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  1. These kids live their lives being triggered 24/7 on their trips. Good luck next week lmfao
  2. Using your point, we have not invited them to come to our preps/set-up big minis vs other clans. However, they were welcomed to our smaller minis. If asked, we would have sat them in our set-up events. (if they attended. which they have not.) Using your point, we should know what clans they are apart of as they've idled our teampseak over the last few weeks.
  3. What can you say about BDAY's comment?
  4. Just did. Our ranks were speaking to you after R1. Not sure, why you wouldn't acknowledge Ham's logs on your original aftermath topic. You guys were only able to acknowledge the three.
  5. MonkeyToday at 5:20 PM no invites we dont have any HamToday at 5:20 PM ko nate try tele kid varjo MonkeyToday at 5:20 PM recruits
  6. All I really know, there is no confusion. We know that they weren't BP before or during the prep. Any Discord Clan can edit a role. 😆
  7. ameerToday at 2:18 PM we have no invites at all @Bibii
  8. You guys struggled most of the fight. Apex couldn't get more than 25 pures on cape counter for a big amount of the fight.
  9. 12:20 - 12:29 "They only had to do that because they can't win fair and square." lmao
  10. I'm retired 😕. Wish I could do something.
  11. Lets see what happens by the end of the week
  12. Kim


    yeah I remember that being a meme back then
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