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  1. Lol lets talk brown sticky stuff and then remove the post and ban me from site for 12 hours. > and this is why you are a bitch. Stay in your lane bud.
  2. why did you fuck up my name
  3. FOE has won 34 out of their last 36 preps. I believe it's safe to say that FOE has the best quality. Join @ www.foe-rs.com
  4. hes unrealistic Your clan is not "practacing on mpc's" You are slumping and you are not doing brown sticky stuff to get better You are years away from beating CD yet you want to win the JAGEX cup Grow up open your eyes
  5. I went into his ts No job Leaves FOE plays 24-7 wants sf to become #1 clan in the pure community wants to win jagex cup
  6. Beneath TLP? TLP has not been open as long as FOE Not achieved as much as FOE and thats a fact 100 NGL
  7. You have won 2 Jagex cups Every fullout you have attended in RS 07 Out compete every clan in the wild There literally is nothing else for you guys to achieve Pull an MM and rightfully retire already
  8. Listen fellas I dont have a problem with you wearing Foe capes. But please dont come out on HPC trips unless you really want to fuck with the big dogs. We will continue camping you until you stop and make an apology topic on your site/sharkbrew. Thank you for understanding. Sincerely Элвер тормозить
  9. did closing aao have an IMPACT on them lmfao #olympus

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    2. Hotshot


      help i got alzheimer's

    3. Pigwrestler7


      Holy fucking awful

    4. IAmAGuyI


      Ha real funny real funny maine but you lost to impact matched!

  10. long story short Holy Dreams was crying/ attempted suicide since he didnt get a rank in LT battlescape era Like This Back to top Quote MultiQuote

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    2. Togo


      @holydreams damn u emotional af chill

    3. Akahana-


      holydreams is pretty sensitive.

    4. Akahana-


      nothing wrong with being sensitive ether. js

  11. Very impressive Imperial. Glad to see a low defense clan doing so well. Impact should have pretty low defense average as well. Olympus also uses a lot of mains not on ml
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