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  1. Prize Pool : 150m Confirmations: FI: Yes Apex: Yes LY: Yes Damage Outcasts (IO + DC): Yes Rage: Yes FOE: Yes Zenith: No Supremacy: No Rules: - Server: F2P - Min. Opts: 30v30 - Style: Round Robin - Knockout Rounds - 30v30 Min (If one clan pulls below 30 it's up to the other clan to sit below 30 as they don't have to), Map chosen by the defending clan and R3 is PKRI (Default Plateau) - If both clans pull 30+ and want to do for example 40v40/50v50 they can so and it will count as long as both clans recognize it as a tourny fight (if one clan disputes the logs will be asked for) - Points scored based on sets TLDR (Win) = 1 Point (Loss) = 0 Points) - DDOS claims etc doesn't matter to us, if you have internet issues fix it before the prep - Invites Off, If someone participates with one clan then goes with another the clan that brought the invites will have auto loss of the prep Start Date: Tuesday Feb. 25 End Date: April 3rd (If your preps aren't wrapped up by then, it will default to Friday, April 3rd and if your clan has more then 1 prep to finish SB Staff will assign them dates to be fought as we might come across rival clans not wanting to fight each other) Finals: Assuming 1-3 clans all have tied points they will fight it out for the final, simple https://challonge.com/sbf2ptourn
  2. voted the thing that would most likely trigger someone to @ me
  3. you think the coupons from the newspaper cut themselves
  4. gf danny u retard answer me disc pms for sb tourny before i upercut u ty
  5. Ngl regardless if u went to get pray or not the fact that they left is a loss
  6. Foe wuda won this like 3 years ago not 1 yr lol (i was in foe 1yr ago) and we sucked, they have a better chance now then last year
  7. U realize there's strictly main cwa teams
  8. Main cwa is significantly more fun than pure cwa, significantly less rng way more switches alot more coordination suggest u join a team and try it out or get a group and mini via tourny worlds
  9. U dont just burn ags specs randomly and majority of people staff spec lol
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