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  1. Not even IR would end that quick after being cleared. Embarrassing leadership performance on behalf of Rage.
  2. Imagine leaking discord logs, because you got triggered by 0mgiownu23. Only to get member in eop and close two months later lmfaoo
  3. You already made them before I commented. We can ease off the topic as its been solved as you said.
  4. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/49345-dear-rage-member-youre-being-fooled/
  5. As said to you in private, Rage members have been implying our irls for weeks. It is not right to bring my full name into the game itself, when we're only spamming in-game banter at each other. You keep saying, its been resolved but you're making excuses again.
  6. Yeah, because you repeated my last name back to me 😛
  7. Supremacy has owned up to the past numerous of times. You can check my own posts on my account. You're trying to say that we have the biggest interest to participate in these activities. But, you can even read the full topic and try to see some sort of compromise. You're letting your own bias get in the way.
  8. IR's leadership for letting it happen for too long 🤡
  9. I really did love the Doom rivalry. It didn't get as toxic as the following ones. I'm not sure, what you're on about when it comes to Apex.
  10. Sadly, even with IR, things could've been prevented too.
  11. Yeah but he didn't give any sort of insurance that he did. He knew I approached him weeks before this. I am already talking to another rank about the overall situation.
  12. Could have one of the Sharkbrew moderators expose Jizzle's and some of the ranks in your clan's hidden comments.
  13. Jizzle could have mentioned something among the lines that he doesn't encourage irls & spoke to Store about it. Instead, he decided to troll about it.
  14. You guys are saying its a no-no but rly is still acting hard on Sharkbrew by messaging me this.
  15. I expect some sort of compromise between rank teams. I have been talking to Broxx today and its so far has been better than this reply below.
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