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  1. did yall chase that guy from revs to hobs or did he get tb'd at cave entrance
  2. Ok, best to explain this is basically attack on YOUR turn to hit you have to time the spec towards the "end" of ur turn to attack best way to get used to this is just practicing it at ur house on a dummy or pvp refer 2 vid in my sig 4 examples
  3. jp if ur reading this just know allah is always watching
  4. This clan is invite only msg me for details. We are accepting accounts ABOVE 20 defence ONLY. The day of reckoning is coming. Leaders Moni (Catholic) | Jamz (Atheist) | Marko (Atheist) Highcouncil Pixel (Catholic) | Dull (Catholic) | Remy (Catholic) Council @Hanuman (Gay) | Andrew ( Gay) (Christian) Captains/Officer @Murd (Catholic) | @Eevee @Godfather @Remy @Murd
  5. can u imagine not being in outrage rn 

    1. Anton


      yeh feels good 2 win my p2p preps haha

    2. Moni
  6. feels like ur trying 2 hard to be funny during the vid with the quickscope thing etc just make pk vids they are more enjoyable than guides or commentaries
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