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  1. It'll be public soon, dw. This me smoking your clan
  2. focus on your clan man quit letting your ts get unmuted and in the background one of your members says "reeces cups and tootsie pops" LMFAO. That's how awk your ts is. You unmute it during trips.
  3. I didn't put the letters F,A,T there you idiot lmao
  4. ? I keep banter rs related and may tell someone their voice sounds like kermit or they need to move out of their parents house ?
  5. I had reacted to a post with the letters "buge" and for some reason that gave biased discord admin @Break the need to mute me for 24 hours, as seen here. Then he ended up flaming me for being a dad. So let me get this straight. I get muted for "irl flames". Then this guy flames me about my irl? Am I missing something? Discord admins setting put forth guidelines then doing the exact opposite? Seems a little contradictory.
  6. entrapment on a forum for a massive online multiplayer game in 2k17
  7. 0 ask, 0 care. i'd still like to know who's on their hit list thought.
  8. Plot twist: No one beat Fi in a prep or they will close, they're hangin by a thread boys, give them a reason to stay open.

    1. Kenan N Kel

      Kenan N Kel

      I kinda feel bad for Fi they use to be good

  9. @holydreams can you stop making propaganda topics please, thanks.

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