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  1. Kim

    What happened?

    At least, this topic doesn't seem insincere.
  2. 1 successful dispute - Topic in dispute will not be counted.
  3. Jay confirms these mains belong to an officer in Divine. The main who gets a right click in the video is chasing a IMT member across map. Sorry for tardiness, I thought I replied already. @True [email protected]@DilL
  4. Kim

    SKO ~ Sudden Knock Out

    very interesting, best of luck!
  5. Kim

    Reign of trash

    Shared account person, its not bias treatment. We don't allow topics threatening pure community with mains to be posted on the site.
  6. I believe you've linked the wrong video and I don't see the group of mains in question in this.
  7. Kim

    Feedback on XLPC WCOTM & COTM

    Read THE TOPIC.
  8. You need to show evidence of the mains without a cut. I only saw them rush through......
  9. Kim

    Feedback on XLPC WCOTM & COTM

    its no longer based on pulls!
  10. Kim

    Feedback on XLPC WCOTM & COTM

    Why is it a dumb idea? You've been around since this system was based on pulls. People believe, the system could be better but it has the 'right' idea to encourage activity within the scene.