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  1. <><

    What is your honnest opinion.

    didnt read lol
  2. <><

    Fi vs Apex 2-0 sets

    ? I said we dont need ppl like u when we beat apex :?
  3. <><

    Fi vs Apex 2-0 sets

    who said we need reject kids like robby, marwan, stigi, goth, rich, and many more haha thanks for the battle apex
  4. but u have 4 mains with u?
  5. Fi, baby. I do remember you from CX. Feel free to talk to me through Discord on Fi Discord. Looking forward to hear from you.
  6. I exposed you so hard. Have a good day
  7. wait what? are u dumb?
  8. Looking forward to kill you.
  9. - Full Members Only - No FAs/Guests Learn to read, my friend. Like I said if you think so then have your leader accept the declaration.
  10. Declaration Topic can be found here: Main reason why I chose 2 weeks preparation, I want to give IR more time to recruit more sand crabs people. Gl.
  11. @Couck smoked them so hard haha.... @Tyrone wag1