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  1. 2006/07. RAW list was full. Pure Community was good. "NH" was hard to find. Sefket wasn't a big guy back then
  2. from my observations imperial is full of brown sticky stuff
  3. speshls own bob green korrawi um y0 momma myself because i rage too much
  4. the internet strength is strong in this one
  5. its good idea but the guy who made it not so good
  6. There is a know it all among us. Can you read the date for when this topic was written?
  7. I see Goop is reading this topic.
  8. streetz


    yes. I helped a friend start it up FFS. I HAVE LOOKED EVERYWHERE FOR YOU
  9. Mike/Um Y0 Momma struggled for months after the monklife3 scandal to bring EOP back to 30 active members and it started going from there. This is while I was still council... Goop wasn't very active and w0w and his brother weren't even ranked... Mike deserves that credit.
  10. Um Y0 Momma. Boy was dedicated
  11. streetz


    I'm streetz. That dirty, smelly, cauliflower, one of a kind who likes to flame and get himself into trouble son of a bitch. There's a few names I recognize. If we were somewhat friends (I know a lot didn't like me, ) I'm streetzafk on IRC. Nice to see a pure community still up and running
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