everytime we crashed you at chaos altar and every pvp fight you tried to have, not to mention ur bandos trips and even you members training at sand crabs L0L. This uncapped, at this moment, was the grand final of this period, so far...Was also useful to make sure every brazilian/portuguese player knows the difference between clans with dignity and those without it , like wl. Confirmed ONCE AGAIN: Arroz number 1 brazilian/portuguese clan.
  5. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Arroz top 1 BR PT
  6. Good to see you guys were there to see that arroz destroyed wl. WL called off and we stood there chatting with you at moss giants . We weren't there after you.
  7. Gz, Happy to see f2p cwa action. cp could perform better, deathrow had more fun with sa ;)
  8. nice, looks like lots of fun
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