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  1. gf tr, always a pleasure to fight you does rice clan still exist? they cant even crash anymore, they get raped in clan wars, in pkri, in crash wars, and even on foruns!!! WATS HAPPENING????? BACK A FEW WEEKS WAS SALMAO,MURDOCK,CLOWN,ETC ALWAYS POSTING IN OUR TOPICS NOW THEY DESEPEAR??? can someone revive the arroz team?
  2. you lost 3 in a row, we win 4 in a row? are you dumb or just stupid?
  3. ty for the fight tr ❤️ always a pleasure fighting you
  4. graxt revolt, 3rd in a row eh rice clan?
  5. again? sounds easy tr! good job
  6. Sound an easy fight Nice job pandemic
  7. you really that stupid?-....... cant you see he killed brazil 3 times and mentos 2.........jesus.....go study kid
  8. LOOOOOOOOOOL beatiful post, you just verbal koed all arroz, and destroyed they fake topic ahhahaha
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